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  1. Thanks guys. I might end up needing to try the wire for one of them.
  2. That could be what I'm looking for. If not I'll check out the wire/qtip suggestion. Thanks.
  3. Does anyone have recommendations for making a way to connect a 3D printed model to a stand (white natural versatile and smooth fine detail from shapeways)? I was thinking a needle cut to a good length might work, but I'm not sure how to insert it (would heating the needle be ok?). Or possibly drill a hole, but I'm not sure if that could cause damage. I would probably want to do that by hand? Obviously it would have been easier to print a hole/peg. Any suggestions or thoughts?
  4. 2 might be more useful but 1 has the classic fighters from the movies if that matters at all. They are also useful but if you can only get one I’d say squad pack 2. I’ll agree that the interdictor and nebulon for those prices are great, victory if they have it as well. I got mine for the same discount. I’ll also second getting an ISD, no imperial fleet is complete without one (or 3). Other ships I like are the arquitens (1-3 probably), mc30, liberty, and cr90. If you like your gladiator get the mc30 for sure. Might want a gr75 as well.
  5. You can also use FCT for the equivalent of speed 6 B-Wings, though timing might be hard. And a reason might be hard to find as well.
  6. I’ll piggyback on this thread and say I’m really tempted to try to start playing this with the addition of CIS and GAR. Nantex and ARC are some of my favorite fighters. Some good info here and I’ll keep watching here to see if there are more suggestions.
  7. Around 250 with upgrades would be perfect? Maybe around 200 naked so you couldn't have 2 with a commander.
  8. Well, maybe all the other pirates heard about it and flocked to join in on the fun (who wouldn't want to fly around in a SSD raiding shipping convoys lol). Or maybe they made/bought/stole a droid factory that could make droids to handle most of the tasks (maybe not well). Or they discovered some old abandoned cloning tech.
  9. So all the topics about GCW running out of non legends ships were wrong? After reading this it sounds like there is enough Rebel and Imperial ships to last for quite a while. While I would like CW ships more ships for either time period is good. Also more squadrons and titles. I really like the idea of card packs.
  10. I tried this once (I think it was my 2nd game?) and my brother had his ISD and VSD fly towards each other when he saw me angling to go between them. I ended up ramming the VSD and died horribly. To be fair I had no clue whatsoever about how to steer well and we were on a smaller than normal table.
  11. This is a good idea, will probably try it. Yeah, since they are basically Scurrg's that lose heavy, grit, and a little anti ship firepower I think they would need to be about 15 points to not make B-wings obsolete. Gold squadron is the biggest problem imo. This one I'm not sure about. I pretty much never see or hear of anyone using E-wings (except Corran), so I'm not really sure how well they would do or how often they would be used. I do think they are really strong and can get more buffs than E-wings. So I'm not sure how they should be costed to make them not op but not useless, they still have 3 hp with no defense tokens. Maybe try them at 15 points too? This is also a good idea, personally I wouldn't use more than a few of one particular squadron and it would limit spamming of the really op ones. I like this idea best actually. Unfortunately it only works for campaigns but I am definitely stealing it.
  12. Some very good points, though I think a 1 point increase would fix a few of the potential problems. Some others like saber (rip snipe for imps tho) and gold squad I don't think could be balanced. I guess I will just need to wait for something like CC for squadron 2 packs (maybe R&V, Lando Falcon anyone?). Maybe they can do ace squadrons that are different but not better than current squadrons? Maybe I'll test some of the "weaker" CC squads and see if they could work as non uniques.
  13. I was looking at some of the unique non character squadrons from the CC box, and I thought it would be interesting if they weren't unique. Some of them are pretty good, others seem like a novelty that don't get used much. I wonder if that would change if you could bring multiples. Some of them I think might be a bit op (Gold Squadron) but I think most would be fine and add some interesting options. Here are my thoughts on them: Rouge Squadron - seems pretty good, probably not op, good alternative to the lancer or YT-2400. Green Squadron - generalist, decent bomber and ok vs other squads. I'd probably stick with normal A-Wings for anti squadron use, but I could see bringing a bunch of these by themselves. Dagger Squadron - makes B-Wings able to defend themselves better, seems kinda meh but could be worth using. Gold Squadron - this is the one that I think might be broken if you had more than one. Faster than a B-Wing and almost as much damage for 2 points less. Black Squadron - escort with counter is interesting, but 3 hp makes me think they wouldn't be great in groups. They also lose swarm which isn't good with all the buffs Imperial squadrons can get for swarm. Saber Squadron - not sure if this would be op, strong, or just fine. It can use the TIE interceptors good anti squadron value from safety. Tempest Squadron - seems similar to Green squadron, but more expensive. I'm not sure if its a good deal, I'd probably stick with separate fighters and bombers in this case. Gamma Squadron - switching heavy for grit is nice, but is it really worth the extra point? I'd be interested to see if y'all think most of these would be too strong or just add some nice alternatives. Something else I considered is making them all cost 1 point more to make them non unique. I think some of the stronger ones might be better balanced in this case, but I'd be worried others would be too expensive to be worth using over current options. Thoughts? (obviously this would be used as a house rule, most likely using normal squadron bases, maybe with a marker to indicate they are different)
  14. Unless he has the Executor title (if I understand it right). Still couldn't spend both on the same activation though.
  15. Just frame it and put it on the wall, no sleeve required.
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