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  1. Is this sarcasm that I'm not picking up on?
  2. Is this Hyperspace only? I'm assuming it is, and that that's why there's no Wedge, Soontir, Anakin or Guri. But if it's Hyperspace only, you should probably specify because you've given them 10 points of upgrades and I think it's relevant. For example, I really think that Vader's effectiveness at this would depend greatly on whether or not he can take Afterburners. And I think people might be assuming he is here. Can Vader take three RSVs if he has Afterburners? Maybe. With some dice luck. Can he take three without? No, absolutely not. He'd get killboxed and focused down in two or three rounds.
  3. So you've stumbled on a bit of an oddity here. Yes, Hyperspace says it's for newer players but what it really means is that it's the competitive format for newer players. The vast majority of Hyperspace legal content is supposed to be limited to what is available to buy in Second Edition, with some additional limitations for balance and to get a bit of rotation in lists. Hyperspace is intended to level the playing field somewhat and ensure that new players don't get wiped by veterans fielding lists they haven't seen because they're only available in Second Edition via conversion kits. That doesn't mean it's the format intended for brand new players though. In general, I think the intention is that people who have literally just picked up the game shouldn't be looking at either format. Hyperspace is designed with the expectation that, at the very least, you've picked up enough second edition ships to be able to field a full 200 point list with ease; and it's supposed to enable competitive play in store/clubs. For Imperials that means at least a TIE Advanced and two more two TIE/lns and probably a TIE Interceptor or TIE Striker as well. If you only have the core set, I think the intention is for players to use the Quick Build cards and play games that aren't the standard 200 points. Once you've got two 200 point lists to play against each other, the best place to look for casual standard rule games is actually Extended, as all Extended really means is 'unrestricted'. When playing casually, however, it won't matter that you don't have Star Vipers or TIE Phantoms because the only players will be limited by your collection anyway. This could probably be communicated better, admittedly.
  4. All they have to do is set up an X-Wing specific official twitter and tweet these things when other, wider scale announcements happen. It's the absolute bare minimum of player communication and they're not doing it. An FFG tweet stating the three biggest products at GenCon is fine. A follow up tweet a few minutes later from the X-Wing account saying "X-Wing announcements too" would have got ahead of all this silly doom saying and speculation. What I don't understand is that someone at FFG had to have let Crabbok know. Whether that's by a DM on some social media, an email or a Discord message, someone at FFG had to type the words "X-Wing will be announcing the new wave at GenCon". Why couldn't the person who had the time and authority to type that type it somewhere the rest of the community could see? For the record, I'm not mad at FFG or anything, just... baffled
  5. It's funny, I have the exact opposite reaction. Maybe it's because I'd already used TTS for a bunch of other boardgames first, but it just feels more 'real' to me. Vassal I found horribly clunky and unintuitive, and ultimately the forced top down 2D perspective just made it feel a bit too divorced from the reality of the game. I like being able to get my face in close and look across the table and pan around things. The way the TTS module uses actual range rulers for some things helps a lot with the feel too. Controlling everything through the dial is a bit weird, true. And Vassal is slightly better set up for some repositioning actions are extra abilities. I like the way it tracks what actions you've used. But TTS is still the winner for me in terms of ease of control. I actually prefer it to Fly Casual too, which I feel automates way too much and locks you into things a bit too much (for example, you can't easily measure range to multiple targets before deciding which one to attack - if you click an enemy ship that's in range, you're attacking it and that's that).
  6. Two words: Global. Pandemic. Actually, that's a tautology because the word Pandemic already implies widespread/global as opposed to endemic or epidemic. So just the one then: P a n d e m i c.
  7. 1. 5 Huge Ships. 2 have been reprinted for second edition. All have been converted via the conversion kit. Those ships are: The CR-90 Corellian Corvette [This has been reprinted for 2e, the paint is a little different and includes engine glow] The GR-75 Medium Transport [Not yet been re-released, the original came with an alt paint T-65 X-Wing] The Imperial Raider Corvette [Was supposed to be re-released, but has been indefinitely delayed. The original 1e version came with an alt-paint TIE Advanced x1, the re-release probably won't, based on images] The Imperial Assault Carrier [Not yet been re-released, the original came two alt paint TIE/ln Fighters] The C-ROC [Has been re-released. The original came with an alt paint Scyk, the re-release does not]. So no, you've not missed any. 2. Depends where you are. I'm in the UK and, interestingly, the Raider seems really hard to find. This is despite the reason for the 2e re-release not going ahead apparently being due to an overabundance of stock. The GR-75 is also out of stock most places, and the only CR-90s knocking around are the 2e versions. 3. I don't own all of them, and there's a not a ton of data out there in terms of people reporting back their experiences, so it's hard to say. From what I gather, the CR-90 and Raider are both pretty strong, but the GR-75, Assault Carrier and C-ROC are all pretty situational. The GR-75 is basically a big list building puzzle. I don't think it's bad, but there's a lot of potential upgrade combinations to get your head around. I can't report on the C-ROC or Assault Carrier myself unfortunately. 4. https://xwing-miniatures-second-edition.fandom.com/wiki/Huge_Ship_Conversion_Kit It's going to depend largely on how many you want to field at the same time. The conversion kit only comes with two bases, so even if all you want to do is display all of them you'll need to buy ships with their bases. Shouldn't be too hard, though. I can't imagine many people will sell the models without the bases even if they don't include the cardboard. Might be worth bearing in mind that the new bases are a lot better and sturdier. Haven't tried it myself, but I think the 2e cardboard should fit on the old 1e bases though. Nope, just tried it and saw @Gilarius' post at the same time. New cardboard needs new bases. So one conversion kit will only support a max of any two Huge ships on the table at once. 5. Again, this depends on how many you want to field in a game (as in total number of huge ships), but the conversion kit should convert one of each type, essentially. Each ship can be used by two factions, so there's two dials for each ship. There's only one 'pilot' for each ship, though, so there's only one base token per ship, with one faction's pilot on each side. That means you can't field two of one type of ship in a game out the box, however, even if they're on different teams in different factions. 6. If you're a masochist, maybe. Double GR-75s might be the only one I'd remotely consider. 7. I'd probably assemble the collection by getting the 2e versions of the CR-90 and C-ROC, then trying to get the 1e versions of the other ships and using the conversion kit for them. The new CR-90 and C-ROC are pretty readily available, but the key thing is they'll come with their own new base, so you'll have four in total with the conversion kit. Should be plenty. The dial in the new CR-90 is wrong in the expansion, but you'll have the correct one in the conversion kit, so that won't be a problem. Some people seem to think the 2e Raider was outright cancelled, but I'm not so convinced. I've seen some stores start listing it again, with a tentative release date of December 2020. Depends how easy to find the old version is, but you might be able to wait till then if you can't find one. I wouldn't bother looking for an old version of the C-ROC just for the Scyk repaint, it's nothing special. Obviously if the 1e version is much cheaper and you're not fussed about bases, then go for it. 8. https://xwing-miniatures-second-edition.fandom.com/wiki/Epic_Battles_Multiplayer_Expansion No conversion-y content in the Epic Battles expansion. It's just a set of objective based scenarios, alternative play modes and a bit of cardboard to support them. The biggest inclusion is the Wing Tool, for moving blocks of small base ships around at once. There's also a lot of cardboard in there based around the Wing system, including Wing Leader upgrade cards and Quick Build cards for whole wings (some of which, in Quick Build fashion, allow for combinations of ships in a Wing that aren't allowed by the standard rules).
  8. How do this many people not know what a collaborator is? Finn isn't a collaborator. Collaborators are traitors, but not all traitors are collaborators. Finn defected. He fully switched sides. A collaborator is someone who provides support to an enemy against the wishes of their goverment, but while remaining outwardly a part of that nation or organisation. This is why collaborators are typically civilians, and the situation typically occurs in occupied countries. The closest we get to collaborators in Star Wars would probably be the Alderaanians, who were nominally still part of the Empire but provided tacit support to the Rebels. The Resistance aren't exactly fugitives either. The First Order isn't 'the law' and they don't see the Resistance as mere criminals. I'm not going to say for definite that 'Fugitives and Collaborators' isn't the Resistance pack, because we know one is coming and it's possible that FFG just picked a really weird name. But if I had to put money on it, I would say F&C can't be Resistance. They're both terms with seriously negative connotations. FFG don't name their packs after what the bad guys would call them. They're not going to call a Rebel pack 'terrorists and provocateurs' or something because the Empire don't like them. FFG are well aware that they're dealing with a universe with pretty black and white morality. They know we all know who the good guys are and who the bad guys are. They're not going to call a good guy faction like the Resistance 'collaborators'. The term is just wrong sounding. It would pretty perfectly fit the tone for the Scum faction. Fugitive especially, given that Scum's whole thing is that they're on dubious legal grounds at best. The Mandalorian puppet government from Rebels would be a great example of a collaborator, given they were placed there by the Empire, to whom most of the regular Mandos seem opposed to (if we take Clan Wren as an example). Gar Saxon's governorship parallels pretty closely to Vichy France, from what we can tell. He's a classic collaborator.
  9. He's talking about the Tail Gun ship ability all VCX pilots have: However, Kallus does not have this text on his pilot card: Obviously this is a mistake. No other pilot in the game doesn't have a ship ability that the rest of the pilots do. FFG have also confirmed it's an error, however there has yet to be an update to the Rules Reference to errata this, and there is no FAQ clarification either. So no, @topacesteve, there is still no official errata to this. And that means that technically, RAW, Kallus does not gain a rear arc when he has an Attack Shuttle or Sheathipede docked.
  10. GuacCousteau

    Happy Friday

    Yep. These are my thoughts too. In general, FFG have shown in previous updates that the squeaky wheel does indeed get the grease, and Slave One has been the squeakiest wheel by far of the last six months. It's other going up, or setting a new record and becoming the only card to get un-errata-ed so that it gives a stress again. I don't want Soontir to disappear from the game, and I love that a big bad movie character like Vader is doing so well, but they definitely both need to be more expensive based on what they can do and how dominant lists featuring them have been over the life time of 2e. I don't care how much more fragile he is (though with 3 greens and extremely rare access to focus evade, it probably isn't that much) than Wedge, Soontir is just straight up better and his cost needs to reflect that. At least 56 points, probably more like 58.
  11. Uh, what? How is Tycho new Poe? New Poe is old Push The Limit, not Tycho. Tycho's ability was being able to perform actions when stressed. Poe's ability is being able to perform a second action after performing an action then taking a stress. Those are not the same thing. I desperately want Tycho back too, though. There's no reason whatsoever he can't be recanonised. He was Green 3 at Endor in Legends and the Green 3 slot is still open in canon.
  12. Asking the real questions. We have a Spectre Cell Pack. It's called the Ghost Expansion. It has all the members of the Spectre Team as both pilots and as crew/gunners. And yet the leader of the Starfighter Corps was General Merrick until his death at Scarif; it was General Dodonna who gave the briefing for the starfighter attack on the first Death Star, and Garven Dreis and Dutch Vander who lead them; General Lando and Wedge Antilles who lead the starfighters during the biggest starfighter operation the Rebels had embarked on at that point, while Hera was busy on the ground. Where was Hera for all this? If she's such a good pilot, why wasn't she chosen to make the run inside the Second Death Star? Granted, Squadrons might change this, but as it is she's also nowhere to be seen during the Battle of Jakku, which was the Alliance's biggest military operation of the whole war. Also, to be honest, I find the idea that she appears in a hologram in one quick scene in the trailer for Squadrons 'confirmation' that she's the best pilot evarr a bit of a stretch. Let's wait and see if she actually does anything in the game. Let's also not forget a certain Wedge Antilles shows up in that trailer, gets just as much screen time and is actually in a cockpit. I mean, she's in the game. Three times. In her ship. Her A-Wing paint scheme is rad, though. I said as much previously and I'll give you that one. That screenshot did remind me how fat and ugly the Rebels A-Wings are, though. I dunno, I think Sabine in an A-Wing is pretty broken honestly. Vectored Thrusters can trigger off her pre-movement action. She could barrel roll then boost into a blue to clear the stress and take a focus or evade. That's so much more powerful than one reposition before, one after she gets in the Attack Shuttle. Especially as she can also get a focus out of it. Yeah, this is absolutely on the money. Current Hera in an A-Wing is so absurdly broken it's not funny. Even the red movement swapping is relevant - being able to pick which side you go to for a sloop at I5 is insanely good. Sure, A-Wings don't use them often, but when they do... But yeah, being able to decide between a hard 2 left, a bank 2 right and a 5 forward at I5 plus all the repositioning after is just game breaking. I actually think B-Wing Hera would be pretty broken too. The ability to decide between a 1 hard or 1 tallon roll at I5 is pretty awesome. Basically extends your arc coverage another 90 degrees, not to mention that she can choose to completely swap sides. Or even swap to the 2 kturn. The difference between a 4 forward and 1 hard or tallon roll is pretty big too. IMO it would make Hera very, very hard to block. If Hera comes in either of those two ships, I'm pretty sure it's with a different ability.
  13. I prefer Jyn Erso to Lando. Yes, you can re-roll Lando to try and get a better result, but there's really only a point to Lando if you're getting an evade and a focus. If there's any blank in there then you may as well have just taken the action and guaranteed the better of the two for the situation. Two focuses are the second best result, but still isn't great given you're relatively unlikely to get to use that focus on a single green die. Two evades feels bad, especially if you're only being shot once. Given that Han has to reroll both dice if he's going to reroll any, I just don't like the odds of getting that focus evade. In my, admittedly limited, experience with Han and Lando crew, even after the re-roll the most common outcome is blank and evade. The only times I've managed the focus + evade is when I didn't really need it. I'd much rather have control of a single action, and pick focus or evade depending on the situation. Jyn also helps whoever you're flying with. Giving Luke, for example, the ability to get evades makes him so ridiculously tanky. She's the same cost as Lando, cheaper than the title and helps multiple ships in the list with no penalty. Genuinely think she's up there with Leia and Nien as Rebels' best crew cards. Agree with you on the title, though. It's a real shame that Millennium Falcon is largely pointless with Han, but works so well with Lando. I often find myself including it on Han out of sheer stubbornness and then getting frustrated when it basically never triggers because I never take an evade action. It is nice in those rare situations you find yourself running and nowhere near an obstacle though. Also, it came in absolutely clutch one time when I ran Han against a list with two Seismic Charge carriers in it. Partially agree on Novice Technician. To be honest, I'm not super stoked about the risk of him not working even after that's mitigated by Han's re-roll. I also don't think him being every turn really makes much difference; ideally you aren't picking up crits every turn - I've never really struggled with that aspect of Chewie when I've used him. But what makes him stand out is the timing. 95% of the crits you incur will happen in the engagement phase, so being able to flip them straight after is better than having to wait for a whole turn of activation. If you pick up Damaged Engine, you want to be able to flip it before you might have to dial in a turn maneuver. Novice Technician lets you do that. Chewie doesn't, sadly. I'd still argue that ultimately NT won't be that relevant to your success. There's only a few crits that are truly problematic and can't be solved with a little action economy from elsewhere. So I wouldn't include NT in my slimmest Han build. I think Engine Upgrade is way more essential, personally. That I6 big base boost is pretty clutch. I'd say Han + EU is actually a perfectly solid build all by itself. My preferred order of additions would be: Han + Engine Upgrade Han + Trick Shot + Engine Upgrade Han + Jyn Erso + Trick Shot + Engine Upgrade Han + Hotshot Gunner + Jyn Erso + Trick Shot + Engine Upgrade Han + Jyn Erso + Kanan Jarrus + Trick Shot Han + R2-D2 + Hotshot Gunner + Jyn Erso + Trick Shot + Engine Upgrade. Hotshot Gunner should be 5 points, not 7, but I still think it's an underrated card on an I6 with two turret arcs. Not exactly. This is an example of how you can't always directly compare outcome and points cost. R2-D2 costs more than two Shield Upgrades, yes. But you can't get two Shield Upgrades on Han if you're running EU, which I value very highly. So immediately R2 gains value over the SU even if you only trigger him twice. I've seen games where he's triggered 4 or 5 times, though, so he can be immensely useful. If you're happy to sacrifice EU, then Shield and Hull Upgrade are a better bet, as they're cheaper and take the half damage threshold to a fairly ridiculous 8. Personally, I'd rather boost out of the way and not get shot at all than make Han harder to grind down, but it does depend on your list and strategy. Sometimes, if you're ahead on points, offering Han as a target can draw out time - it takes longer to go through the dice rolls and modifications if they actually shoot at Han than it does if you dodged and no shot happens. If you're confident they can't gain points on you - i.e if Han has enough health that even if they get all hits, he won't go below the half point threshold or be destroyed - then strangely it's a better tactic to let him get shot. And SU + HU extend your ability to do that Lone Wolf is... fine. But for a point cheaper, I'd much, much rather take Trick Shot. Basically, Lone Wolf unobtructed is better than Trick Shot obstructed, but Trick Shot obstructed is better than Lone Wolf obstructed. Given where Han likes to spend most of the game, you'll probably find you get more obstructed shots than not. If anything, you want to encourage it because you benefit from it too and that extra re-rollable defence die really helps Han out. The only thing I don't get with your build is what Kanan brings to the table if you're packing EU. Kanan can be great as an extra dice mod 80% of the time, and a full dial stress remover those occasional times after you needed to red boost. But if you're packing EU, his use cases really go down and he's basically just a minor dice mod you don't really need for a lot of points. He does enable you to go across or land on debris clouds virtually consequence free, which is really great for Han, but I still think he's a lot of points if you already have EU. But if you want Kanan for debris shenanigans, you don't need EU.
  14. I mean, the answer would have been to.... not go with Phoenix Squadron as a theme for the pack. You could do a 'Secret Weapons of the New Republic' pack with the E-Wing and K-Wing, or an 'Allies and Mercenaries' pack with some combination of the HWK, Auzituck and YT-2400. You could do a 'Retrofitted Relics' pack with two Z-95s and an ARC-170. If re-releasing a few ships that have already been done alongside one that hasn't been fully done yet, then you could do a Battle of Scarif pack with a Blue Squadron X-Wing and a U-Wing with all the pilots that haven't been released outside the Conversion kit yet. You could even include the Y-Wing again. There's a ton of good pilots from Scarif that should be in the game. General Merrick, Barion Raner, Jaldine Gerams, Laren Joma, Wona Gaben. Pops was confirmed to have been there as part of Gold Squadron, so it's an excuse to finally get him in the game. But no. FFG (apparently, let's remember this isn't confirmed yet) went with the most boring possible option and we get ****ing Phoenix Squadron. The only plus side I'd grudgingly admit to a Phoenix Squadron pack is that the A-Wing repaint would probably be Hera's colour scheme, which is pretty badass.
  15. Today I'm learning I can't read. Cool. That covers that then. Seems like a fun format.
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