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  1. Lol @Ginkapo commentary 😂 Well first I would like to take a moment to thank Biggs for his excellent previews, and also for having the forethought to ditch the Bears fan in favour of insightful punditry from gods country. Comparisons of offense vs defense can get tiresome, especially when Leia isnt involved.
  2. Zamalekite

    Vassal World Cup Results

    Congrats on the win @mhd! Another tough match-up. Do you think being able to go first and get early hits with the Quasar each round actually turned it for you? I'm guessing you didn't bother using Pryce either here as you didn't really need to? What was the deployment error? Was it setting up to slide away from you? That's how I deployed in my game v Broba in the Autumn tourney. It worked for me in that game because I had more flak power with my rebel ships and then later had my jamming barrier to hide behind. Curious to hear the game from @BrobaFett's perspective too!
  3. Two Rebel v Imperial match-ups and 4 different commanders = perfect!
  4. @shmitty and @Karneck - I really liked your video, especially the pre-game discussion about the 2 lists. Please do more of these, they're great. A few things that would be nice: 1) Please paste the 2 lists, in full, in the YouTube video description and any blog/forum posts about the match. It makes it a lot easier to figure out what's what in the game. 2) As has been mentioned, you can speed up the video much more between talking. Why not also put some star wars themed music on in the background? 3) Try taking some still photos and key junctures in the game, e.g. when you have a big decision to make, or a ship has an interesting fire arc, or squads are all bunched up close together. That will make it a lot easier to then annotate later to explain what's going on. You could have an insert for key dice rolls on-screen too. 4) try pausing the game video at key points - it's a bit hard to follow what you're talking about when the game it ticking along at its own pace whilst your explaining things. Personally I'd prefer the game to whiz along and then for you to pause at key junctures to explain in more detail what's going on. The most helpful thing for new players (and experienced ones wanting to improve!) is to explain your decision-making process. What were you thinking about at a key moment and why did you decide to do what you did. That's the key thing that will make this format different from a 'standard' battle report. But perhaps that's just my preference. Keen to see what others think. and p.s. @Darth Sanguis - those squad dials/cards are great! I'm super clumsy anyway so anything that means less fiddling on-board the better for me! I'll need to try and get hold of those...
  5. Zamalekite

    Regionals Data Project 2018-2019 Season

    This is what we can do when we don't need to pay loads of money for a flight to participate
  6. Zamalekite

    Vassal World Cup Results

    I love the SSD cameo in the logfile 😆
  7. Zamalekite

    Regionals Data Project 2018-2019 Season

    @Pwmf - a rebel top 3 in a Regional?? That's a rarity this, only a couple of those so far.
  8. What exactly are these? I'm keen to try using squad plates, especially if it helps with better measurement
  9. Ok whoops! Thank you @BiggsIRL and @CyborgNinja, sorry I got that wrong
  10. I just got mine today. Look great. Thanks @geek19
  11. Zamalekite

    Vassal World Cup Results

    Well done @mhd on the win! I really thought list v list you were the underdog going into this one. @MandalorianMoose I totally know what you mean about not being patient. It's an Achilles heel of mine when playing competitive games that I just can't resist a Leeeeeeeroy Jenkins! moment after a round or two of no shooting!
  12. Zamalekite

    Meta Topic - What Will The SSD do to the Meta?

    Toryn and Adar are both awesome but generally Imperial Officers are better than their rebel counterparts.
  13. Zamalekite

    Meta Topic - What Will The SSD do to the Meta?

    This. Or perhaps flotillas get moved like squads (and avoid ram damage?) and small get hit like flotillas, I.e. No damage to the SSD
  14. Zamalekite

    Meta Topic - What Will The SSD do to the Meta?

    I think the opposite - Raddus players will find it pretty easy vs SSD. They don't need to hit and run. If you drop a well kitted drop ship at the rear of the SSD to rear-ward firing power is pretty weak (especially the Command prototype) and you should be able to stay in the rear arcs without much trouble. Just sit there and pound away turn after turn. Especially if you have good blue/red dice you have a good change of a double arc of firepower each turn. MSU TRC90s can also be brutal against the SSD. Add in Engine Techs and they'll be swooping past the nasty front arcs in no time. Once at the rear they can keep firing in turn after turn. Last First will be mainly used to skip past front arcs rather than to jump in to do damage. And don't forget this: Yes the SSD has 22 hull but if you take off 11 hull you get half the points value of the ship. That's enough for a solid 7:4 or 8:3 win without having to kill the thing. In terms of handling squads the SSD has some great counter-combos. Another upgrade that should be stapled to the Assault Prototype is Quad Laser Turrets, especially with Annihilator and Kallus you don't even need to waste shots flaking squads as the counter alone will be enough to kill off an non-scatter squads. On the Assault version you can also add Point Defense Reroute.
  15. Zamalekite

    Meta Topic - What Will The SSD do to the Meta?

    Imperials will soon have nearly twice as many faction-specific officers as Rebels do...