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  1. if you only want to reverse the wings position mantaining their angolation i suggest you to block them before cutting with a base+catalyst putty hard silicon. after this you can remove the wings from silicon and cut them beeing shure that if you put them back in the silicon they remain parallel. then find a way to bond wings with cockpit i did it on a defender to move the wings and it worked well
  2. too many beef.... a slaghterhouse 😁
  3. do not increase too much points the more used ships. decrese a lot the ships that doesn't see play. reach a balance in the game preferibly decreasing the cost of ships
  4. hi, to make krennik work maybe it's better the lambda title. so you can coordinate a focus with sai giving a focus to another ship (maybe the one with advanced prototipe condition) and to yourself then target lock (thanks to the title) a ship that is a possible target of the ship with "advanced prototipe". in this way it should run better and my experience is you can trigger it about 2/3 times a game. lamda/krennik/title is a good choise if you pair it with a v1 supernatural r. inquisitor (to boost the 2 dices only primay) or another very manuvrable ship maybe a little overpriced for what it does and how it is difficult to trigger.... but fun.
  5. maybe block them with jerry and then bomb them?
  6. padme pilot skills are clearly bad.... like a woman that drives a car! But this makes her highly unpredictable! .....So initiative 4
  7. Hi Dalli! i have i finally tryed your list today against a han solo/ norra wexley/ jake ferrel list. For shure i need more playtesting time before to judge but list seemed to be VERY FUNNY TO PLAY and survivable wisheper finished without damages. rac finished with 6 hull remained. i killed norra and for only 2 damages (and r2d2, because otherwise was 1 damage) i did't take half han... yes i've lost but rac worked well. (maybe he just lacks a bit in offence for its point cost but can't judge after only 1 game) i used every possible time jerjerrod and quite every time it was a pain in the *** to the other player. it suits very well on rac. also proton bombs are a good choise paired with him! i finally dropped one in 2.0 !!! (i usually don't use bombs) all worked as you said.
  8. cit: "I understand that Boba Fett needed to go up, but I don’t think he needed to go up 6 points since all of his super cheap gadgets and gizmos that made him a monster went up quite bit as well. Drop him back down 2 points." I do not agree with him... has he ever tried to destroy boba fett? maybe with a coordinating lando on escape craft that support him? it's quite impossible (in my experience). after protorps points change (to 12) boba lost his "natural predator" boba now is a points safe. his ability is too good.
  9. you are right! it was just to rotate the turret against i 5 ships. i was thinking about a little bid (about 5 points), but yes it doesn't seems strictly necessary. with 2 ships i'm always worryed about to be shooten and not shoot.
  10. i think moff jerjerrof on deci is not only a way to make bump blockers. is also a way get far from arc dodgers and avoid to be arc dodged the ony thing that i don't like of this list is that there is no bid.... but if it works blocking it make sense.
  11. considering that the best empire's crew carrier avaliable is i4 (except rac that clearly it's not a support ship) CR is a crew that could be difficoult to abuse also at 2/3 points. an i5 or i6 ship probably wouldn't use CR ability so often because otherwise it would reveal its strategy and lose its initiative advantage. other BIG thing to consider is that CR stress you. and leia it's 2 (clearly need to be changed):) i wouldn't use CR also at 6 points....
  12. cienna ree should be 2 points.... max 3
  13. i quite always use one charges in the first engage to "close the distance" dodje and possibly hit hard....
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