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  1. Whatever you need it to do. Gives your Vics a little bit more versatility, concentrate fire tokens are nice if your maybe fishing for an accuracy or if a red turns up blank after leading shots. And a nav token is always handy!
  2. Would Mon Karen not be the better title for the MC80? Also I wouldn't split the fleet, an ISD with gunnery team could make short work of your Nebs if the MC80 isn't there to draw the fire. Depends how quickly you can pull of the flank and how telegraphed your movement is.
  3. I think if you're just starting out having more activation's would be in your favor. Most lists tend to have an average of 5 activation's so I'd be tempted to scrap all your squadrons for a second Gozanti with comms net if you have it. Those fighters will only slow a squadron list down for a turn and generally won't be very reliable against just ships with a single blue die. If you had Imp I squadrons Mauler Mithel is always worth taking a long as a lone wolf.
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