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  1. i hope that the new app will bring ffg the possibility to price particoular upgrades differently for each pilot if needed. this would solve all problems
  2. In this case i have to make you my compliments another time! bravo! very clean and hand made in 3 copies pracrically identical! this is very difficoult
  3. awsome.... really well done! a very very very "clean" conversion If i can ask... where did you get the parts for conversion? i would try to convert mine
  4. the point with tie aggressor seems to be that because of its dial you need to equip a turret to make it work. BUT IF you do it it seems to cost too much compared to a bomber or a torrent So to me alternatives are: 1) points reduction (maybe NOT necessary) 2) a new configuration It would be cool if aggressors have a config maybe that links an additional effect if you are evading in this way people would use more the barrel in red evade linked action and can decide to stress themself to obtain an additional effect giving a personality to the ship. the stress mechanic could help to balance this config additional effect without great points increases what do you think about it? sorry for my english
  5. no one is saying that bombers are bad... we are talking about tie aggresor. first edition comparison doesn't matter... points in first edition were mostly wrong
  6. looking at stat lines aggressors (26 points) seems to be comparable to cis bombers and torrents (25 points) but if you look at the red part of the dial you will see that the aggressor's one is much worst both bombers and torrents have red tallon r. and 1 hard that aggressor doesn't have.... for shure this should balance the fact that they have turrets slot but this is very limitating, considering their point cost, if you want to play them naked as filler so easely if you play them you have to put an upgrade to make them worth it. an aggressor wit a dorsal turret is 29 points and with an ion turret 31 points...... but 29/31 points start to be a "therritory" with alternatives for imperial players that sistematically chose someting else ps:a thecno union bomber with discord mississiles (plus network calc) is 29 sorry for my english..
  7. ....onestly... the only reason why i could use now an aggressor (26points) is because i can't fit a bomber (27 points) kestal can be ok but he needs a dedicated list building with a coordinating ship and he fastly becomes too expensive. the ship is ugly (but this is a personal opinion) and desperately need help. More specifically not a point decrease (the points cost is quite ok..) but probably a configuration that make it does something different from bomber giving personality to the ship
  8. Manolox

    Happy Friday

    considering that boba fenn can be played successfully with a 25 points bid i don't think that increasing only boba's title will change the situation. boba and maul too has to go up in points the other things that should go up is heroic..... i hate heroic to finish i would like that some initiative 1/2 generics go down a bit. (tie x1 and tie strikers)
  9. maybe you can try this, Seventh Sister (43) Sense (5) Ship total: 48 Half Points: 24 Threshold: 2 Fifth Brother (42) Passive Sensors (3) Homing Missiles (5) Ship total: 50 Half Points: 25 Threshold: 2 "Echo" (51) Ship total: 51 Half Points: 26 Threshold: 3 Ved Foslo (44) Elusive (3) Fire-Control System (2) Ship total: 49 Half Points: 25 Threshold: 3 Total: 198 sense on 7th sister works well with all the ships you choose. i'm not convinced about ved floso..... in general i think he can really shine but only paired with a coordinating platform (with kagi/palp/title he becomes a monster) otherwise there are better options.
  10. Manolox

    Happy Friday

    My heart says tie , my head says x
  11. Don't worry about it.... it's only a matter of pairings..... squads are always made by 5 ships.... so they can balance the squads in a lot of ways. For example in bf2 only 1 player at a time can be darth vader It's possible that some special ships can be used with some limitation so no problem I hope Defender will be devastating but limited in numbers
  12. i have already tried this list.... i prefere to remove optics for a deeper bid
  13. maybe the time before hull start to be restored if you are not hitted will be shorter on ties...
  14. it will work! because.... these 5 ties are tie defenders
  15. this! but... i would remove optics from kilo and add fanatical to scorch. it would end at 195 points.
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