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  1. karloss01

    Doom: Hurt Me Plenty Edition

    I played four games so far (as the invader against a 4 player team) and it's becoming a real moral dampener when I can't manage to reach four frags in unless they play recklessly. I feel Marines should have a stagger value to give them a reason no to just hop on every Demon like Mario with goombas. I like these additions and the more I play the more I feel like rewriting the Tutorial and Reference books into one without changes and another with clarifications and additional rules.
  2. Second bullet point regarding Teleporters (pg. 18 - Rules Reference): Only marines may use Teleporters, a progression marker is does not count as a marine.
  3. This looks to be an error (there appears to be a lot of those and omissions) in the two books. In the name or fairness it's best to go with the Tutorial rules on set up.
  4. karloss01

    weapon trading among marines

    Officially, no. There are no rules for trading weapons likely for the purpose of excessive deck rebuilding. Take Zombiecide for an example; it allows players to swap items amongst one another and use weapons and spells designed to be one use per round but because it's a new character in possession they get to use it again. Taking DOOM's rules picking up a new weapon takes the cards associated with it and shuffles the three cards before putting them on the top of the action deck. Allowing players to pass around a BFG, chainsaw or the Gauss Cannon will tilt the game heavily in favour for the Marines. If you want to house rule it though go right ahead.