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  1. I do not think this is a very good combination. Potentially getting off a shot without cover is not bad of course, but it will often leave you in a bad situation. Lists with T-47s allready have to make compromises in terms of activations and raw firepower, and the Mark 2 generally does not perform well in prolonged shootouts: 1. Cumbersome means you will usually loose an attack action just by moving in position. It also means you cannot shoot and move out of sight. 2. Low health and bad defence dice make it very tempting and easy for the opponent to get rid of the activation, especially when you fire support early in the activation phase. The Mark 2 does not like to sit in front of the enemy army with a facedown order token for a long time. In the context of rebel lists, Fire Support is a rather situational tool that should be used in a defensive situation. It is good when you need burst damage, for example when you have one last attack action before Tauntauns or something like that hit your line. In all other situations, I think it is usually better to not loose the activation and keep the Mark 2 out of range or sight, at least during the first turns. I find it hard to find a place for the Mark 2, especially after the changes to comms relais though.
  2. That duel situation would be the exception. Most of the time the T-47 would be up against lists without a heavy vehicle. I think it is just fair that the T-47 usually looses a direct shootout against a stationary tank. It should be a different kind of unit than the artillery pieces of other factions. One (minor) advantage of the T-47 over other vehicles is that it is very difficult to hide key units from its attacks. If each T-47 could potentially get 2 Attacks per activation, that ability could become very frustrating to play against. Even if the opposing unit would be in heavy cover, it would probably have to roll 5 or 6 defence dice per T-47 activation with barrage, Linked Targeting Array and Aggressive Tactics. If you catch the unit from an angle where it only has Suppression Tokens for defence, 2 T-47 could easily threaten the Emperor, Grievous or Vader with a back-to-back activation.
  3. That would even be too strong. 2 T-47 with LTA/Aggressive Tactics could take out every Commander in one Turn
  4. The T-47 is still a bit expensive for what it does, but 100 points would be far too cheap. Its main advantage over an ATRT is that the T47 can threaten commanders and finish left over unit leaders that hide out of line of sight. I experienced a bit with Aggressive Tacitcs and Linked Targeting Array, but I admit I would not take that to a tournament. If you shoot with a surge and one or two Aims each, 2 Airspeeders can actually be quite scary for a lot of commanders. Krennic, Doku, Vader, Luke, and Palpatine don't like it at all if they get caught by two T-47 with a lot of green tokens at the end of turn 1. The green Tokens help quite a bit with the unreliable output, because each attack you make with them has to count. I would also say some Astromechs are useful in the current Meta with all the critical x. I am not sure the list I used will still work after the last Rule update, because I used Relais on Mark II to provide the T-47s with orders. The activation control and the orders on the T-47s where actually quite important in all the testgames I did.
  5. Well, at the time I wrote the post it was still possible... and technically it still works 5 more days. 😉
  6. Exactly. You could present Karnages argument exactly reveresed as well. Every assumption that either the requirement to target R2 or the prohibition to target R2 is applied first and is then cancelled out by the other one is completly arbitrarily.
  7. I would agree that Tauntauns are too cheap, but otherwise I think you missed one essential thing: With the exeption of picking up a mission objective, Tauntauns are even better in the defensive area denial and counter attack roles that you used those Wookies for. If an opponent commits his Tauntauns to an early charge, a defensive Tauntaun-unit can punish that just as good as Wookies. A Tauntauncharge has an average of slightly more than 5 hits, 4 Wookies average at 5 hits. Even as a utility unit, it is usually much better to use two naked Rebel Troopers (that are part of most Rebel lists anyway at the moment) for that purpose. It is also slightly easier to hide Wookies out of line of sight, but there are actually surprisingly few pieces of terrain than can completly hide Wookies but cannot hide Tauntauns. In other matchups against empire gunlines and such, Tauntauns are much more useful. Wookies are a huge liability with their limited range and higher pricetag. Tauntauns are much faster and can deny more area with a potential counter charge than Wookies. Tauntauns can block movement of enemy assault units to prevent them from charging through your line. They can also disengage and shoot to open up an activated enemy assault unit to further ranged attacks. Tauntauns can attack without exposing themselves to counter attacks by moving back behind terrain or out of range 3, which is useful for an expensive counter-unit. Even without dodge tokens, Tauntauns are more durable against single attacks. With two dodge tokens, they are even more durable against light sabers. They are also far less likely to loose a model and therefore output after the first attack they take. The comparison to Tauntauns may be unfair, but even without them I am still not convinced that Wookies are worth a minimum of 75 or 110 points. They are not at a fair pricepoint at the moment. I would definetly put them on the same shelf with full Scout Troopers or the T-47.
  8. It is actually not relevant which effect is applied first in this case. Both effects remain in play and are not an instant event that is canceled once it is resolved. As nashjaee suggested, I think the only thing you can choose with which effect you begin the logical loop.
  9. I like the concept, even if Han has a little bit of hard time at the moment. I would suggest a few things though: 1. You will have issues with Activation control. If you allready take a Mark 2, I'd run it with a relais, put an HQ uplink on the Veterans and play thm conservativly. The extra order and the relais helps quite a bit in a lot of Rebel concepts. I also would run a relais on R2 and use his 3-Pip instead of Notorios Scoundrels. 2. The list will struggle to get a lot of milage out of the Targeting Arrays and Aggressive Tactics. Without the Relais, most of the command cards you have chosen won't even give an order to the ATRTs. 3. The ATRTs will take a lot of damage in spite of Armor. I'd drop one of the Z6 to improve the other quality activations and to take 2 Repair droids on the Rebel Troopers. 4. I'd put offensive push on both chewie and Han to get some more milage out of teamwork. That way you'll get free aim tokens in 3 turns with both Han and Chewie if you include sorry about the Mess. 5. I would try to get in a 10th activation, because Han and Chewie need to pull off some back to back activations to compensate for their disadvantages over other commanders. 6. I tend not to use Emergency stims on Chewie after the point increase. The 2 wounds often do not make such a huge difference due to his defence dice. I also don't know if C3 will actually have good targets to buff. Han and Chewie are usually good on their own. Most of your other Trooper only have Courage 1 and won't like the suppression token.
  10. Wookies are redundant. There is almost no job a cheaper Tauntaun unit cannot do better in the context of a rebel list. The unit leader isn't much smaller than a Tauntaun, so it is even not easier to hide them. Tauntauns are faster, tougher and have a superior damage output. Wookies are for fans of the chrismas special only.
  11. How so? The wording is the same. One says "if unit x attacks, it must attack unit y, if able", the other says: "if unit x attacks, it must not attack unit y, if able". Even the exceptions that are described in the official rules forum for Reckless Diversion and in the Glossary for Inconspicuous seem to be the same.
  12. Inconspicuous: While a unit with the inconspicuous keyword has at least one suppression token, when an enemy unit performs an attack, it must target another unit, if able. Reckless Diversion: When an enemy unit performs an Attack, it must attack a trooper unit that has a faceup order token, if able. Han plays Reckless Diversion. R2 has a faceup order token and a suppression token. Can an enemy unit attack R2 if all other targets in range and line of sight do not have faceup order tokens? Does that enemy unit have to attack him because of Reckless Diversion? Or must that enemy unit attack another unit instead because of Inconspicuous?
  13. That combination is good, but the range of his weapon might become an issue. You will probably have to play him rather conservative to keep him alive. That could also make it difficult to take advantage of bounty and his melee weapon. His pricetag is on the same level like a unit of Deathtroopers with a lot of blingbling, after all.
  14. Well, honestly I assumed that you were just trying to troll, especially after Platinum_V pretty much explained it. I described a setup where you have a full unit of Stormtroopers with 9 White Dice, Precise 2 and one or two aim tokens. I thought it is quite obvious how you get to the equivalent of 13 respectively 17 white dice in this setting. Even if you are not going for critical hits to bypass Armor or a combination of heavy cover and guardian or dodge tokens, the difference is more or less irrelevant in game terms. The difference between 9 white dice, precise 2 and 1 aim tokens vs 13 white dice is almost not existent. The difference between 9 white dice, precise 2 and 2 aim tokens and 17 white dice is significant on the first glance, but will actually have an effect in less than 20% of all cases (depending on the defence dice of the defender maybe even far less). (Just in case: The percentages are rounded, so they wont add up to exactly 100% in allof the rows) White Dice, Surge to Hit, Precise 2, Critical 2 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 or more Average 9 white dice, 1 Aim 0% 2% 6% 14% 21% 22% 18% 11% 5% 1% 4.8 13 white Dice 0% 2% 6% 14% 21% 22% 18% 11% 5% 2% 0% 4.9 White Dice, Surge to Hit, Precise 2, Critical 2 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 or more Average 9 white dice, 2Aim 0% 0% 2% 7% 16% 25% 26% 17% 7% 1% 5.5 17 white Dice 0% 0% 2% 5% 10% 16% 20% 18% 14% 8% 4% 2% 1% 6,4 My broader point however was another one. If you are going for raw damage output and efficiency, you are looking at the wrong unit. Even with the RT-97C, Stormtroopers will never be able to compete with Shoretroopers there, especially with Aggressive Tactics. Stormtroopers are a viable option if you want a cheap utility unit, usually without a heavy weapon. Instead, they could also be better than shoretroopers against niche targets with the combination of precise 2 and critical 2. The maths of the next table might be a bit off, because it is really complex to calulate Crit 2 properly. The percentages should be in the somewhere near of the correct results though. 9 White Dice, Precise 2, Critical 2 1 Aim token 3+ Critical Hits: ~ 61% 4+ Critical Hits: : ~ 28% 5+ Critical Hits: ~ 11% Average: ~ 2.9 2 Aim Token 3+ Critical Hits: : ~ 79% 4+ Critical Hits: ~ 54% 5+ Critical Hits: ~ 19% Average: ~ 3.6 A unit with T-21 will also generate more or less the same amount of critical hits after having lost 2 or 3 miniatures, which makes them a decent bait to pull an opponent into strike distance of the rest of your gunline. 2 or 3 lost Shoretroopers will affect the damage output of a unit much more.
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