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  1. Roderz

    Ideas needed - Abandoned Station

    I'd have the Brig lower and the Crew Quarters higher. Think of efficiencies that would be considered in a base. However, that's military thinking, so up to you if you want the design haphazard or planned for efficiency. Just an option on the 'how do we deal with the corvette' question, you could have the station have some kind of cloaking/shielding that hides it from sensors. While abandoned, it was powered down, so the background activity showed up on sensors, until they powered up the station and the cloak kicks in. You could play it as a tense encounter where the PCs don't even realise they can't be 'seen'. As for O2 running out of spacesuits, ultimately you're in control of this. You get to determine how quickly they're able to make it back to their ship. You can attempt to raise the tension, by having them fail a resilience check and/or start suffocating, and then having whatever plan they develop work out for them. Just remember if you distill something down to a single check, you get to tell them what failure looks like. I can't remember the exact rules for suffocation. Nothing springs to mind in terms of additional encounters, but I was going to suggest altering the behaviour of Mynocks, either juiced up on new power, or hungrily chasing the sudden banquet available to them. You could try something with the Brig, maybe it's sealed without power, while an inhabitant gets out once power returns. It'd have to be something with longevity, or maybe there was a supply of 'food' available to it. A Gen'Dai springs to mind, although it needs to be a surmountable challenge, and I don't have stats on a Gen'Dai either. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Gen'Dai
  2. Roderz

    Ghostbusters Setting

    Is this podcast a Ghostbusters RPG Live Play?
  3. Roderz

    Ideas needed - Abandoned Station

    Don't forget, Star Wars predates OH&S as well, add in a compactor and conveyor belt, a smelting plant, slicing blades, etc. In all seriousness, you could add some kind of trash compactor encounter. Mynocks are a great option, but consider adding something else that thrives in a dead station. What about a creature that feeds on trash being used to process it, having been mildly to severely starved it would be hungry by now. What about some kind of spores that have developed during the shut down period? Operating environmental systems would have kept them at bay, but once the system is back online it spreads them everywhere and overwhelms the filters for a period.
  4. In short, no, they got a lot of other stuff, plus an X-Wing, for their 2.2M.
  5. Roderz

    Legally claiming a pirate ship

    Not being an LEO, REO Speedwagon, or ELO (Electronic Light Orchestra), I would expect there to be penalties for reporting your vehicle as stolen and then turning up in said vehicle also. In addition, penalties for not reporting stolen goods to the police, when you were the one reporting the theft and therefore were aware they were stolen, seems like an issue as well. I do think the Empire would have ways of claiming stolen goods for themselves as well, especially where the owner no longer has claim, such as insurance proceeds being distributed. That gives the GM wiggle room to have some fun.
  6. Roderz

    Legally claiming a pirate ship

    Ever wonder how the Millennium Falcon's ownership was handled so haphazardly? Can you picture Han or Lando going to register the handover after each sabacc game? Still, as a GM, there's no way I'm handling things that easily.
  7. Roderz

    Ship art

    Less of a ship and more of a base. Still, it would be pretty cool to maroon a party here who need to get it operational again. Also, think about how this came about, "Do you really need to practice capoeira now, I'm in the middle of something? What? Oh yes, just gonna hover here, you can disembark on the platform just there- WATCH OUT! $#@%&&@#@*!" *CRASH*
  8. Roderz

    Capping stats at creation

    As expected, you got a lot of opinions here. Personally, I lean towards saying go for it if you think it's right for your game.
  9. Roderz

    Ship art

    Hardly the first ship that relies upon cameras, sensors or something else. Even the HWK's struggle to see straight ahead. Not to mention, with that blast shield, it'd be like TIEs on the other side didn't really exist anyway. Nevertheless, good point.
  10. Roderz

    Mad Max verse - The Outland

    So I've checked my WIP document and looks like I'd done some more since the first upload, including some text around the following. Keep in mind everything is in a various state of WIP: Currency, Armour, Gear, Landscape, Structures and Ruins including starting to look at Scavenging and Exploring, more text around Careers, a few Talents imported/adapted from Star Wars, and finally some text around Settlements. I'd love to hear more feedback and to know if there is interest, might bring a bit more inspiration. Also, if anyone has any further properties to take inspiration from, I'd be open to that too. Mad Max has traditionally portrayed a very barren, dry landscape, but I've recently encountered a few properties where that is less the case. Some that spring to mind include the video games Horizon Zero Dawn and Mutant Year Zero, the RPG (mostly the cover) Fragged Empire, and probably many more I'm not thinking of right now. Let's call this WIP 1.01 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fl_ZOtSci2vtz_48NeqOh1SFR_9RZplz
  11. Roderz

    Mad Max verse - The Outland

    It certainly seems I got my Mad Max 1 and Mad Max 2 mixed up. Either way, yes, I've seen them all. Not that this is the place for such a discussion, but on initial viewing, I was not a fan of Fury Road. I soon worked out it was because I felt the star of the Mad Max movies, certainly 1 and 2, didn't get a great role, being the Interceptor. Once I got over that, I loved it, and have probably watched it about 15 times or so. Also, I've never seen that poster for the Road Warrior before, not that I've ever hunted them down.
  12. "Autobots! Transform and... wait a few seconds or so, then roll out!"
  13. Roderz

    Mad Max verse - The Outland

    Unless I'm missing something, Road Warrior is what Mad Max was called in the USA for some reason. Another title is Mad Max: The Road Warrior. Rest assured, I've seen it. Actively? No, it's been quite a while since I worked on this much. I would need to find a group of players interested, or more spare time, to do much more on it. But it isn't dead. I also think I have done more since I posted that WIP though.
  14. Yeah, I get that and agree. But in the case of a Shatter weapon, I don't think we're talking about a Ford Mustang vs. cobbled-together vehicle. I think it's more akin to attempting to build a two-door sports performance vehicle, when everything else out there is a sedan. The Shatter Rifle isn't just simple a particular skin of blaster or slugthrower, it's clearly something in its own category, as only the Verpine produce them. If there was a specific Slayn & Korpil Shatter rifle, I agree, that wouldn't be possible. Further to that, if it wasn't a Verpine character I wouldn't even be conflicted. Add the fact that the player didn't create the character, more asked about making a Shatter weapon after I geeked out over them for a minute or so. (Yes, I brought this on myself) I think I'm leaning towards increasing the difficulty of the check, upgrading it, and baking in say, Pierce 2. As for the cost, either upgrading the cost to tens of thousands, or at least 10, which would likely price him out of the endeavour for quite a while, or making component acquisition an adventure by itself. Since he's not the muscle/combat-character, I'm not sure the group would go for this anyway.
  15. Has anyone had a player ask to craft a Shatter weapon? The character is Verpine (my pre-gen, not player choice) so there's that. I can see rail gun is included as a schematic but I'm thinking along the lines of two red, one purple, five black. He'll toss one black anyway. Cost-wise, should it just be whatever the cost is normally or increase and claim specialised materials etc?