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  1. I like this a lot, but I'm not 100% sold on Braylen. I don't see him benefiting from Lando as much as other pilots, and he's lacking a means to deal with his stress. If you self stress for double mods one turn, then you're locked out of a red maneuver next turn, and basically locked into a blue if you want a focus token. I think Ten Numb is more self-sufficient, and pairs better with Lando. Ten can take a lock with his action, then use Lando's action to focus into red barrel roll for the stress. With the points you save on Braylen, you can take Jyn Erso on Lando so that Ten's spare focus becomes an evade, which should help make him as if not more consistent than Braylen. And so long as you get the dice to burn that focus, Ten can 2k or 1 tallon next turn. Dropping Trick Shot on Lando also gives you the points for FCS and Elusive on Ten. At that point, he's basically Braylen but with an extra evade token and the potential to keep using all the red on that dial. The defensive re-roll also slightly improves your odds of getting to burn that stress you just generated with the red maneuver.
  2. Opportunist. It was one of those cards where the points and cost to use usually weren't worth it, but there were a couple of nice combos you could set up with it. I used to love running Wedge and Keyan with Opportunist alongside Wes Janson with Adaptability. I'm not sure how you'd need to tweak it to make it work in 2e, and obviously even if Wes came back it wouldn't help Wedge, but it would be a really good upgrade on Ten Numb and I think there's a couple of other lists who could make good use out of it. Also, R2-F2 and R5-K6. But they'd need to completely re-written as they were both terrible even in 1e.
  3. I mean, the classic themed list is probably Trench Run. Luke Skywalker (62) Instinctive Aim (1) Proton Torpedoes (13) R2-D2 (5) Servomotor S-Foils (0) Ship total: 81 Half Points: 41 Threshold: 3 Wedge Antilles (55) Predator (2) R2 Astromech (4) Servomotor S-Foils (0) Ship total: 61 Half Points: 31 Threshold: 3 Biggs Darklighter (48) R2 Astromech (4) Servomotor S-Foils (0) Ship total: 52 Half Points: 26 Threshold: 3 Total: 194 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v8ZsZ200Z4X73W136W3WW142Y5X127WW2WW142Y7XW2WW142&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs= That's probably the 'themeiest' version of the list I can think of, if not the most competitive. But you can definitely make a very capable list with those three pilots if you swap some upgrades around (drop some dead weight like Insinctive Aim and Wedge can also take torps, for example). Death Star II tunnel run is also an option: Lando Calrissian (80) Agile Gunner (8) Nien Nunb (5) Ship total: 93 Half Points: 47 Threshold: 7 Wedge Antilles (55) Predator (2) Servomotor S-Foils (0) Ship total: 57 Half Points: 29 Threshold: 3 Jake Farrell (36) Outmaneuver (6) Lone Wolf (5) Ship total: 47 Half Points: 24 Threshold: 2 Total: 197 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v8ZsZ200Z43XWW76WW52WWWY5X127WWWW142Y50X126W124W&sn=New Squadron&obs= I think it can sort of work, but obviously it's not exactly an optimised list. There is one thing the Hound's Tooth shares with the Aggressor, and that's a cannon slot. You can run this: Bossk (64) Marksmanship (1) Tractor Beam (2) IG-88D (3) Boba Fett (4) Dengar (6) Ship total: 80 Half Points: 40 Threshold: 6 IG-88B (64) Jamming Beam (0) Ship total: 64 Half Points: 32 Threshold: 4 4-LOM (49) Zuckuss (2) Mist Hunter (2) Ship total: 53 Half Points: 27 Threshold: 5 Total: 197 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Scum and Villainy&d=v8ZsZ200Z153X125W13WW36W16W80WWWY82XWW12WWWWWY109XWW66WWW155W&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs= And pull some silly shenanigans. IG-88B and Bossk now both get to double tap. Unfortunately, the cannon attacks come after the primaries, when you probably want them to come before, but it's still a max of five shots from three ships, plus some retaliation damage from Dengar. IG-88 shoots first, and between the primary and the free jamming beam shot (about the only time it's any good) you're hopefully leaving your target without mods. Bossk then follows up, and with a ship that should definitely be tokenless after two 3 dice primaries and a jamming beam shot, you should be able to land the tractor shot and either shift it onto a rock for more damage, or at least reduce its agility for 4-LOM to finish it off. It's three ships with 3 attack, and a total of 29 HP. That's up there with some of the beef lists. All of those ships are missing upgrades they really want, no Adv Sensors on IG-88 or 4-LOM especially hurts. But I don't think it's terrible.
  4. It is indeed Strange Eons. The symbols are all there in the markup; if you hit the purple question mark on any of the tabs in the X-Wing 2.0 plugin, it'll take you to a help page. There's a link on there for all of the markup you'll need for the symbols. This is all great feedback, thanks. I'm not sure I'd want to make Backstabber's ability just Graz's but better, though. If it had the same arc allowance but added a specific, controllable result that's exactly what it would be. I might consider changing him to add the focus result, but he'd have to stay rear arc for that. That would be the tradeoff vs Graz - Backstabber gets a better dice modification, but a smaller area to trigger it from. I've also come to really like Backstabber actually having to be fully behind his target and not just at the side but offset back enough. The more I think about it, the more I think rear arc only best suits a guy named Backstabber. Good suggestion on how to differentiate it from Graz a bit more, though. I might up his cost and make the change. Yeah, you're probably right about Dark Curse. I wanted to straight port him from 1st edition, but I think you're right that my intention to make him work against the Force as well has actually significantly changed and buffed that ability. And you're right that new phrasing also means that eyeballs can't be re-rolled anyway. I'm probably going to drop the re-roll restriction based on that. I agree it's probably better balanced. Yeah, you're right. John is strong and it was - to a point - by design. Any new pilot for the T-65 immediately arrives in a competitive space. There's already a ton of pilots, and Wedge and Luke are very strong, and Biggs has a ton of utility.. You really need a good reason to take anyone else. I want more I2 pilots on the table, and I think they need good abilities to make that happen. I wanted John to be something of a Rebel version of Wampa - a low Initiative pilot who shoots last, but will punish you if you ignore him. I am starting to wonder if maybe he is a shade too strong, though. You're right that his ability probably gives him the most reliable 3 hits in the game outside of Vader, and that in general FFG tend to shy away from free hit results in 2e. Would maybe changing his ability to "While you perform an attack, if the defender does not have any green tokens you may spend a focus token to turn 1 <blank> into 1 <hit>" be better? It means he's still a consistent shot, and it's essentially the same requirements, but now the only way to get 3 hits is if you roll 2 of them or roll all paint. It also makes him an even better choice to pair with Garven, because now you might want John to focus and then Garven to give him a second token in case you roll an eye and a blank. Thanks As I mentioned above, I'm not really a fan of giving out free hit results, and doing that for John D was probably a mistake. I don't think its a modification FFG tend to let pilots have. I do think adding a focus result might be alright, though. Not only does it differentiate him a bit further from Graz, it also differentiates him from fellow TIE pilots Mauler and Wampa.
  5. GuacCousteau


    While I definitely agree Deplete is probably the 'offensive version of Strain', I don't know that we can necessarily say it'll be a 1:1 match. It might not reduce the roll by 1 dice. It might just stop you from being able to modify your dice, or force you to re-roll, or cap the number of hits. I think the simplest, and therefore most likely outcome is probably, as you say, just straight up Strain for attack. But people have pointed out that reducing attack could slow the game down, and I'd still say we should at least entertain the possibility the effect might not be quite so potent as Strain.
  6. Thanks for all the comments so far guys, glad to see there's some people other than me who'd like to see a bit of depth to the Rebel astro choices. Really? I'm worried he does far too little, as @Maui. says. He doesn't really dodge damage from devices. He reduces the damage from dice rolls to one 1 hit. That means Sparks has no effect on Seismics or Proton Bombs, as they don't roll dice. He minimises bad damage on Bomblets, but Y-Wings can't take Bomblets so that's only of use if your opponent brings them. The main one, and the one I was intending him to work best with, is Proximity Mines. But Sparks doesn't stop the auto damage from prox mines, and only helps if you roll two hits on the extra roll. As I said above, I think you're totally right and I nearly held off posting these until I'd thought of something better for Sparks. The intention was indeed to try and make damaging yourself with Prox Mines slightly less of an issue, but I also forgot that Seismics weren't a single dice roll. And yes, I had realised he's weirdly amazing against EPB. It would only protect one ship, which I thought was kinda cool. Especially as his name is Sparks, it sounds like having a weird relationship with an electricity attack would have been fitting. Yeah, this is a good suggestion. Having a benefit against Proton Bombs feels much more fitting, those are the bombs Y-Wings are supposed to carry. To be honest, he probably needs a total rethink, though. I want him to work well with Tiree, and I want Tiree to give Y-Wings a device focused ability. But looking back over my pilots post, I realised that Tiree's ability is actually largely pointless. Given the rule for detonation, dropping a device in the engagement phase is essentially no different from dropping in the engagement phase. Indeed, the only difference is that now your opponent knows where the bomb is before they set dials. Maybe I just don't use devices enough, but I'm really struggling to think of an ability for them that's interesting. Maybe keeping Sparks' ability as a reduction on number of dice rolled, while Tiree's ability increases the number of dice rolled? Or maybe Tiree's ability could be any ship he has locked that suffers damage from a device has to roll an attack die and suffer any additional damage? Might make Prox Mines just too brutal, but the lock requirement wouldn't be easy. And that would also make him pair really well with either Dutch or Pops or even both. I don't know. I think that either way, these are the two cards that still need more work. This is a good idea. Maybe when I get round to doing some Imperial theme expansions, I'll throw R2-Q5 and 'Death Star Droid' crew cards in. Actually, I guess they could even be part of this expansion. Backstabber and Dark Curse are there as pilots, after all. It would still be Death Star 1/Yavin themed. Just a shame there's no Yavin Imperial crewed ship I could add content to.
  7. GuacCousteau


    Yeah, I literally said that new content would be bad for everyone and that I wasn't asking for it. I was only talking about existing ships with their existing pilots (if that, even) and just a new paint job. And it wasn't even a serious request, just more of a nostalgia thing. I kinda miss using Huge ships as a way to get more ship marking variety on the board. It was just an extra little inconsequential thing to get excited about.
  8. GuacCousteau


    Is anyone else just a tiny bit sad not to see that Raider packaged with a TIE Advanced? Or better yet, a TIE Fighter with Inferno Squad markings? I know that putting new content for a small base ship in a $100 expansion that probably won't be tournament legal is bad for everyone. I know that most small base ships don't really need that kind of fix anymore. I'm not asking for either of those I just... liked that 1e Huge ships came with an alternate paint scheme for one lucky small base. I get that it's probably better and simpler to just have the ship you're buying in a box. But part of me will miss those repaints. And it made picking up a huge ship just that bit more special. An Inferno Squad TIE in the Raider, a Phoenix Squad A-Wing with the CR-90, a Blue Squadron X-Wing or Poe's T-70 with flappy wings with the GR-75... It could have been cool.
  9. Hey guys. A while back I created a bunch of custom content to add in the remaining Battle of Yavin pilots: I said at the time I was interested in doing some custom astromechs, not only for the pilots I came up with but also for all the other Yavin pilots who don't currently have their astros in game. Well, I finally finished them and this is what I came up with, if anyone's interested. R5-K6 (Garven Dreis' astromech, Red Leader) R5-K6 was in first edition, but was commonly considered one of the worst upgrades in the game. Even back in waves 1 and 2 when there weren't all that many options. R5-K6 was a 3 in 8 chance of getting a target lock back (evade result on a green die roll), which wasn't great even before 1e Fire Control System made it look totally redundant. For Garven's droid in second edition, my first thought was to come up with a better version of the first edition ability. I even wondered about making it straight up the same ability as 1e FCS this time around, now that FCS has been toned down and given that R5-K6 would be unique. However, my guiding principle in all of these is to make the obvious choice of pilot for these astros to be the pilot they flew with in the films. 1e was really bad about making almost every unique astromech better on someone other than their intended partner. Garven isn't interested in lock shenanigans. R5-K6 with 1e FCs as an ability would just go straight on Dutch instead. Garven needs a reliable way to spend a focus token. So R5-K6 gives him one. Calculate opens up so many options for themey droid abilities. Two calculate tokens is better in many ways than a single focus, especially on a 2 agility ship. R5-K6 would be useful on anyone with an astro slot, but obviously its even better when it lets Garven give your list some serious action economy. I'd put R5-K6 at 6 points. R2-A3 (Wedge Antilles' astromech, Red 2) Wedge is really hard to design around. As an I6 with a solid ability, it's really hard to come up with something that's good on him (and better on him than anyone else) without making him too powerful. It's hard to make something that Wedge can make best use of that isn't useless on anyone else. R2-A3 is inspired by the shot of Wedge rescuing Luke by going head to head with Dark Curse and nearly crashing as he makes a kill at point blank range. It means he's free to go head to head and spend his focus on attack without worrying so much about defence against the return shot. Again, any X-Wing can use this astro, but it decreases in viability the lower your Initiative, so Wedge is clearly the best choice for it. It gives him a little action economy, but not much. I'd put R2-A3 at 4 points. No sliding scale here. I don't think the fact its worse at lower Initiative is a problem, it's a feature. I want this to be priced competitively with other astros on the pilot who's intended to use it. R2-F2 (Biggs Darklighter's astromech, Red 3) The second of our returning astros, you may also remember that R2-F2 was an even worse choice of upgrade than R5-K6. Boy, FFG really went conservative with those first wave astros.... Biggs, again, is kinda hard to design around. He's another one of those pilots who could be an overdesigned upgrade away from being broken. I struggled a lot with this one. I really wanted to keep some of the flavour of 1e R2-F2, and was determined to make him a defence focused evade-y astro who'd be at home on Biggs. When it comes to upgrades, I don't like giving ships totally free actions. Red actions are brilliant for this. Action economy now, for potentially fewer actions next turn. R2-F2 should help keep Biggs alive when he's taking shots, but it's not so strong that he won't still die to focus fire. It also rewards him for doing his job and soaking damage. I like upgrades that gel with roles. I'd put R2-F2 at 3 points. D4-R4B (John D Branon's astromech, Red 4) This is a choice of convenience. A few dedicated folks have put a vast amount of time into cataloging all the astromechs seen in the films, even for the briefest moment. Sadly, it seems the site I got a lot of my information from is down. This is a cached link, but frustratingly the vital images don't seem to work. One of the conclusions they drew was that the cockpit set used for John D's one shot reused R4-M9's dome (an astromech that appears at the beginning of ANH on the Tantive IV). All the X-Wings used domes from other astros seen in the films, but the fact they swapped them for each pilot (even when those pilots had mere seconds of screen time) is incredible attention to detail. Now, interestingly, Rogue One introduced a new droid to the Yavin hangar scenes with the exact same paint scheme as R4-M9. So I thought he was the perfect choice to become John D's droid - it seemed so obvious. The only problem is that, hilariously, according to the Visual Guide this is the one droid who's been grounded because he's scared of flying. I couldn't believe it. In the end, I went with it anyway. It was too much work to come up with another droid that also had the same paint scheme. He has an ability that's totally different from most other astros, though, as a nod that he's not really about the ships themselves. D4 is designed to help John D's ability work even better with Garven. Expecting Garven to give him a focus to fuel one part of the requirement for his ability, John now has access to jam to help guarantee the other requirement. John, D4 and R5-K6 are all designed to get Garven more table time. John's Initiative of 2 also makes him a great co-ordinator, and I'm a huge fan of the Hyena model of allowing certain pilots to have different roles from the norm in their ships. I'm revising my opinion on a talent slot for him so that he can also take Squad Leader and get a white co-ordinate with D4. It's maybe a little anti-themey, but no one's every going to give Squad Leader to Garven anyway. But, as Rogue One established that the astromechs are part of a pool, and frequently assigned to other pilots. So D4 also just happens to be great on Y-Wings, without stepping on the toes of Expert Handling or R4. Oh, also I wanted to keep the theme of R4s doing things involving changing difficulties. I'd put D4-R4B at 5 points. R2-D2 (Luke Skywalker's astromech, Red 5) Hooray, he's already in the game. Just included for a complete roster. R5-D8 (Jek Porkins' astromech, Red 6) As above. R2-X2 (Theron Nett's astromech, Red 10) Getting a little wackier here. This isn't quite so directly linked to Theron. Not in the same way as the others. Part of me actually wonders if this might be better for Dutch (see his astro below). R2-X2 is basically designed as a way to let you use locks when you can't normally use them. In most cases, that's because you're low Initiative. If you can't get a lock to use on attack, you have the option of taking one to help a teammate. You get the lock for free here, but you can't actually use it. I think it's a neat way of bringing back the Wingman style upgrade without making it quite so easy. You have to telegraph who's getting the stress removal. Which may just tip your hand that they're going to pull a red maneuver. It also lets you remove ion tokens from larger base ships. That might be too powerful, I haven't playtested it. But I'm trying to give real reasons to take these astros. Basically, I wanted to use this to emphasise Theron's role as the wingman. I think I'd put R2-X2 at 4 points. I'm really not sure on that one, though. R2-BHD (Dutch Vander's astromech, Gold Leader) The second of our Rogue One created astros, this is possibly the most fascinating bit of research I did for this. So Rogue One introduced this astromech, called "Tooby", and the Visual Guide established that at the time of the film, he's assigned to Dutch. That's great and all, I thought, but I wanted to get the astromechs as they were intended for ANH's filming. The modelmakers had put so much work into the X-Wings, surely the Y-Wings must have had their astros known by someone out there. Well, it turns out a lot less attention was given to the Y-Wings. In most of the shots of the Y-Wings where their astros should be prominent they forgot to put them in the model! This, obviously, wasn't helpful. But at some stage, the model makers did put astro domes on the shooting models, and there are some behind the scenes photos of them. Again, these were cataloged by the source I used above. The results were one silvery grey R2 dome, one black R2 dome, a yellow R5 dome and what appears to be another re-use of the R5-D4 dome. Turns out the Rogue One designers had seriously done their homework. They made Dutch's astro silver because one of the original Y-Wing minis had a silver astro! Incredible, really. So I was very happy to use Tooby here as Dutch's astro in the end. This one should be self explanatory. Dutch wants to lock all the time, now he has a new way to use those locks. Roll all blanks, and you can spend your lock as normal with no certainty. Roll only one blank, and that lock wasn't a waste because now you're maxing a roll. It doesn't replace a focus, though, so Dutch might still want Garven as a wingman.... I'd probably put Tooby at 4 points, again. It's stronger than FCS, but more situational (can't use it on your primaries). "Sparks" (Dex Tiree's astromech, Gold 2) The first astro on our list that doesn't have an official designation. He does at least have a name, though, courtesy of one of the short stories in A Certain Point of View. Poor Tiree's astro also doesn't have an official depiction, but he's confirmed as an R5 in the story. There are two R5s in Y-Wings according to the models, and though he's not been recanonised, I'm still attributing the yellow R5 (R5-F7) to Lt. Lepira in Gold 4. That leaves the one that reuses R5-D4's dome, so I've gone with an image of a custom built R5-D4 but before all that Tatooine weathering. Sparks is meant to jive with my intended role for Tiree as a bomber. He's potentially kinda like Ablative Plating for small ships, but not really. He won't protect you from rocks, just make sure you don't get critted. His real strength is in shrugging off high damage from things like Bomblets or mines. He won't nullify damage, because I don't like abilities like that, but he'll minimise it. I'd put Sparks at 2 points. I want to be aggressive there, and the benefit of his ability is kinda minimal. R2-S1 (Davish Krail's astromech, Gold 5) And finally, the only astromech on this list that didn't have a name or a confirmed appearance. Poor Pops just never gets any love. He didn't get a pilot card in either addition, and no one seems bothered about filling in his backstory in reference books. By process of elimination, Pops' droid had to be the R2 with the black dome and silver trim. Incidentally, it is really hard to find an image of a black R2 with silver trim for some reason. This is off the profile photo for an R2 model maker's club here in the UK whose own gallery seems to be defunct after several of their members got hired to work on Rogue One (!). The only other photos I could find were watermarked because they were on stock photo sites! Mad! Anyway, the name is something I came up with (Stay One target). FFG don't mind very occasionally making their own contributions to canon when they need to (I believe they were the first to try and make Biggs' astro R2-F2, as opposed to Q2, who we see captured earlier), so I feel like it's something they could do with a Yavin expansion pack. S1 is meant to emphasise Pops' role as a support wingman. Sure, he'll stress you out in the heat of engagement to help you shoot, but he'll also reassure you afterwards, at a cost to himself. He loses his own action doing this, but there's a plethora of support-y Rebels to help him out now. I'd put R2-S1 at 3 points. And that's it. Please heap on all the comments and criticism you can. I actually found designing astromechs really difficult, and I'd love to hear what areas of gameplay I completely forgot about while designing them. Being upgrades, there's also way more complexity in terms of figuring out possible broken combos. I basically haven't though how any of these could interact with crew and gunners on the ARC, for example. So if anyone can see a way these upgrades could be broken, I'd love to collaborate on a better design. Oh, and lastly - please excuse the hideous, quickly thrown together art on most of these. My GIMP skills are minimal, and there's basically very little existing imagery of these droids out there beyond things like action figures.
  10. This is something I experimented with before to fairly mixed results, but with Prime Rebel Beef dead, I'm wondering what's next for Braylen and Wedge. U-Wing shenanigans just feel like a bit of a trap now, so I'm wondering about 4 ship lists with cheaper components to them - a solid A-Wing blocker for example. Here's what I've got so far: Braylen Stramm (51) Jamming Beam (0) Ship total: 51 Half Points: 26 Threshold: 4 Arvel Crynyd (34) Predator (2) Intimidation (3) Ship total: 39 Half Points: 20 Threshold: 2 Wedge Antilles (55) Crack Shot (1) R4 Astromech (2) Servomotor S-Foils (0) Ship total: 58 Half Points: 29 Threshold: 3 "Dutch" Vander (40) Ion Cannon Turret (5) R4 Astromech (2) Seismic Charges (3) Ship total: 50 Half Points: 25 Threshold: 4 Total: 198 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v8ZsZ200Z73XWW12WWWY51X127W122WY5X116WW5WW142Y27XW138WW5WW71W&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs= Basic plan is to run Wedge and Arvel a little outside the two I4s, then draw Arvel in towards the middle/wherever my opponents is pointing the most ships to block/bump. The range on Dutch's ability is huge, and the ship benefitting from it doesn't need range on the target so I'm planning to run Wedge as a flanker with Dutch feeding him locks before/as he turns in. Depending on my opponent's list, I'll either point the turret forward on Dutch and fly him straight with Braylen alongside as a combination damage/control element with a lot of health, or I'll point him diagonally and set the turret to the side to give him coverage if my opponent is using lots of low HP, arc dodgy ships. Braylen will just do Braylen things down the middle. Hopefully as many ships as possible benefit from Intimidation, and Arvel will hopefully be a fairly independent 3 dice modded attack. Seismic charges are there to listen the need for Dutch to turn around or rotate turret and lose his lock passing. I've gone ion over dorsal because shooting after Wedge and Braylen at an Intimidated target should hopefully make ion a viable control method. I'm debating changing Dutch over to just use Adv Proton Torpedoes, though, to give him a bit more punch as he'll be locking anyway. I'm also debating Horton with ICT and VTG for the same cost. Ultimately I don't think Horton's lightly modded double tap will be any better offensively than double modded Wedge, though.
  11. Wouldn't help. Coaxium requires the SLAM action on the action bar. The Hyena has shown that FFG are willing to vary the actions a ship has based on pilot, so it's possible one of the new pilots has SLAM as an action even when the other pilots don't, but I don't know how likely that is. It makes sense on droid starfighters where their pilot reflects model variations. On a more conventional ship where the pilots and ship capabilities are more separated? Based on that logic, maybe that's why the new Scyk pilot is a droid? Maybe it's meant to be a heavily modified Scyk that acts as an autonomous droid starfighter with unique capabilities. That would actually be really cool.... And very Scum.
  12. As someone who's tried a bunch of times to make Ten Numb a bit more versatile, banking on Debris Gambit for a red action is a trap. You're at range 1 of at least one rock way more often than you realise before you try using it. At least, you are at most times when you actually want to get a benefit out of your stress and evade token because you've engaged. It's going to be even harder on a bigger base. As with Ten, Elusive would probably be better for the points. Not great still, but better. Just on K-2 in general, I like that the U-Wings finally have a pilot who doesn't have to rely on Tac Officer to do one if its primary jobs. Just a shame there's not much to do with that open slot. I guess Hera could be interesting. You can stop, pivot and calculate 2 turns in a row. 3 if you don't mind taking a damage.
  13. Yeah, it's absolutely the Midway. Star Wars is now cribbing its designs off a game that cribbed its designs from Star Wars. Funny how these things come full circle. EDIT: Also just remembered that one of the new TIE Striker pilots in Hotshots and Aces is called "Vagabond". Did FFG just hire a massive Wing Commander fan?
  14. What? The only element that's new to that list for second edition is the charge tokens. Literally all the other components mentioned were in first edition. Only in first edition, you'd probably have also had munitions tokens from running Extra Munitions. Oh and, you'd probably have had to take pairs of target lock tokens and number tokens for the bases. Or if you can get by without them because all the pilots are different in this specific list, then it's still the same number of tokens anyway.
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