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  1. CaptainRocket

    Ramblings of an old wargamer...

    Killing?! There's killing in Star Wars?!?!?! I think you're imagining things.. heroes are merely DEFEATED ... they run to fight another day! I'm actually serious. Just like in every serious simulationist wargame squads don't fight to the last man, but basically lose morale and cohesion and cease to be useful in the game and so we remove their playing piece (but in reality there are plenty of able bodies soldiers still alive - heroes in Legion fight until wounded or hopeless and have to retreat to fight 'next week in another thrilling episode of...'
  2. CaptainRocket

    Cover Question

    Yeah squad and soldier scale games end up laying fast and loose with both time and distance. Scale is usually compressed so that individual elements are usually ridiculously large / move ridiculously slow if you tried to take them literally (what's really fun is how vertical scale is usually even more exaggerated)! Flames of War is notorious for radically different scales for infantry and armor speeds in the same game... I try to map time scale to command decisions made per game time element (rounds in Legion) rather than the physical models. Pretending Legion is mostly WWII squad combat with lazer monks and lunar teddybears added for flavor, you can see engagements that are usually 3-6 hours, but with all the downtime compressed out for playability and 'hollywood epic' feel. This leaves about 2-3 hours of 'mostly action', split over 6 rounds. That maps pretty well to the idea of you can maneuver bit, engage with another unit for a few rounds, maybe get a bit more movement to a new goal or your original goal - which when being shot at (or running the risk thereof) is gonna take a couple hours.
  3. CaptainRocket

    Cover Question

    Here is a place I quite like the combination of efficiency and elegance in Legion's rules... What you describe is true... if the positions of the miniatures represented the exact snapshot of position and posture for every member of a unit throughout the entire 5-15 minutes that a round in Legion is supposed to represent. However we know that if these little plastic toys were real men, women, and aliens of assorted genders... then they would be moving, peeking around corners, hugging walls, etc. The minis are just a placeholder approximation of a much more fuzzy area of probable locations, which is in turn used to drive the inputs into another fuzzy system which approximates a range of the most probable outcomes for the actual combat. ... I mean, probable... for space wizards with lazer swords facing off against Nazis in medieval armor! XD
  4. CaptainRocket

    Smaller than a Football Field

    Pretty much every mini-game does this so us old gamers tend to forget not everybody know this stuff!
  5. CaptainRocket

    New vehicles!

    OMG SOOOOO HYPE!!!! Does anybody have text version of the card text so us old folks can read all the new abilities and rules? Wait... are *we* the baddies?!
  6. CaptainRocket

    Star Wars Legion painting and extra bling!

  7. CaptainRocket

    is 800 points to small of a army?

    *shrugs* 800 is good. Touch choices. We're seeing list variety. I really enjoyed the few 1000 pt games we've played, feels like more fun toys on the table. 1200 team games are gonna be great cause! Never tried 1600 and no interest in 2 players that just seems draggy...
  8. CaptainRocket

    Table showcase.

    Gorgeous! I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed some of thoose ferns!!! *grabby hands* Where did you find them?!
  9. CaptainRocket

    Pre-order dilemma... how many officers to order?!

    Oh that's a great point! Makes me feel better about 2 each~ 😄
  10. CaptainRocket


  11. I mean... at this point I don't think I'd buy more than 1 of a trooper unit... but officers seem so useful... maybe 2 of each side?
  12. CaptainRocket

    SWL28 SWL29 SWL30? Speculation

    Transport usable by both sides? Objective and terrain all in one?
  13. CaptainRocket

    Clone Wars Daydreaming Thread

    I'm not sure that needs to be a feature...
  14. CaptainRocket

    Clone Wars Daydreaming Thread

    Yup, that's what I'm thinking. I wonder if you could even have keywords on the CIS commanders that force them to take fewer special slots (kinda opposite of Entourage)? Say something like: Quality in quantity: You can include 1 less Special Forces unit, but are able to take 2 extra Corps units.
  15. CaptainRocket

    Clone Wars Daydreaming Thread

    The more I think about it, the more I would like to see Republic be low activation/high quality. To do that you'd have regular Clone Troopers basically have Death Trooper stats, but with Z6 as a heavy weapon, and maybe even more expensive given that they are corps. You'd still need to bring 3 of them (or Gungans!), so you can't load up too many if you want lots of Jedi!