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  1. It's funny to look at the bids here: 3x 400 1x399 1x398 1x379 2x378 Basically if you want first you gotta bid big or don't bother!
  2. @LTD and I started our game today. I won the roll-off and choose second. Upon seeing my objectives LTD offered to concede which I accepted as I'm too far off to make the top cut. Neither of us realised there was actually a fourth round, whoops! I would have probably played my last game differently if I had, but anyway I played dreadfully so probably inconsequential. Speaking of the previous round I should say a big thanks to @RealVeers for being such a good sport. I played with frequent interruptions and distractions as my kids were up and it would have been entirely reasonable for Veers to get cross with me but he didn't! Proper gent, thanks.
  3. It looks great to see that on the table! Thanks for the write up. I could tell just by looking at the lists what the result was probably going to be. Gunnery Teams is simply a must-have for the SSD. Also very little point taking Screed when there are so few crit effect cards on those ships!
  4. I think I know why European stocks are low: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/283209-how-big-is-your-collection/page/4/?tab=comments#comment-3764677
  5. But that accuracy is a total waste as it can't be used. I'm looking forward to playing against Lando with a scatter ace and explaining they can't use their accuracy as I'm sure I'm not the only to misunderstand the implications of this wording!
  6. Argh, really? I would have thought one of the main reasons to use the ability was to guarantee an accuracy to catch scatter aces?
  7. That's what I'm thinking. It will be weird if the wording of Doomed Station meant the second player could basically pick the station as the first obstacle to move and then not move it. Having to move it so part of it is at least at distance 1 makes more sense with the spirit of the station being "Doomed"
  8. Exactly. So I suspect if taken in tournaments it may do slightly better as a fleet built to do well vs the SSD may not do so well against other tournament fleets, so you can't really take an 'anti-SSD' fleet to tournaments. Instead, players will just need to bear in mind that they might face an SSD. Slow-moving fleets in particular are going to struggle I think. Overall I think SSD builds are going to struggle most vs Raddus. Especially against Raddus fleets with an MC80L as the drop ship as it can chase the SSD and stay in blue range. The key for the SSD is to avoid getting shot in the rear and to keep the front 3 arcs in action. For this Jerjerrod is best, especially with a nav command and the turn can really catch players out. And definitely better going first vs faster ships.
  9. I am also wondering with that other thread how many of the non-SSD fleets are being fielded knowing they are up against the SSD and built accordingly.
  10. Yeah it's a lot easier to get double arc with a Neb B than a CR90 for example, and still be roughly heading towards your target for the next turn. Also, with the LOS dot on the side being further in it also hopefully means it's a little bit harder for ships to shoot the side. Especially important if the ship comes with Salvo.
  11. Plus some kind of tractor beam ability hopefully to help ensure ships hit those asteroids/grav rifts
  12. Walex sure is going to get used a lot more with Krysta!
  13. Killing an SSD with an SSD also shouldn't count
  14. But is there a mechanism for an upgrade card, other than titles, to be for one ship type only? If it's not experimental it'll need to be a new Starhawk only type of slot
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