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  1. Yeah some very interesting combos in the final 4. For Imperials it's ISD + Onager Onager + Quasar ISD + Quasar I'm of course rooting for @Aresius as the last European and the last Rebel
  2. Sadly I don't think I'm going to manage to play this time around - youngest child is being super difficult with sleep at the moment and I'm already falling asleep at work during the day. I normally play my Vassal tournament games really late at night/early morning and I'm not going to manage. Crap start to my Armada year! missed my local Prime and now this 😭
  3. I will have a look at the last two years of Vassal tournaments as we have head-to-head scores for every game and see what the Elo scores look like from that as a little experiment and possible starting point for a ranking system.
  4. I think an Elo system (it's Elo btw not ELO ) could work and can also factor in the size of a win. Conveniently the ELO formula works on a range of 400 to -400. In chess it's 400 for a win, 0 for a draw and -400 for a loss. In Armada you can just use MOV weigh is going to be 400 to -400! For each win, add your opponent's rating plus 400, For each loss, add your opponent's rating minus 400, And divide this sum by the number of played games. Players can choose to play a ranked game or not and Vassal games should also count in order to have some international "normalisation" between regions. This also means that a new player getting a narrow loss to a top player can see their ratings go up. For those (like me!) who can't make it to many tournaments it also gives more opportunity for competitive games. But of course this is all really about having a bit of fun! When players meet in a tournament they can choose to also play games as ELO rated and just need to have a score sheet and ELO names that can submitted to ranking afterwards. In a tournament head-to-head matches are needed and may result in changes to rankings differently to final tournament standings as skill of the opponents will also a factor. As with chess, new players can have a provisional score for the first few games to protect established players with high rankings getting too big a hit on their rankings if they lose to an experienced player with a provisional ranking.
  5. Ah doh, I thought the list on Warlords was in order. Missed the "place"in the title. So not as different from previous year as I thought!
  6. That's very interesting! Last year Polish Nationals were dominated by squads. This year there were only 21 squads in the top 8 fleets. Quite a few squadless fleets doing well And great to see another double Neb B fleet in 4th
  7. Try Ion Cannon batteries to zap away tokens. Still useful even if there are no tokens
  8. Oh wow so Rebels can win! But only in Canada it seems... Who were the winners?
  9. Anyone who's done a conference call with more than 6 people knows it wouldn't happen like this. Reality version: Lando: All squadrons report in! Green Squad Leader (super loud): REPORTING IN! Lando: dangit Green Squadron Leader turn your mic down! And whoever is doing the heavy breathing can you put yourself on mute? Red squadron? Red Squadron Leader: Hello? Can you hear me? Lando: Yes we can hear? Red: Hello can you hear me? Everyone: YES!! Red: oh sorry, yes, we're ready Lando: Gold squadron? Gold: ..... Lando: Gold squadron are you there? Gold: oh sorry, I was on mute, yes were here Etc
  10. It's super late for me now so just a quick update on scores - I'll post logs and a report tomorrow: My game with @Angry Ewok is over. Ewok picked 2nd and I chose his Sensor Net. The game finished 250:149 with most points coming from tokens. So that's an MOV of 101 for me for a 7:4 win. Which means @jp82729 is champ! wildcard for the win! Thanks Ewok for the game! (p.s. I found out what makes him angry 😨 )
  11. I wonder how long we'll have #DIV/0! errors in the rebel win column 😐 @Truthiness any chance you can add Kallus in? I suspect he'll be pretty common given he's on most SSD builds now
  12. No, it has to move the trigger the strategic effect. I've played against Moralo once but way lucky I had Rieekan squads with Adar and Yavaris and was able to kill him pretty quick. But mine's an unusually good anti-squad squad build. For most fleets he's going to cause lots of trouble
  13. I think the key vs Moralo is to target the Intel and tie up the Shuttles. It's difficult for the escorts to cover both Moralo and the Intel squad. I wonder if Chiraneau could be useful here? Strategic vs Moralo is also helpful as you can 'steal' the tokens and pull them away from where they are most dangerous, even if you're potentially triggering Moralo whilst doing so.
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