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  1. It was made to make the greatest amount of fans happy, but in doing so they have alienated everyone but the diehard fans who would love anything. They came to a fork in the road and instead of choosing a direction they tried driving straight between them and ran head first into a brick wall. The fandom has been divided for a while now, but this sequel trilogy has been particularly divisive because A: it affects established and beloved characters and their fates, B: has well known and well liked competition in the Legends EU which people will compare it to, and C : there are diminishing chances to redo these as we lose the original cast. There was no way for JJ to undo TLJ in 1 movie. TRoS feels like several movies mashed together and boiled down to the bare bones. Theres not enough meat here. It is rushed and sloppy with too much thrown at the screen without enough time to develope. Look, I don't really like what Rian did with TLJ, (I honestly feel like he was trolling the audience and fandom in particular,) but I will say that there were things to like in that movie. They should have given the 3rd movie to Johnson and let him complete his vision. Sure we TLJ haters wouldn't have liked it, but we would have written it off as fanfiction and clung to the old EU or made up our own stories. At least then more people would be happy.
  2. Nah man, not even we like it. Yeah its supposed to be a course correction from the last Jedi, but is handled so ham-fistedly that it doesn't make anything better. If anything it ends this trilogy on a huge wet fart.
  3. And then everyone clapped; and the name of that Critic? Albert Einstein.
  4. TIE Plagiarism Disney is getting good at it
  5. It's a good thing they showed off the Starhawk or it would have been my guess as to what this is
  6. Traditionally, american companies are far more lenient about fan content. As lng as you dont infringe on their copyright they dont give a flying forklift. We all know a popular 3D modeler who sells models for X-Wing and Armada that includes content from the latest movies. If Disney hasn't come down there, why would they come down on an artist who artwork was copied by one of their artist? I'm pretty sure the original artist can claim fair use, and the comic using the design without acknowledging him is plagiarism.
  7. Rude indeed. It's within your rights to reach out to Lucasfilm about it. Sadly, they are likely to pull it - It's an awesome design and deserves more exposure. At the same time you deserve credit for your work. I really like a lot of your work including the Ascendent Class. I would have rather seen that beauty at the end of Star Trek Beyond than what we got with the new 1701-A
  8. So this artwork is for the Assault prototype. Are all the extra bits surrounding it some sort of shipyard, or are they being added to the hull as an upgrade?
  9. Not sure I see what all the fuss is about
  10. Hmm... the German Masters-Race looks tight this year. Looks like we could be seeing a springtime for Germany, and perhaps Winter for Poland and France at the next Euros.
  11. Time for an update. Do we still need SWM20 due to it now being confirmed as the Executor?
  12. Formerly: Where dat SSD at? Now: where those Clone Wars at?
  13. An argument could be made for game balance over theme. That, and FFG likes to make money, and if the SSD makes money that could also be made with a Rebel huge I’m sure they will make one.
  14. Armada is for the people, of the people, by the people.
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