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  1. I am creating template weapon and equipment cards for a Star Frontiers campaign using the Genesys rules. I thought I would get feedback from this forum. The drop box link to the file is below. Any problems accessing please let me know. https://www.dropbox.com/s/247a4r1xtvlgm6a/Weapon Card 2 template.pdf?dl=0 Let me know thoughts and ways to improve the content.
  2. Have been working on card templates for Genesys Sci-Fi Campaigns or Space Opera campaigns. I have attached an example of the work to date. Appreciate comments or feedback on these. These can be cut out, folded and placed in Credit Card sized laminate and are useful during the sessions. Weapon Card 2 template.pdf
  3. I am looking to develop a PsionicS source back for a Space Opera campaign using the Genesys rules system. While I am working on the basis template. I would welcome suggestion for the Psionic skills to put in as standard
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