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  1. Re-read the thread and really didn't pick up on anything staggering. If my own post about hoping they're not Bounty Hunters contributed to your opinion I apologise. I'll likely love the series even if they're the Bountiest Huntery Bounty Hunters who ever Hunted Bounties.
  2. Roderz

    Ship art

    Having the two there makes it look like some kind of failed venture. Kind of like the Sandcrawlers of Tatooine.
  3. No problem on my end, still keen and hope everything is satisfactory.
  4. Roderz

    GM Player Management Advice

    Thanks for all the feedback everyone, overall feeling of stay-the-course, at least for now. I also think they'll continue to come together. I think I'm just having to fight my own personal opinions a bit in this space, in that there are elements I didn't have much desire to touch on, being the ISB, and a lost pet.
  5. Roderz

    Effective tactics

    I don't know if this is exactly what you're looking for, but if I had a player say something like this during a combat scene, "Ok, we're facing two groups of Stormtroopers and a Sergeant, Billy, you flank left and draw their fire, Johnny, you circle around and attack from their flank," I'd do things like provide boosts on certain combat checks in that scenario. I might even involve a Leadership check being required to provide the boost to test if your character is inspiring enough. When it comes to player and GM interaction I'm a big fan of a player adding a bit of extra story or discussion and asking for a boost.
  6. And it would be far from the first time such a thing occurred in a story. Still, I feel like I have massively derailed the discussion with one tiny point. I for one am hoping s/he/they are not Bounty Hunters, but something else, yet still within that Edge style of story.
  7. Roderz

    GM Player Management Advice

    I've now had three sessions as a GM in a round-the-table (as opposed to simply via a chat group with long-time friends) setting with players I found randomly. The first session was a zero, two totally new-to-the-game players, and a veteran turned up. Between zero and 1, a brother of the veteran joined as a new-to-the-game player, but with experience in Saga Edition and extensive RPG experience, and one additional player. There are two things I'd like opinions and advice on from my experience so far. Firstly, the last player to join throws me for a loop quite often. The backstory in use is very dichotomous, being on the run from an authority, with a chosen Obligation that the character had a pet it is trying to recover. What often throws me though is that the character is often played in a way that doesn't match any of the material I've been given, so backstory mainly. And, rightly or wrongly, often the player will pick up dice to roll, and then the thing they want to do is so simple that I don't require a roll. Previous experience of the player is actually as a GM for friends, so this may be the first time as a player. I think if I continue on with my track, the player may start to pick up on tone etc and settle in. So far everything still gels with the group and setting, though somewhat on the fringes. Any tips, previous experiences to share in this space? The second player I'd like to raise I think I'm handling well but I guess feedback would be great. The player is a bit more timid, but does participate, discuss plans, etc, and I think the player is enjoying things. However, when time comes for the character to actually take their turn and act, there is a lot of hesitation. Both in combat, and a social situation. I don't know if there is fear on behalf of the player, or simply an effect of overwhelming options, maybe a bit of deer-in-the-headlights. So far I have taken the time to discuss options with them and even explored a number of resulting steps that could follow before backtracking and taking a different option. I've been very conscious to ensure the player is included and gets time due, and I think this is all I really can do?
  8. I concede and concur. I haven't watched Rebels so my experience with female Mandalorians is non-existent. But it is an interesting option/thought, if that character we're seeing, or the 'lead' character assuming there is one, is a female Mandalorian.
  9. I agree, it is probably a male, but I don't agree that the image is definitely male. Somewhere else, maybe even on this site is a discussion about female armour vs male armour, and how the outward appearance isn't all that different unless there is 'artistic licence' or other elements at play. I'd be interested to watch something with a grizzled mentor and a young female charge, although it feels like both of those elements are approaching the threshold of 'tropism'. So with a live action series starting up, and a Star Wars themed park or two, anyone else interested to see if they use a bit of cross-promotion? I'm in Australia and the new parks have already caused me to add a nebulously dated trip to California in the next five years or so.
  10. Can't speak for everyone else but I read it as a tongue-in-cheek, "Oh no, pirates, the sooner they're caught and shipped off to Kessel the better."
  11. Just checking in on this, still intending on going ahead? @Lotr_Nerd
  12. Roderz

    Improving a ship's handling

    "What do you mean I'm benched? For some kid from a backwater farm? I've got 700 hours flying starfighters! What do you mean cinematic requirements? I'm in a movie? What have you been smoking?"
  13. Roderz

    Armor and kit

    Encumbrance is about more than weight, but I think you realise that where you’ve mentioned the small characteristic anyway, just wanting to make sure. Also, remember that simply being over your encumbrance doesn’t mean your character keels over or is paralysed, you simply have a setback on brawn and agility rolls. Want to strap 16 grenades to your chest? Sure, but climbing that cliff will be slightly harder with all those snags. Overall your post comes across a bit power-gamey. Does it make narrative sense to stack armour that logically makes sense? Sure. Was that the intention of including those body sock types of armour? Probably not. I think concealable armour was more for characters that want to wear armour with a bit more soak without walking around looking like a Starcraft Marine. At the end of this it’s always up to your GM what is allowed. The argument against including or allowing this is that you may get around other balance issues, such as another character spending more to get armour with specifically high soak that maybe costs more or has disadvantages. Narratively would double stacked armour be tougher? Most likely, but the damage that goes through that first layer of laminate is likely still going to hurt regardless of what’s worn underneath. Also, maybe there are other disadvantages, so maybe it would be allowed but you suffer one constant setback due to the heat of wearing both or something. A key point here is balance and fun, if your GM has to throw Darth Vader, a platoon of Stormtroopers and an AT-AT at you just to make a dent, and said foes wipe the floor with the rest of your party, great, you lived and all your friends are dead. If I was your GM I’d be cautious following your questions here about whether you’re in the right mindset for this game. I’d leave encumbrance to work RAW. As for your armour I’m not sure, maybe with the setbacks, but I’d probably be more likely to only allow one type to start, and allow for it to be your quest to try to find and effectively stack a second type.
  14. Roderz

    System Strain and Combat

    And it's this point that is considered one of the more prominent problems with vehicle combat right? I think in Genesys they tweaked things so that a vehicle at speed 1 would still move, but if the pilot didn't actively control the vehicle the movement would be controlled by the GM? The way I pictured this is that each turn, the jetpack operator (JO) would use a maneuver to fly and an action to attack. So whoever they attack would start at the same range as JO, but the JO could easily be at extreme range on JO's next turn. A bit like fighting Nightcrawler from the X-Men, you just wouldn't know where JO was going to be a moment later.
  15. Roderz


    I don’t know I feel I buy into this talk of Han needing to ‘go dark’. He demonstrated that he already isn’t afraid or hesitant to pull the trigger if he has the drop on someone who might turn the table on him, and that seems about as dark as he is by 0BBY. I am also only now realising that Han shot first... wow, ultimate derp!