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  1. I have two queries. I use the program about once a month and am middling on IT skills, 0% on coding skills. 1. Is there a document explaining how to switch to the 'Web Install' version I keep seeing? I actually run my program from a USB (which I was amazed I was able to set up effectively), so will this affect my ability to use the Web Install version? 2. I'm just about to update to 2.3.3, but currently I'm getting this error on the GM Tools module whenever I try to delete all text from the Filter by Name area (Where the y is) Error:
  2. Could represent Nightsisters who have a minimal affinity for the force, only being able to do a couple of tricks rather than hurling boulders across the landscape.
  3. You're potentially dealing with differing levels of secrecy too. For the Clone Wars, the creation was pretty much unknown outside of Sifo-Diyas (dead soon after I believe), the Kaminoans themselves, plus the duo of Sith. For your era, you could argue a slightly larger pool, such as high level military personal, a top echelon in the politicians maybe. Obviously you can't go too far with it, but it also builds hooks, (such as why the last Chancellor suffered that freak speeder accident so soon after retirement). In my opinion, a small pool of genetic templates would be more fun.
  4. Just discovered your website. Really liked your review of Rise of the Separatists. Tipped me over to the choice to buy the book.
  5. Couldn't help picturing Tim Allen in Galaxy Quest, "It's a rock, it DOESN'T HAVE ANY VULNERABLE SPOTS!"
  6. Just wanted to pop my head up like a meerkat and thank you @GM Hooly and everyone that works on this podcast. I am biased but it is great to hear some Australian voices covering Genesys and the Narrative dice system.
  7. In which case it'll be handy if you want to advance some narratives without player interference. Not so useful if you want a short side quest.
  8. Holy crap! I mean... I know G-Modding is akin to playing god, it's basically genetic engineering but I just hadn't been confronted with anything quite so "Dr Moreau-ish" as yet. Probably a bad analogy since Dr Moreau was animal experimentation.
  9. Thanks for that review. Say I'm not interested in venturing outside New Angeles and Heinlein, would you say the book is still highly useful?
  10. Is that actually a stated fact/rule for clones, or are there simply none specifically called out in any material? It seems like a whole in the market that Jinteki should be exploiting, aside from the fact that the internal culture might clash with the whole ideal. Either way, good material.
  11. So... it's on Drivethrurpg... https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/271678/The-Worlds-of-Android I tried to work out when this happened but couldn't find a date.
  12. There's a Ben line of Bioroids mentioned in the free adventure Night on the Town. He seems to be some kind of business analyst as per the below. He's definitely part of a new line of Bioroids.
  13. From memory it was built into an asteroid. This is great work. I'm a little lost on the turbolift mapping, mostly because I didn't look too closely. Nice work.
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