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  1. Yes the WotC minis are great, I have a nice shoe box full
  2. Shaheed the Gand

    What is the point of COMPNOR and the ISB?

    This is a good discussion. So, from my point of view, the Empire has to strategically allow dissent to at least show the systems, "it isn't all bad." I think in the core rule book it mentions, paraphrasing, "Some worlds in the Core may not know the Empire's brutality, while the Empire's rule is felt heavily in the some Outer Rim planets." Something like that. Sometimes the illusion of freedom is easier to pacify a galaxy than building two super stations and blowing up one planet.
  3. Shaheed the Gand

    Living expenses?

    They know the game. Like 2P51 said they just buy equipment. They already have some of the best equipment you can get, aside from some custom weapons and upgrades. They already have a VCX and haven't tried to upgrade it after they saw some prices. 5 grenades for around 250 credits? Sure thing. They end up doing little jobs for obligation and I don't charge them for rent though. I am pro living expenses.
  4. Shaheed the Gand

    Living expenses?

    So I run a game with 5 PC's. Right now, my PC's have surplus credits about 15,000 among them. They don't really try to buy new gear, exclusively don't drink at the bar to avoid paying a tab, etc. They have a decent sized ship-repair bill they have ignored for 3 sessions, meanwhile gaining plenty of obligation. All of this being said, I had to start taxing them. I tax them for food, transportation, repairs, charge entrance fees to certain Cantina and clubs, I count their ammo and rations. It is the only way to keep them from hoarding credits. I feel like this keeps them on their toes, gives them a real world feel, and gives them some small amount of responsibility.
  5. This is my game in a nutshell. Thank you for this and happy holidays from the U.S.
  6. Shaheed the Gand

    The Complete Species Guide

    Thank you so much for this.
  7. Shaheed the Gand

    Character RP Help - EotE Smuggler: Pilot

    Play it Bogart. Be yourself, and play your character. If your character feels attacked, steal some of the other character's stuff from under their nose. Or use your charm or whatever to put them down (may be hard, but not impossible.) This Twi'lek seems like a left-wing propagandist that, 'may give the rebellion a bad name,' or 'ultimately too radical and makes people side with the Empire.' Rebel scum come a dime-a-dozen, small potatoes.
  8. Shaheed the Gand


    I saw Solo opening weekend and I HATED it. I thought it could have been the worse ever. I had the bar set real low and Howard and co. still tripped over it. Then months later, I watched it again to 'secure my position,' but now I changed my mind. I honestly don't know why I bashed it so hard. I think there may be a foundation for some better films if they can make Han hit rock bottom with Chewie. On a different note, I do not buy the whole 'Star Wars' fatigue hype. They probably should have known better and just delayed/or originally planned it for a winter release. If Disney just did better work, they would sell more tickets.
  9. Shaheed the Gand

    Probably already done: is combat too slow?

    themensch: The pacing is slow in general. The PCs know what they want to do, they are just not good. Hahaha, everybody is still very inexperienced as far as XP goes. Even my main-cannons get these turns of weak rolls and misses and it keeps everything going one more round. Archlyte: I kind of want it more like a Stars Wars movie I guess. They miss a lot: 1 Doc, one Theif, one slicer. So I kind of narrate their misses to illustrate it to be more "Star Wars."
  10. Shaheed the Gand

    Probably already done: is combat too slow?

    So yes I go with the X.X method usually, adding blue or black for the PC's suspicion or lack thereof. But we don't really look things up. We all have good/basic understanding of the rules, the PC's and I stay within reason. Last session, during a street fight, I let the PC's go, in pairs, at the same time. It kinda worked, it kinda didn't.
  11. Shaheed the Gand

    Probably already done: is combat too slow?

    For the second game in a row our PC's have been swamped with combat situations. 5 PC's, only 2 are combat proficient, and of course it is the non-combatants that are always the trouble makers. It has been a long process for the PC's to even kill 2 rivals, and 4 minions. Does anyone have tips, or a better way to mix it up?
  12. Shaheed the Gand

    Last Jedi: Roll transaltion

    Excellent interpretations, thank you.
  13. Shaheed the Gand

    Last Jedi: Roll transaltion

    This has probably been done before, if so please send a link. So when DJ gets Finn and Rose through the security of Snoke's ship, how would you translate that? Some extra uncanceled success is a definite in my interpretation. I would think however that the First Order security technician saw a little 'blimp' on their screen. I would say this interprets into some (maybe only 1) disadvantage? Maybe the actual security tech, docking authority doesn't notice right away, but maybe someone else like a programmer does? I don't know. They get discovered down the line anyway (BB-8 failing Stealth?) I guess the real question is, is the roll straight success and advantage? The security docking tech certainly notices something, but ignores it.
  14. Shaheed the Gand

    Silliness in a Galaxy Far, Far Away...