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  1. GuacCousteau

    "limited edition" ships?

    Imagine being this determined to make yourself unhappy about things....
  2. Wow. Fantastic work. I love how you've been able to replicate the exact weathering pattern on the front of the engines. It's really impressive detail on such a small model. That turret looks soo much better as well. I'm really hoping someone eventually starts offering 3D printed replacement turrets that are more accurate to the studio model at some point, much like the engine kits for the Kihraxz that eventually did the rounds. It's the one big flaw in an otherwise much improved model. Have you gone over the pipes on the main hull? They look really good. I thought the FFG paint job had the exposed parts painted pretty much spot on, but yours looks so much crisper. That's probably just because you've got used to the old one. The new Y-Wing model is more accurate and better detailed in just about every aspect. Dig up some photos of the ILM studio model and take a look at both minis, and you'll see what I mean. In particular, the rear of the main hull is a much more accurate shape on the rear model (the sort of half square based flattened pyramid shape). The protrusions either side of the hull forward of the wings and aft of the astro are also more accurate on the new model, as is the length of the 'neck'. The astro is better positioned, and the shape of the cockpit section is more accurate (specifically, the new model has a flat part at the back, before the tapered section starts). The oversized, unpainted and incorrectly shaped ion turret is extremely goofy, though. I prefer it to the 'flat' turrets on the old model, but only by a tiny bit and only because the old Y-Wing's silhouette always looked wrong to me with nothing raised above the canopy. @Fourtytwo's modifications make it look so much better, though, no doubt. I don't know why FFG couldn't have done something similar - they managed it with the Gunboat, after all. Can't wait to see this. Red 3 is possibly my favourite scheme out of all the X-Wings. You might have some better references than me, but one thing I've always found odd is that Red 3 doesn't seem to actually be visible anywhere in the final film. Even in the original '77 cut, most of the exterior shots of Red 3 are very fleeting and from obscure angles. The only time we get an angle that should give a really good view of the model, it seems they composited in two shots of the Red 5 model with Red 2, rather than use Red 3. Which astromech are you going to give Biggs? The silver and black R2-Q2/F2 from the film set? Or the R2-D2 style one from those model reference photos?
  3. GuacCousteau

    "Talent"-less Force Users?

    Dalan Oberos in Scum. But that's intentional, and probably meant to show that one is actually an imposter and maybe even the guy who killed the original. Anakin is the first time this has happened for someone who is clearly meant to be the same person within one faction. It's an interesting precedent. Presumaby their subtitles will be different, and that might open the doors for more variations, like a Red Leader version of Wedge or a young version of Boba on a Scum Slave One with Jango's paint scheme.
  4. GuacCousteau

    "Talent"-less Force Users?

    There's a token in the spread and he's the only card it could possibly go on. So yeah, he's presumably getting a Force rating of 1.
  5. GuacCousteau

    "Talent"-less Force Users?

    Yeah, I really wouldn't be surprised if kid Anakin doesn't get the Force power slot. He's totally untrained at that point, and is unable to consciously use any powers. Luke at least has the advantage of his training on the Falcon, Obi-Wan yammering in his ear, the fact that Instinctive Aim is a Force power and is obviously what he does and that his card is probably meant to represent him over the whole OT era, whereas there's a much bigger time gap between Anakin in the N-1 and Anakin in the Jedi Starfighter. Whether or not he gets the talent slot remains to be seen, I guess. Again, I feel like he may well not as Juke + free evade + Force token sounds pretty strong.
  6. That's an absolutely beautiful repaint. I really want to paint up a couple of Red Squadron X-Wings myself (especially Wedge as he's my favourite pilot), but I've never done any model painting before and I'm seriously stuck on where to start. How difficult was it to get the colours you want? Do you mind if I ask what paints you used, and if you had to mix them? Did you redo the base coat or just add detail to the existing paint job? The gradient you've got on the yellow under the canopy is fantastic, btw, and I love the way you've done the red bands on the engines. The big problem I have is that I think the core set Red 5 is really good for the size of the minis, and I don't see any reason to try and recreate that with my beginner level ability, so I kind of want to match the colours with those FFG used, if possible. I prefer the colours they chose for the sand markings as well. You've done an incredible job matching the yellow to the filming model there, but with the movement, film quality and colour grading the yellow is always way less obvious in the films themselves, and I like how the FFG paint makes the markings a bit more subtle. But I have absolutely no idea how to go about matching their red to do the markings, and their tan to fill in the extra detail on Red 2 Lastly, are those reference photos definitely the original model and not a replica? Couple of reasons I ask. One is that I've researched this a lot myself, and ModelerMagic often uses replicas as references. I also believe that the original Red 2, 3, 4 and 5 studio models were either lost, disassembled or kept locked up for a long time - I'm sure I remember reading they've barely been seen. And finally, Wedge's astromech is actually a red dome with white trim, where this has the silver dome and red trim that I believe came about from an older action figure. Could be that the studio model genuinely got it the wrong way round and was the source for the old action figure, or it was made before the set version and they just reused another astro dome instead of recreate the one from the model, but I don't know. Not trying to throw doubt on you or anything, just genuinely curious on the back of my own research. Really looking forward to seeing the rest of Red Squadron, especially your take on Red 6, if that's something you're planning.
  7. GuacCousteau

    How are the other 5 Factions getting Ion Clouds?

    I'm glad other people have already commented on this because I think trying to make this a generational thing reflects really poorly on you. Even if it were a valid criticism here - and I don't believe it is - self-entitlement is hardly unique to millennials.
  8. GuacCousteau

    Strain vs. Stress: what is scarier?

    Neither. It all depends on the timing and the specifics of the ship. They're both more effective at different times. If you get a stress token during combat, it really isn't the worst thing in the world. Yes, it limits your maneuvers next turn but it doesn't change anything about that combat. And obviously if you get a strain during combat while someone is pointing at you, that's going to have an effect. On the other hand, getting a strain during activation doesn't bother you at all. You still get your actions, if you have the ability you can choose to reposition to avoid shots and nullify the strain before it affects anything. But stress prevents actions. Stress prevents red maneuvers. Get a stress at the wrong time during activation and it can cause problems. Many ships live and die by their actions. Stress can block ordnance by preventing locks. If I absolutely had to pick one, I think I'd actually say stress is scarier. Stress has more resultant effects, and fewer ways to clear it. Strain is cleared after it first takes effect. Strain will only ever be a problem once. Stress persists. If you don't dial in a blue next turn, you lose your action *again*. You aren't allowed to dial in a red maneuver. And as a final point, Strain's effect isn't even that bad. You will dodge more damage with 2 green dice and a focus than with three naked green dice. Strain lets you take your action to get that focus. The ratio is less favourable for 2 agility ships dropping to one, but even then the difference in expected hits is relatively minor.
  9. GuacCousteau

    Who uses crit tokens?

    Just want to point out that after Saw's Renegades dropped, one of the most popular custom tokens became an s-foils token. And yes, I've seen people use those even when they have the flappy X-Wing models. A lot of people find visual aids on the mat next to the ship very useful. The key similarity between crits and s-foils is variability - both are not always active. The upgrades you have are always active, so there is less need to remind yourself of them when examining the game state of the board. That said, I used the example of s-foil tokens to indicate that some players might genuinely appreciate the existence of similar tracking tokens for certain upgrades. I don't know why you're being so argumentative and resistant to this. It's not laziness. There are many different reasons why people find the crit tokens useful. Not least of which is simply the vagaries of human memory. I can't tell you why I forget about face up crit cards in my card spread but remember when I see a token, but I do. This thread has demonstrated I'm far from the only one. I would guess that, in part, it's due to the tables where I play being only just 3'x3'. We have to cram ship and upgrade cards into the corners of the mats most of the time, and they get messy and disarrayed. The other aspect, I suppose, is the attention you give to various things and the timing of certain events. When I'm planning my dial, I'm not looking at my cards, I'm looking at the board. I'm working out what my ideal maneuver is based on my ship's position and the state of the board around it. Having a token next to that ship when I'm spending so much attention on it is a better reminder to me that I have to be careful about what I set on my dial if I've got Loose Stabilizer, for example. I guess on top of that, the token is just a prompt. My issue is apparently that I forget I have crits and don't look at my cards enough. Seeing that red token next to a ship starts the process in brain of "why is that there? Oh, you have a crit. What crit do you have? Better look at the cards. Yeah, you should probably remember to use your action to flip that". It's probably a pattern recognition thing. X-Wing is a game where the state of the game is displayed with tokens - everything else is a token, after all - so while playing my brain is actively looking for tokens to give me information. Crits are the only optional token produced in any sort of quantity. They're an option. They're one I, and apparently many others, have come to realise helps me if I take it. I really don't get why that isn't enough for you. You don't have to understand the thought process behind it, just accept the result that I find them better reminders than the cards arrayed out in front of me.
  10. GuacCousteau

    Clone Wars play looks very different

    One side of the war is the Grand Army of the Republic and the other is a secessionist faction called the Confederacy. It's very, very intentional.
  11. GuacCousteau

    Ten Numb: Elusive or Debris Gambit?

    It might come down more to player ability than cards, but I really struggle with Debris Gambit. I rarely get to use it the way I want. I've run it with Adv Sensors on Ten, planning to dial in a red and then do a white evade before the maneuver with AS. The red charges Ten's ability, and you're left with a focus and evade token. Solid. But the number of times I've wanted to do that and not been in range 1 of asteroid.... On the other hand, those times when I really need to do a white or blue maneuver, don't want to barrel roll and can't block the roll I seem to find myself at range 1 of a rock, where DG won't get me the stress. You also can't link the evade, so if you want to self stress and take an evade and are by a rock and did a white maneuver, you're kind of out of luck. It's just too unreliable for me, to dependent on an array of actions. Elusive is nowhere near as good as dealing with a blank evade result as DG, but it's much, much easier to trigger. You also get to 'stockpile' it if you don't need it. Dial a red, recharge Elusive, but then don't get shot? Well great, you've still got that defensive re-roll after you do a blue next turn. I don't think Elusive is great, but there's no doubt it's at its (second) most efficient home on Ten (the first being 4-LOM ). Ten's real problem is attacking re-rolls, IMO. I think for 10 points, it's not good enough. It's the same cost as Advanced Sensors, and I'd sooner take that on either named B-Wing to give them better action economy for all the red on their dial. I just think it's better to give Braylen, say, a focus and his re-rolls or Ten a lock and his pseudo-focus than it is to pass actions around. Depends on the list, obviously. Braylen could be decent as a way of helping an ordnance carrier get double mods while also being an attacking threat himself, but he's very expensive for such a simple role. Is he a better wingman for Proton Torps Wedge than Dutch, for example? Dutch with ICT and VTG can do basically the same job as Braylen for a big 8 points cheaper without having to deal with stress, with a very different sort of attacking threat, a dial that pairs better with the X-Wing's and only missing out on the defensive re-roll and a better shield/hull ratio. The key difference is that Braylen can co-ordinate a focus and let Wedge use his high Init to better get locks, while Dutch can only give Wedge locks at I4. Is that worth 8 points? I genuinely don't know. I think relying more on the B-Wings built in methods of self-stress like the red on the dial or the linked barrel roll is better for them than investing so heavily in a situationally good upgrade.
  12. GuacCousteau

    Arvel is not taking Intimidation?!

    I mean, yyyyyyyeahh. But you're also getting the benefit of those upgrades. I don't think you can compare a ship with upgrades vs a naked ship only by looking at their attack dice. It's a lot of context to be ignoring. a 3 dice Blue Squadron X-Wing might only be 2 more points than 2 dice Arvel, but that 3 dice X-Wing is not getting a re-roll in bullseye, can't attack a ship at range 0 and can't reduce that ship's ability when it does. This is before you even get into the different statlines, action bars and playstyles. An A-Wing is not going to do the same job as an X-Wing. Arvel is a blocker, he wants to be blocking or bumping other ships. And when he does, he is at range 0 and throwing 3 red dice. A BSE would like to get to range 1 if it can, but will find that more difficult than an A-Wing with access to double reposition actions. A BSE also has fewer agility dice and no evade action, and may prefer to stay at longer range to avoid eating range 1 shots itself. At which point, Arvel and the BSE are rolling the same number off attack dice anyway. I just don't think you can necessarily compare a named pilot with upgrades with a naked generic.
  13. GuacCousteau

    Who uses crit tokens?

    Having done it twice now, I can tell you there is nothing more painful than forgetting this crit, dialling in a bank and having your opponent remember. The one time I did with Luke on 1HP. Boom. Dead before we even got to shooting. It was agonising. It's the reason I'm now determined to use crit tokens all the time. I never bothered in 1e, and my forgetfulness has cost me big several times in 2e. I'm now treating them as being as mandatory as focus or stress tokens. Use crit tokens, people. Encourage your opponent to use them as well. You don't want to forget that your opponent has an active crit either.
  14. GuacCousteau

    Arvel is not taking Intimidation?!

    It really, really isn't. That was my point. It may take up half the text on his card, but it absolutely is not half of Arvel's use. Like I said, the partial boost is a total gimmick. Arvel is still worth much more than just a low I blocker by virtue of the fact he is the only ship in the game outside of something like APT Rhymer who can block, still manage to shoot the ship he blocked and not get shot in return. You are not paying the extra points for Arvel over a GSP for the partial boost. You are paying them to be able to shoot at range 0. Also, have you actually seen the points gap between him and the generics? Arvel is not a 'premium' pilot. He costs 34 points. a Phoenix Squadron pilot is 30 points. What exactly are you investing those 4 points in elsewhere by taking a dirt cheap blocker instead of Arvel?
  15. GuacCousteau

    How are the other 5 Factions getting Ion Clouds?

    This is a bit of a disingenuous argument, IMO. I think it's pretty clear that when everyone says they need to buy out of faction to get cards, it's implicit they mean within a short timespan. 1e Autothrusters is the classic example. It did eventually come in another faction's expansion, 7 waves and nearly 3 years after it debuted in the Star Viper. I think if you were to go back in time and tell Imperial players they just need to be patient if they don't want to buy out of faction to get the upgrades that were competitively mandatory on their TIE Interceptors, and that they only had to wait 3 years, you'd have been laughed out the room. If people complain about having to buy out of faction for upgrades, this is what they mean. If you come along - and I'm referring to FFG here - and assert that, this time around, players won't have to buy out of faction, as a response to those criticisms, I think it's absolutely fair for everyone hearing that to assume parity of upgrades within two waves, if not a single wave. As of Wave 4, this is now something I am critical of FFG for. I know that means I'm about to be rushed with comments in their defence, but please note I am not mad, or disappointed, or about to boycott X-Wing or something absurd like that. FFG promised no more out of faction purchases. They have not delivered on that. I am, as a result, criticising their choices. You may argue about the actual impact of this - certainly no one is as desperate for Composure or Agile Gunner as they were for Autothrusters - but this is simply an argument of principle for me. I think @AllWingsStandyingBy makes a very valid point that players of any faction other than the Clone Wars two do not have a direct route to a fairly core new gameplay mechanic, and I agree that it's frustrating when we were effectively told this sort of thing wouldn't happen. And no, Scum not getting debris in 1e doesn't nullify this. Two wrongs don't make a right.