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  1. Thanks - succinct answers are always appreciated! Finally found under Skill Test Timing (RRpg26) that the active investigator can "commit any number of cards with an appropriate skill icon" (without paying the cost), while the other players may commit one each. On reviewing our initial decks, it appears that this would mean almost all cards in the deck can be used in that way, as an alternative to playing them. We're a bit surprised that such an ability (dual uses) doesn't appear explicitly in the rules - this changes the game entirely for us, thanks. If there is a clear statement of this somewhere in the publications, we'd like to read it.
  2. Newcomers playing Basic Set for first time - some confusion about how to play some cards, such as Events eg: (AH22) [Event: Evidence! Cost 1, Intel 2] Insight. Fast. Play after you defeat an enemy. Discover 1 clue at your location. If i can play this card (by paying one resource?) immediately after i "defeat an enemy", why does the card show two intellect "skill test icons" in the upper left? The "Discover" implies that this is automatic and does not require a skill test - otherwise it should say something like, "do a bonus investigate action"? Likewise: (AH23) [Event: Dodge. Cost 1, Willpower 1, Agility 1] Tactic. Fast. Play when an enemy attacks an investigator at your location. Cancel that attack. This does not imply a skill test, so why the Willpower and Agility? Are those Skill Test Icons applicable to other uses of the card? Where is this stated?
  3. Thanks ... I see the rules do not explicitly deal with lock expiry at long range, and therefore it does not happen ... it just seems reasonable that if a locking technology requires range 3 to acquire, then it will have a certain range limit before the lock fails.
  4. 3 things driving us nuts after owning many 1st Ed. ships and buying all the conversion kits: FFG MUST make the following available: 1. a sheet of ship numbers and lock tokens (could probably fit 3 each of ship numbers 1-100 and corresponding lock tokens on a single cardboard punchout) 2. maneuver dials on a ship-by-ship basis to cover our huge 1st Edition fleets (they already have these designs - release say 3 or 4 t-65 x-wing maneuver dials in a package for $5-10) 3. re-release the coloured base packages, this time with medium bases - um, duh!
  5. Does a lock persist from round to round? Do i lose a lock if i move outside range 3 of the locked target?
  6. I have multiples of the TIE and x-wing miniatures, mostly from 1st edition, and there are a limited number of 2nd edition maneuver dials in an Upgrade Kit. (eg: the rebel upgrade kit included only two x-wing dials.) How are people getting more dials for their fleets?
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