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  1. Let's say you only have Piett and Krennic on your ship. If you only spend a CF token and consume the CF dial effect to trigger Krennic, does Wulff allow you to regain the token since you "spent" it? I would think you regain the token. Wulff and Ravager have the same requirement, which is that a CF token be "spent". For example, if you only had Ravager, you can elect to "spend" a token to resolve Ravager's effect. Per the rules reference, you spend a token to resolve it and therefore these two actions are different. Which is why I think you can resolve both Ravager and Krennic in my example above. Not 100 percent sure though.
  2. It seems an odd result that I would not be able to trigger Ravager upon spending a token "as if" it were a dial because tokens are the lesser version of their dial counterparts.
  3. I am confused as to why Ravager does not trigger. I am technically still spending the token, no? Piett is not saying I have not spent the token, just that the token spent is resolved "as if" I had spent a dial, right?
  4. If I spend a concentrate fire token only, do I get to resolve the dial effect of Krennic (assuming I am in medium-long range), add 1 die as a result of Piett, and add 1 additional die from Ravager.
  5. Wow, this card is going to provide exceptional defense to large ships! Welcome back Rhymer balls!
  6. Weren't raid tokens also supposed to curb the strength of the squadron game? If the raid mechanic has failed to achieve this purpose, then what are the reasons? Also, why do the rebels not have a squadron that can issue raid tokens? Since Tokra suggested upgrade cards to help solve the squadron issue, then here is another proposed upgrade: Ion slot: Comms Disruptor Blue crit- enemy ship cannot use squadron command dial (but can still use token) for the remainder of this round.
  7. Hi, I see Krennic is a new officer and I think I found a good home for him. However, I cannot seem to figure out how to fill out the rest of this list in order to make it competitive. Any suggestions? An Arq maybe to take further advantage of Krennic? Vader as an officer on a flotilla to choke officers on other ships for rerolls, including Krennic if he does not please the Lord? Anyway, here is what I have so far: ISD Cymoon 1 Ret 112 • Grand Admiral Thrawn 32 • Director Krennic 8 • Gunnery Team 7 • Hardend Bulkheads 5 • XI7 Turbolasers 6 • Spinal Armament 9 • Avenger
  8. Where can the laser cannon team be deployed? Must it be deployed in your deployment zone?
  9. If I enter the Status Phase with an engineering token on a ship with Wulff and Shields to Maximum, can I use the token to activate Shields and then exhaust Wulff to regain the token for use during the round. Can I then proceed to ready Wulff during the same Status Phase?
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