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  1. I just want to give a quick 2ND to the comments. I do not give my PC's a huge amount of time to purchase/trade in session, but since I have 6 regular NPC's playing I give them plenty of time to text me in between sessions to make all the purchases and fair trading they want. That being said, if the players insist, I definitely will allow rules that you (Grey Jedi) have posted to be used in game.
  2. I had to change a lot because my NPC got really sketched out by the villagers, especially Harsol. They tried to sneak out of the village during the night, trying to convince Cratala (sp) to come with, and steal plans and whatever else they could find. They didn't want any of the other villagers with them, it was quite amusing how prejudiced they treated the "dirty separatists." edit: NPC's
  3. Two of my PC's are fans of Rebels. So my players started with a "below-stock, fixer-upper" VCX-100.
  4. SPOILERS My campaign is starting Mask and I just have a couple of quick social questions My PC's are a very skeptical people. Venlana has a very straight forward approach, so I hope this diverts questions of her loyalty. I will try my best. In the group, we have a 'gentleman' thief, ex-Imperial interrogation droid, a beautiful Twi'lek, along with three others. Just a naturally skeptical group, always rolling Perception and Streetwise (even if one of them has no skill in it.) Anywho, hit may not even come up but how will I get them from just discovering the whole plot from the get-go if they decide to delve into it? If they push the roll then they kind of deduce their is something to hide in the first place. They know my rules in meta-gaming and walk a fine line in not crossing it (with more rolls.) My second question is not so Pirate Queen but a Negotiation question: If the PC's are a bartering with a NPC for an item, and the NPC has a friend/partner/helper with them. If the PC's try to low-ball the deal, do you make them roll against two separate rolls or use disadvantage for the 2nd PC? Thank you for time. StG
  5. My current game has gone on for about 12 or so sessions. Starting off with 2 PC's for the first couple, now they are 6 PC's at the table. Starting a few days before the destruction of the first Death Star... At first they were hired contractors, jumping planet to planet doing odd jobs. They completed the intro "Troubling Brewing" or whatever it's called from the EotE Core. That sessions lasted 12 hours from dusk till dawn. Though we were exhausted and burnt out for a while, we had a lot of fun. Slowly the PC's joined a Hutt Cartel (a newer cartel I came up with) stationed on Nar Shaddaa. I fit this line of 'doing dirty work' into Beyond the Rim, where we added 2 more PC's. They sort of botched that entire mission and ended up with an Imperial bounty and skepticism from their Hutt handlers. Back on Nar Shaddaa they managed to improve their standing among the Hutts but also gained infamy in the Underworld. Imperials and bounty hunters are after them, while they continue to work for the Hutts. After adding the final 2 PC's , they completed a lucrative trade-deal for the Hutts by connecting them with the Rebel Alliance. Now a sleazy Hutt Underboss wants to collect the bounty on the PC's heads, and take the credit for the trade-deal. The PC's managed to get themselves out of harm's way by pleading to their NPC contacts and agreed to take on a dangerous mission. Their next few sessions will be Mask of the Pirate Queen, where help arch into their main story line.
  6. I have zero humans in my game. 1 Droid 1 Wookie 1 Twi'lek 1 Bothan 1 Whiphid 1 Ryn
  7. Jeeeez, 100% correct. After all the time i have left my post up, I still didn't read the file name......
  8. Thanks. I found couple that might suit her fancy. I got a couple of weeks before the game and gotta keep looking.
  9. Hello everyone. I sure could use some help. I have a new player joining the group and she is playing a female Ryn. She wants to be a Ryn because she really likes their tails, pointy elf ears, and near human looks. All my searches have turned up almost diddly on the matter. Except I did find this: I believe this is a Cathar right? This is the best I have found, though the character she made just isn't this much of a bad mama jama. She also particularly doesn't like resembling animals. I kinda put myself into a corner here but just trying to make it work. I dug through all 256 pages of this thread again in the last three days, Google, Pintrest, trying to find something a bit better, a bit more civilian... I am no artist but I will for sure color this one if nothing can be done. I've searched D&D elves (as the Ryn kind of favor them) and considered using some head shots of Mirialan females from The Old Republic (having the hair cover the ears.) Once again any help is greatly appreciated.
  10. This is a good discussion. So, from my point of view, the Empire has to strategically allow dissent to at least show the systems, "it isn't all bad." I think in the core rule book it mentions, paraphrasing, "Some worlds in the Core may not know the Empire's brutality, while the Empire's rule is felt heavily in the some Outer Rim planets." Something like that. Sometimes the illusion of freedom is easier to pacify a galaxy than building two super stations and blowing up one planet.
  11. They know the game. Like 2P51 said they just buy equipment. They already have some of the best equipment you can get, aside from some custom weapons and upgrades. They already have a VCX and haven't tried to upgrade it after they saw some prices. 5 grenades for around 250 credits? Sure thing. They end up doing little jobs for obligation and I don't charge them for rent though. I am pro living expenses.
  12. So I run a game with 5 PC's. Right now, my PC's have surplus credits about 15,000 among them. They don't really try to buy new gear, exclusively don't drink at the bar to avoid paying a tab, etc. They have a decent sized ship-repair bill they have ignored for 3 sessions, meanwhile gaining plenty of obligation. All of this being said, I had to start taxing them. I tax them for food, transportation, repairs, charge entrance fees to certain Cantina and clubs, I count their ammo and rations. It is the only way to keep them from hoarding credits. I feel like this keeps them on their toes, gives them a real world feel, and gives them some small amount of responsibility.
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