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  1. Didn't vote because my answers are still up in the air, the most likely possibilties are: CIS starters, squadron pack, and upgrade card pack -or- Just an upgrade card pack Not going to commit to a new faction until I get a clearer picture of everything though. I've already stuck to rebels and ignored imperials so far, ignoring 2 more factions wouldn't kill me. My interest on the new factions is pretty dependent on how much new life gets breathed into Rebels with the upgrade card pack and the activation changes that were teased.
  2. I bet they will eventually, but I don't think so at the start. As an example of something similar, neither the Belbullab or the V-19 have received an individual expansion yet in X-Wing 2.0, though that is not a perfect example. But, we will know for sure as FFG starts actually announcing their upcoming plans in the near future.
  3. They have been listed as both in leaks, the original ones were titled 'Fleet Expansion Pack', with the more recent ones on Lion Rampant's site listed as 'Fleet Starter'
  4. I think they are already comfortable with the idea that anyone starting one of the new factions will buy a starter, regardless of if they need a maneuver tool etc. Besides, they would have to put any unique cards from the core boxes into those expansions to completely remove ANY need to buy the starters from old players, which I don't imagine them doing. If the first wave was Starter with Ship 1 and Ship 2, Commander A and Commander B, and maybe Titles X, Y, and Z, and then Ship 1 Expansion(with Commander A and Title X), and Ship 2 Expansion(with Commander B and Titles Y and Z), they could cover all players who want to get the same stuff, but not get duplicate tools, but the cost of that is having very little diversity in stuff from the jump. I think it is more likely, and also my own personal preference that they just say 'If you want to start Republic, get the starter, whether you are an old player or not'. This allows them to quickly get more variety into the new factions, and I think enough of a majority of old players would not have an issue with this.
  5. Yeah, I was personally thinking that to build more interest in the new factions faster, they'd put more focus on 'new hulls' to get the body count higher in both the new factions, then double back and release individual ship expansions to flesh out those ships later. While the CR90, Neb-B and Vic expansions worked as a part of wave 1 when Armada was new, I think it would be more effective to get 4 different ship types out for each faction, then revisit those ships later with some titles, etc to breathe new life into them. In other words, I'm hoping for both factions starters to have ships that aren't any of those 4 expansions posted above, giving a wider variety of ship hulls faster than the first few expansions being 'a thing you already have in the starter with some titles'.
  6. I doubt the uproar would be that big to have it delayed a little. I don't think new players are likely to get upset while still learning a new game. I also don't think it would be much of a problem to release them both at the same time. No more confusing than any of the other ships with the same name having 2 boxes with different faction logos on them.
  7. I feel like they'll do what they planned for the Y-Wing and Z-95, and have separate boxes for the Falcons, one for each faction.
  8. I actually don't specifically remember them saying you would get everything from each expansion in the baggie. Looking at the unboxing stream FFG did for the conversion kits, they specifically say the 'pilots' you would have gotten from buying the blister, when they talk about the baggie. They of course then go on to say you'd have NO reason to buy the blister unless you want the sculpt with moving wings etc, which is a bit misleading, when the devs have specifically called out the Starviper as a ship bought just for an upgrade (so they can't claim ignorance that people might want an upgrade from a blister). I feel like at this point, the problem is not FFGs decision of what to include where, but that they really wanted to pitch 2.0 as being a consumer-friendly dream, and used that tone, while making very very few concessions to that idea. If they hadn't used that tone, I think a lot of people would have just been pleasantly surprised by 'oh hey a baggie with extra pilots in it'.
  9. There are no tech upgrades in that conversion kit, but I don't think that's conclusive either way. Considering some of the stuff not included elsewhere (No Moldy Crow in Scum, no Maul in Rebel, no 0-0-0 or BT-1 in Imperial), I would not expect them to drop a whole host of tech cards for 1 ship with the slot in faction.
  10. It's restriction is medium or large base, so the Scurgg could make use for sure. We'll have to see if it's worth it in the end.
  11. I'd be careful about using points from a marketing screenshot for the assumption. It's a bit 'trusting the FFG article rulings'.
  12. No, Genius 100% says 'drop 1 bomb' not '1 device'.
  13. I never saw the intent as 'no double mods', but 'work for your double mods'. It feels like the same idea as the bullseye arc stuff. They're fine with giving you a nice bonus, as long as you work for it. In the case of inter-ship synergies and such, the cost is 'keeping stuff in range and making sure triggers are met', as well as 'if you lose certain ships, you might break your good combo' (Like the tubes brothers). I think the issue they wanted to tackle was with ships that on their own were fully capable because of their upgrade suite.
  14. You do what you have to do to feel good about your family's hobbies. However, as someone who also plays Warhammer, I wouldn't advise that route. The rule books for that are sold for extra, and generally just present point costs for all the weapons and troops in a big pdf style list at the back. If your child won't take the pdf route in x-wing, they won't take the exact same thing in warhammer either. (Also possible you may be refering to another Games Workshop game I'm less familiar with, but their flagship game is definitely run just like this).
  15. The spoilers have only confused me more about what I want. I'm classically a rebel and imperial player, but I don't care for any of their medium or large ships at all, which makes me feel like I'm wasting the faction by not being open to everything it has to offer. Meanwhile, the bigger scum ships are very cool, and I would be down to fly those (Scurgg, YV-666, Jumpmaster). So now I'm just trying to talk myself OUT of 1 of each conversion kit.
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