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  1. Thanks for the work. Is there also some data about activation count in that excel sheet? It may be an interesting thing to analyse as well if there is some kind of development over time and if there is some different trend going on with lists that do well at a certain point in time.
  2. Really nice write up, thanks and congratulations !
  3. I know what unhindered means. In practice, it actually has a lot to do with cover. Terrain pieces that give cover are usually difficult terrain as well. The reason to move through difficult terrain is often to get cover, especially if you want to use a unit as a short-ranged gun-platform as you suggest. Due to the mobility they get from their unhindered keyword, Wookies are in cover or out of line of sight more often than not to begin with. Duck and cover still may or may not save one of twelve wounds of that unit. The more wounds a unit has in relation to its point cost, the less valuable that one hit gets. On top of that, Duck and Cover will save far less than one wound on average. During the second ranged attack on the Wookies it is already worthless. If the Wookies already are in heavy cover to begin with it is worthless. If they pass their save for that one hit it was worthless. If you decide to charge a unit before they get shot at it is worthless. If they get suppression from any other game effect it is worthless. Duck and cover is priced for elite units with relatively few wounds and additional skills like low profile or danger sense. Otherwise i think that one game was not very telling. Other units benefit from cover and dodge in the very same way after all (or even more with nimble). If you compare 118 points of Wookies to any given core unit, it does not say a lot if the Wookies last longer on average. They have to last significantly longer than two core units to consider them more resilient, and that is only the case if the opposing attack pools have a lot of pierce. Their resilience is just average. If they get focussed, they are not better as a bullet sponge or distraction unit than other units. To consider them as a dedicated damage dealer, they have to deal significantly more damage than two core units for their price tag. However, they only do more damage against units with red defence dice (or if your opponent is standing out of cover at range 2). Your idea to limit them to a short-ranged gun platfrom might work under certain circumstances, but they are actually not outstanding in that role. There are other units that can do that particular job better. Especially in the current Meta, Wookies will often suffer vs. a reasonable opponent if you insist to move them up to range 2 of the bulk of the opposing force and start shooting. Melee is definitely not the last resort for Wookies. It totally depends on the situation which option is better in a given round. Pierce is important, but the melee attack has also a lot of important advantages: 1. Other units cannot shoot the Wookies unless the Stormtroopers sacrifice their whole activation and withdraw 2. After the initial attack with charge and tenacity, the Wookies can only be targeted by 2 or 3 black dice until they decide to finish the melee with a final blow and move on. That area control is important in a lot of objectives. 3. If you can neutralize something like a impact grenades, a sniper rifle, a flamethrower, a scattergun, an emplacement trooper or Palpatine in specific situations, that is much more sensible than using pierce. With charge and tenacity, Wookies still kill 2 or 3 Stormtroopers on average before the Storms can strike back. Stormtroopers in heavy cover will usually take less damage against a ranged attack from the Wookies. It depends on the specific situation which option is better. Short version: If you limit Wookies to short-range gunslingers, you are limiting yourself without a reason and do not use a lot of tools they bring with them and that are a huge part of their point costs.
  4. Duck and Cover is a waste of point on Wookies. Best case is it saves exactly one wound if the wookies get shot at, if they don't save the wound and if they are not in hard cover to begin with, which is not unlikely with their unhindered keyword. You cannot generalize that Wookies should always try to get into a shootout. Neither their output nor their resiliance is paricularly strong in relation to their cost. In some situations it is better to engage in melee. When other units can't shoot at them, they are essentially in a duell situation in which they have the first shot due to their charge ability. That is usually better than beeing focussed by several units.
  5. Is all that really enough though to go from "worst unit in the game" to "competitive choice"? You can still hide that thing only for a limited time because of the compulsory move. Maybe its worth it, especially with the transport option. But I think I will wait a bit until I form an opinion about it.
  6. I would also assume that the Emperor doesn't like to get shot at while he is in the tank. He does not benefit from Immune: Pierce, his surge to block, Guardian and it is much harder to get cover for the tank. It is fast, but it can also cost him a precious wounds to sit inside his papamobil.
  7. No. You cannot heal the wounds as long as they are on the card. You have to wait until they are applied to the unit before you can heal them.
  8. I have heard that some people really like to use the X-34 as a weapon platform with Ion Blaster, Rocket Gunner and Rifle Gunner. That surprised me a little bit, because at this point the speeder is just 17 points cheaper than a T-47. The landspeeder would average around 5 hits per shot, while the airspeeder has an average around 4. Even though it is often shunned as extremely fragile, the defence of the airspeeder is still much better than the defence of the landspeeder due to keywords and its speed. The speed and the immunity to melee should also mitigate the shorter range of the speeder to a certain degree. Am I missing something that makes a fully kitted out landspeeder much better than a T-47?
  9. Is is a 10 point upgrade. If it would make a decisive difference in every single game, it would be broken. As soon as Vader kills one dude or prevents one action due to suppression with the extra attack, it made its 10 points back. Against cover, his output is somewhere between a naked coreunit and one between a DLT19 or Z6. That is a lot of bang for the bug. If there is just one shot at a Unit where Impact and Pierce make a big difference like for instance against AT-RTs or Deathtroopers, even one throw could make it worthwhile. Even the fact that an opponent has to keep his units in cover within 20 Inches of Vader is sometimes an advantage.
  10. That is a really nice and creative solution. I do not find it cheesy at all to make the best you can out of a given game situation within the rulesset.
  11. That is true. The main purpose of the walkers is not to cause damage though. Other parts of the lists can do that. The damage they cause is just a bonus. Their main purpose is area/movement control, distraction and objective play. If you can stop the movement of trooper units just before they reach the centre, that is often really beneficial. They also have a lot of utility against a lot of units that rely on movement, like snowtroopers, royal guard, wookies and so on. They are not good in every given objective, deployment or against every opponent. But even then, they are still a cheap, expendable and relativly durable activation.
  12. To add another point to the related naked AtRt topic: I think controlling the movement of enemy units is one of the main uses for them, because it is one of the things trooper units can not do. The massive footprint and them beeing impassable is very useful in missions like recover the supplies where the player who controlls the centre until mid-game has a huge advantage. Intercept transmissions is basically the same, because tournament games often end before turn 6. If they approach behind terrain like huts and walls or so they sometimes even get heavy cover. Even Stormtrooper lists with lots of DLTs have difficulties to take them down then, especially with the support of one or two repair droids.
  13. Well... I actually meant the situation we where discussing about where 3 AT RTs are in base contact with a unit leader and he cannot move anymore because they are impassable terrain. Rowdyoctopus claimed that the situation would not occur if I played the game correctly use, a table with normal terrain loadout and against an opponent with a functioning brain. Since the situation did actually occur, I just gave some examples how it can evolve within a normal game.
  14. The ATRTs can move side by side or in a triangle, that doesn't matter. If you set them up with the intension to move up the table, you usually find an avenue of approach. I usually run them naked as bulletcatcher, roadblock, distraction and cheap activation. Without hardpoint upgrade, they are not very high on the target priority and have 3 x2 activations + 18 armored wounds for 165 points. That is enough to keep a lot of units busy all game long. With 2 repair droids, they usually dont take any damage in turn 1. If the opponent moves one unit out of is deployment zone, they can potentially start to displace in turn 2. That is just one of several options though. But it definetly happens sometimes. It depends on the opponents list and the mission what I do with them. If they aim/shoot, they deal 1 crit on range three, which is ok against sniper strike teams. And they provide a huge area of impassable terrain. If they lock an enemy unitleader or commander, each can aim/attack with 3 red dice, crit to surge and Impact one every turn they survive. If you just move/reverse they can deal between 2 and 6 suppression tokens each to the opponent, depending on how many units they displace. All the time the rest of my army can play the objective. They are quite ok if you get experienced with them.
  15. Sorry, I started the reply before your post was published
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