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  1. RollsASeven

    Way of the Force Checklist

    In case anyone hasn't seen, the 'Player Resources' Destiny page tab has been updated and now has checklists for all six current booster sets. Thanks FF, much appreciated.
  2. RollsASeven

    Way of the Force Checklist

    Thank you! ?
  3. RollsASeven

    Way of the Force Checklist

    Does anybody know if, or when, the checklist for Way of the Force will be placed into the 'Player Resources' section? Or if there's a similar one-sheet checklist for this booster to be found elsewhere online? Thanks.
  4. RollsASeven

    Solo in Destiny - Potential Spoilers

    I'd welcome some cards inspired from Solo. Without any spoilers, I think there's some great characters, and variety of characters in it. Also, one of the things I love about Destiny is that it pulls in characters from all the canon. And I'm not just saying that because Doctor Aphra helped me get a win last time! ?