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  1. So I am finally getting around to watching Clone Wars (entire show now on Diz+) and I was unaware of any direct contradictions. This will be interesting to get into and think about. I do highly recommend Lords of Nal Hutta as it has fueled my sessions for the past year and a half. It has been my understanding that Jabba was always an important member in one of the most powerful Clans of all the Hutts. Sometime round the year 0 AB Jabba rises to the very top of all the Hutts. This is just in my head cannon and my players are going through these steps.
  2. I'm sure that Jabba's Palace on Tatooine was more of his beach house than anything. If I remember correctly, Tatooine is a good jump from Hutt Space. He could have spent most of his time there but it couldn't be the base of operations for the entire Clan. Jabba's Clan must have had HQ's in other spots around the galaxy, especially Nal Hutta. In RotJ, we see a whole of partying and other debauchery but not a whole lot of business going on. Just my opinion.
  3. My players spent 4, 3-4 hour sessions playing it. They spent about 50% of the time on Part II. I had Part III intertwine with their previous obligations made them seek a quick departure. Part III was a weird episode to get through for sure.
  4. Love the KOTOR games, sure nuff. Nuff said.
  5. I'm not really sure where the talking about the JJCut stopped, or where the TLJ arguments stopped... Can't wait to see if any unreleased footage or verified ideas from the studio... I would love to see an extended cut. I'm sure JJ had a different edit for the movie. The final edit makes me question not the director's vision, not the editors, not the producers, but top Disney brass. It seems like Disney has been very vindictive about their directors: Lord & Miller, Benioff & Weiss, Trevorrow, and now it seems Abrams himself isn't immune to the scrutiny. I know each situation has it's own story, but I will digress. RoS wasn't bad, but it was sloppy. I loved a few scenes and a few shots. Some things made me cringe in embarrassment, some serious plot points just made me laugh. I won't get into the choices for the story, yadda yadda. I just didn't really feel like it was the closure of the saga it was making itself out to be. But from where I stand, there will not be a JJCut of any kind. It probably doesn't exist. This just seems like a myth made of people who are not happy with the film. The board of shareholders voted to gut the movie, and money talks. All I can say to Disney and Lucasfilm at this point is: do better work. TLJ>Ros>A couple of PT movies Lord George made. Peace.
  6. Hahaha I have a confession: I consider Rogue One AND Kyle Katarn Cannon (in my RPG.) The way I do this is have Kyle Katarn to have stolen some prototype plans of the Death Star. I think it is funny because once someone, who is much more knowledgeable in Legends than me, turned down playing in my RPG because of this fact. Even though Kyle only appeared in the session for about twenty minutes.
  7. I'm exactly sure what a 'woke' trap is, but I agree with this 100%. My wife loved Mando, she is iffy about Rise of Sky. Quality world building, interesting characters, etc. hits the nail on the head.
  8. That video was awesome! Thank you thinkbomb.
  9. Thank both of you, this is very helpful. I kind of had a ballpark of about 20,000 credits for this kind of expense so this kind of confirms it! I do have slicer in the group who may want to take a DIY approach. They are in the middle of high-pay mission so they might fork over the cash and have someone else do it.
  10. My PC's Imperial bounty is causing them trouble. Their ship has been the main target, being the Empire's biggest lead. They want to change the ship's transponder codes, registration papers, owner's log, etc. in order to get the Empire off their back. Their ship is a VCX-100. My real questions are: how should I describe all this to them? Is the transponder codes all there is to it? Does some kind of 'bill of sale' have to be made also to help hide the PC's as the true owners? What other modes can they take without buying a new ship. And also how much would you charge?
  11. I loved it. Thought is was great. Just plain out entertained. The wife and I watched it, after I looked over and said, "see was it that hard to create something like that?" I see this has the potential to be the best thing Disney has done with Star Wars so far. Are people really gripping about too many aliens? Really? Geez. Watch the sequel trilogy then. Nothing will ever be perfect I guess.
  12. Thanks very much for doing the tally. It does surprise me so many Humans are being played. I have been listening to some Hydian Way and no Humans in their Pirate Queen sessions. Really surprised not more Twi'leks were being played. That was my bet on the most popular.
  13. I run Edge. Most of my sessions are based around the Hutts so Lords of Nal Hutta is my book of choice. I have made so many scenario ideas from that book it is sad that most will never get played. For also like the Smuggler, Explorer, and Colonist books.
  14. Just replayed some KOTOR 2 and want to do a Peragus style mission. Has anyone done this investigation/mystery/mass-murder story? I've thrown some ideas around already, some greatly ripping-off the KOTOR story: 1. This time, have a mining accident reveal some miner or slave that force powers. By saving others, it makes them a target of taking prisoner to be sold to the Empire, Hutts, etc. 2. Some digging awakens some creature or creatures or some other horror movie stuff. 3. So I'm trying to come up with a sabotage scenario that implicates a rival mining company or Hutt Clan. I think this may take away from the mystic mystery out of the story but maybe I'm about that. Any help with some cool ideas would be appreciated.
  15. This was better than my idea. I didn't have a good answer really. Maybe the change could conceal the cybernetics, cover it somehow?
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