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  1. These are good suggestions, and I really like HOTAC, but most of the X-Wing players in my gaming club have given up on the game. Much less wanting to upgrade their large collections to 2.0. The few members (including myself) that remain are now also drifting away from X-Wing (1.0 and 2.0). Also, the new Battlestar Galactica game seems to be the new interest in my gaming club at the moment, and this game doesn't need to be "plugged in" to make it work.
  2. After reading all the comments, I'm starting to see what others are saying that the "official" app is bad. Also, why people are saying YASB 2.0 is the way to go. Overall, this whole app thing is discouraging. Basically, you have to "plug in" your game to make it work. Also, the fact that the official app is worse than 3rd party apps/programs actually says a lot! I'm starting to think that maybe going down the X-Wing 2.0 rabbit hole is a bad idea. I only have about two dozen v1.0 ships, and this isn't even enough ships to justify buying the conversion packs, so I think I might bail on X-Wing and move onto a different game to spend my hard earned money on. Maybe a game doesn't need to be "plugged in" to make it work.
  3. Is YASB (Yet Another Squad Builder) 2.0 really that much better the the official app? "The more they overthink the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain."
  4. I have been out of the hobby for a few months because of work, and I'm just now getting back into X-Wing. The first thing I wanted to do is download the Squad Builder app for X-Wing 2.0. I have looked everywhere on FFG's site. All I can find is the "online" Squad Builder. What happened to the downloadable app?
  5. Thanks, this helps us. The wording was unfamiliar. So Hyperspace Marker can be place pretty much anywhere on 3' x 3' play mat as long that its not within Range 1 of the edges, and not touching (1mm from) an obstacle, yes? Basically: "After placing obstacles, the first player places the hyperspace marker marked “1” into the play area. It must be placed beyond range 1 of the edges of the play area and not touching any obstacles."  Edit - we just found this in the Rules Reference book: • Range 0 does not appear on the range ruler, but is used for describing the range of objects that are physically touching.
  6. We have a question about placing the Hyperspace Marker(s). How does it work? Specifically, we are concerned about the passage marked in bold below: From page 16 of the Rulebook: "After placing obstacles, the first player places the hyperspace marker marked “1” into the play area. It must be placed beyond range 0 of all obstacles and beyond range 1 of the edges of the play area." Beyond range 0 of all obstacles? Really? Does this means it is placed on top of obstacles? We do not think so because why not just say that!
  7. As mentioned before, the few 1.0 ships I currently have I got for almost no cost, so I'm probably the least impacted by getting into 2.0. Right now only a couple of players in my club have picked up some 2.0 stuff, but nothing extensive. There are a lot of big collections of 1.0 X-Wing in my club, and I think the cost to covert to 2.0 is holding back most club members or stopping them from doing it. For now, I see no reason to buy into 2.0. Especially since getting the upgrade kits will be an overkill for my small collection. I planned to swap my extras with others in my club. Can't swap/trade with others that don't have or won't get 2.0. Currently, the Full Thrust (2nd.Ed.) game that I was just introduced to at our last club meetup is now my current interest. Mostly because the member that hosted it will be starting a complete Full Thrust campaign using the Full Thrust campaign system. Something you can't do with X-Wing 1.0 or X-Wing 2.0! Since FFG is only interested in tournament play, I doubt there will ever be a good campaign system for X-Wing.
  8. Good discussion and thanks to those that responded to my original post. Hearing what other groups are experiencing does shed some light on the matter, and some have posted possible reasons as to why some groups may or may not commit to 2.0. All helpful comments. Thanks. Now for an update on my gaming group and its future with 2.0. It seems like 2.0 killed this game in my gaming club. I think the main reasons were outlined by Vontoothskie - #3, #5, and #6 Regardless of whatever it is, X-Wing is almost dead now in my gaming club. Sure, I think 1.0 will make it to the table from time to time, but so far nobody in my club has any serious commitment to 2.0. No worries because there are plenty of other games out there to entertain. Just at the last club meeting I got introduced to another good space ship game. One of our long time members hosted a Full Thrust (2nd edition, not 3rd) game with the More Thrust expansion. This game is from the 90's, but I liked it better than X-Wing! Even better, the Full Thrust 2nd edition rules and the More Thrust expansion are available for free from the publisher!!! Now that is how you reward loyal Full Thrust fans!
  9. We have a lot of X-Wing players in my gaming club, and a lot of them will not be advancing to 2.0. Instead, they plan on staying with 1.0. In a way, I don't blame them because they have huge collections. I'm still new to the game, so I was looking forward to 2.0 since I only have a small collection of models which I got for a lot less than they are worth. For example, I picked up a 1.0 core set in almost new condition for only $6, which is $2 per ship model and everything else is free! What I'm saying is that I'm not heavily invested in the game unlike a lot of other members in my gaming club, so if my gaming club stays with 1.0, I will end up saving a lot of money. Are other gaming clubs experiencing this phenomenon?
  10. Last night my friend and I tried heX-Wing for the first time. Actually, we are calling it heX-Wing 1.0 since this variant is only for version 1.0. So after going to Kinko's (sorry, its FedEx Office now) to print up a play mat, we were ready. I had doubts, but the one thing we discovered is that all the fiddly aspects of this game is completely erased/removed! Using hexes really did help in a big way. I'm starting to understand what people are saying. The biggest influence is the speed of play. We were shocked on how much faster game play was! My friend really likes this heX-Wing add-on, but for me, I'm not sure yet. This variant takes a lot out of what I do not like about X-Wing, but I guess I got use to it. I'm pretty sure my friend will get me to play more heX-Wing 1.0, so maybe after a few more games I will know how I feel. This variant is a very clever hex conversion, and if you like hex based air combat games (like my friend), then you will really like heX-Wing. Oh, that is when I noticed that the TIE Fighter has something in common with this variant.
  11. I just wanted to post a follow to my original post just in case others might find this helpful when fixing their broken miniatures. Anyway, I fixed my free X-Wing miniature. Here is a picture of the fixed X-Wing [1.0 pun intended] ? You can't tell which two s-foils were snapped off! Well, actually you can, but you have to look very close. I do not know how strong this fix is, but I don't plan on rough play, so it should last forever. I did not use Cyanoacrylate (Super Glue). Instead I wanted the broken pieces to be "welded" together. I used a glue called TENAX-7R. This stuff worked really good, but you have to be careful when applying the glue to the broken surfaces because the glue can remove the paint.
  12. Not sure if Cyanoacrylate (Super Glue) wold be the best choice. What is the best glue to use? I was hoping someone already figured that out because there are several factors to consider, but the type of plastic used to make the miniature is an important factor. A good plastic glue might work best because it works by dissolving the plastic which creates the bond. The breaks are at the wings and body. Like someone trying to close the s-fiols, but they broke instead.
  13. Not really a modification or repaint, but this area seemed the most appropriate to ask this question about repairing miniatures. Does anyone know what type of plastic the ships are made from? Or is it a resin compound? This is important for determining what glues would be best to use when attempting to repair a broken model. I was given a free 1.0 X-Wing, but it is broken. Looks like someone tried to close the S-Foils only to find out they will not stay open again. I am going to try to fix it before it becomes space debris.
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