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  1. Yeah, they're pretty universal, with a long history of internal strife pitting one Mandalorian faction against another. Even the Empire uses Mandalorians, as depicted in Rebels. So, FFG designs one ship and has it come out for multiple factions, ah la the TIE fighter. They'd have different paint jobs and possibly even differences with the models and certainly different cards for each version, but it's a cost effective way to introduce a new Epic ship.
  2. A Mandalorian ship could work for every faction - they do in the lore - and that would be something everyone would happily jump on. Plus, it would be cool looking, cuz y'know, it's Mandalorian.
  3. OK, so here's an interesting hypothetical: FFG will wait for some Clone Wars stuff to get played with, then bring us 2.0 Epic rules with two new Epic ships for Clone Wars factions. This will both reintroduce Epic and bring the new factions into the fold in one fell swoop. That would be the smart way to do it. It would also spark a new buying spree for the Clone Wars ships already introduced as players begin building their Clone Wars squadrons. This could be followed with more Epic releases at intervals to let us acclimate to new ships, then spur new purchases of those same ships again. There needs to be some synergy between the regular ships released and the Epic ships released afterwards. This could be done with systems or commanders or whatever. I've focused on Clone Wars here because the new stuff doesn't seem to have much in the way of Epic scale vessels, though the Resistance cartoon may change that as time goes on. The truly speculative part is whether or not they will make Epic truly mission based and whether it will be made more "mainstream". This is, of course, advisable, as it would make the purchase of large expensive models more palpable. Give us a reason to use them and we'll buy them for sure.
  4. Um, you play your game, I'll play mine. It's not jousting when you're dodging arcs. Read the whole post.
  5. ...because I like flying my little ships, making pew pew noises while I'm at it. He engages because it's fun to engage. If you see me at a tourney, I'll be the one having fun.
  6. It could matter. But it currently doesn't. We've had this discussion before (Meanie and I - and I believe we are in agreeance), but for those others interested, a properly done app would build more interest in the game as it makes list building/theorizing easy, so you end up buying more ships based on your proposed designs. It would also maintain a high level of interest from all players involved. I've, quite frankly, lost a lot of interest because I don't constantly think about new fun things to put together on a functional app. This might be fine for some players, but those of us that were spoiled by excellent apps for 1.0 are dealing with some waning interest. The negativity surrounding the app is also a deterrent to new players. I specifically steered all conversation away from the app with a potential new player to ward off the inevitable tirade of poop-flinging due to the abysmal tool FFG has saddled us with. Negativity is sure to scare away most folks just looking at the game for the first time. I'm trying to be a squeaky wheel by posting often about this - I have no idea if it's doing any good, but I'll keep doing it until something changes. I see SO much promise in a good FFG X-wing app. I had very high hopes and was shocked at how bad the app was (and IS). The game could be revolutionized with an app that does what I was thinking it would do. It could revolutionize gaming as a whole if done properly, which would mean massive revenue generated from a free app. This is actually possible, but it seems the planners at FFG didn't realize this themselves - like the design staff and the digital departments never spoke to one another. It's a real shame.
  7. Yep - I agree, which is why I mentioned that a lock is preferrable, but I put the boost in there. It all depends on the situation. There's simply not enough info in the scenario depicted to make an informed decision. So, yes, I agree with you 100%, hence the last sentence in my post.
  8. If you know he's pulling a 4k, I think a 3 straight gives you a solid roll, boost, bullseye focus with Soontir and then sets you up for a 2 turn (clear stress), boost, roll, bullseye focus on the following turn. The issue with the scenario is there's no reason for the X-wing to k turn here. The X should pull a hard 3 turn in either direction with S-foils closed and boost or lock (lock is preferrable). Following turn, T-roll or K-turn as you know Fel will give chase, but the range is greater now, so he can't dodge away. If you managed a lock in the previous turn you get modded shots even though you're stressed. This brings up a whole different series of maneuvers for Fel in the chase, so again, it all depends on what you can predict from your opponent.
  9. You're posting this in the wrong section - this area is for reporting bugs and griping about the X-wing squad builder. You want to post your list in the list-building thread.
  10. SO many great X-wing moments: release of 2.0 as a whole was excellent. Announcement of Clone Wars stuff was another great moment. Getting all of my 2.0 stuff at my FLGS for 20% off was also great - I love supporting my local businesses and these guys really take care of their customers so they make it easy. My favorite in-game moment was flying double Defenders with Advanced Sensors and having my opponent going, "Wait, what?" as I danced around his ships, annihilating everything. I'd told him three times that they were equipped that way, but he didn't realize how insane it would be on them. So, yeah, a few great moments this year.
  11. ...ok, so what does that mean? I know Vizago permits you to swap illicits but can you swap for an illicit that's limited when it was already on another ship? The way you guys are talking it sounds like that's the case which is abusive by my standards. The whole idea is that ONE ship can have a cloaking device, not one ship AT A TIME. The rules may permit it for now, but that's some serious BS.
  12. That's awesome - now I need two new Silencers. Merry holidays me!
  13. You can only field one cloaking device - it's limited.
  14. Yep - Fel passes I6 to a Saber, then it daisy chains along. Having it on all of them is so I don't have to worry about their individual positions. Four 3 dice models shooting at I6 will burn down most small ships in one pass. Large ships take more work, but you provide a deterrent to facing them directly because you know they'll shoot first, so it helps modify your opponent's strategy (a bit of psych warfare). I'm excited to see what the FO Squint has up its sleeve. I'm sure it will have shields, which will modify its cost for sure. The Silencer was my go-to arc-dodger in 1E because it wasn't as squishy (Squints got to the point they were unplayable). It looks like the Silencer will still be loads of fun to fly and will be even more survivable without the insane dice from 1E getting thrown. Of course, it can still get burned down by 12 dice at I6.
  15. I've been running Soontir and 3 Sabers, all with Swarm Tactics. I keep them in 2 pairs, coordinating movement to put guns on target simultaneously. Got a problem target? - roll in fast and hard and light it up at In6. Got dodgy opponents? - lead in with one team, and follow with the other - they won't escape you. And staying in close works nicely with Squints - more opportunity for dodging arcs, though I've found I'm most often focus->boosting or sometimes rolling and only rarely having to double reposition. These tactics could work with Silencers as well, but they get outnumbered easier. Four Squints dish out a lot of fire, especially shooting at In6.
  16. Kylo and Blackout with a couple FOs might be awesome. Or Recoil instead. I think it's doable. Really, Silencers look like fun. Of course, we get one thing, but that makes me want another thing - the new red Squint from Resistance. Gimmegimmegimme.
  17. Whoops! Haven't given a close look at the slots. LOL.
  18. Recoil sounds awesome! Predator and FCS means he can reroll 2 dice nearly all the time, as long as you're using Autothrusters. I4 isn't bad either.
  19. I've been killin' it with Saber Squadron pilots. The Interceptor is effing awesome. The Silencer is just a beefy Squint - I have no idea why anyone would think its dial is bad - it's the same as it ever was. It was fun to fly with Defenders in 1.0. Now it seems like it will be fun to fly with couple other Silencers - I'm just hoping they shrink the model down. It actually has massive potential as it can arc-dodge or joust, but not in the same way as a Defender. Have any of the other pilot abilities been spoiled?
  20. I don't feel the mining TIE has as much to worry about from this tactic as they shouldn't really be grouped together. The Seismics will have more targets for sure, but they probably won't catch more than one ship at a time. There's no Howlrunner or Iden Versio forcing them to group together.
  21. As far as the ship size, it seems to be more large than huge, but then it has a LOT of cargo space, so maybe huge would fit. My real hope is a Gauntlet before this school bus, though I really like the school bus - but I love the Gauntlet.
  22. TIE-ins...I see what you did there...
  23. I LOVE THIS EXPANSION!!!!! And not because I wanna zoom over asteroids, but because it adds some really fun flavor to Scum. It makes me wanna create a whole sub-faction - maybe even paint up some other models like construction vehicles. I love it love it love it.
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