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  1. Roderz

    Wild West Setting for Genesys

    I see splitting the ranged skill in two as very appropriate here. I think it is very thematic that a cowboy of the time might have little skill in archery while being a crack rifle shot, and vice versa for natives. However, it's equally appropriate that particular individuals or careers would have proficiency or training in both. The ability to knock an arrow, draw and release has little in common with working a bolt or lever action, and pushing rounds into a rifle. The similarities in terms of breathing and sight compensation are there I grant you though. You could argue the same for any game set with conquistadors, or British colonisation. Meanwhile it is not appropriate to divide for something set during the Middle Ages, or during the Industrial revolution. These settings have much more of a bias towards one or the other. All in my opinion of course.
  2. Roderz

    How to play minions

    I'm pretty sure that's how it is laid out in the rulebooks too. Also, throwing my opinion behind the Gamorreans (sp?) not being grouped in that first combat of the starter. I think the idea is to show combat a little before getting into something that can be complicated. That process is repeated throughout the adventure. On the topic of grouped vs non-grouped: Grouped get the advantage of rolling yellows for any skills they are trained in, not possible for single minions. They also have to be attacked separately and make separate attacks. Conversely, grouped minions can lose several members to a single attack. In my opinion, minions are intended to add cinematic feel. Rather than your group of PCs being trouble by a single squad of Stormtroopers, they can take on a Sergeant and two squads and expect victory. It was an early design concept for the SWTOR RPG also.
  3. Okay... once I've finished keeping my lunch down, I'll have to figure out how to block threads... ? And I remember that thing from QI.
  4. Roderz

    Ship art

    This looks more like something cool for Earth-based sci-fi, and/or cyberpunk. Still quite cool.
  5. And that is why I don't really see a huge problem with this optional, GM-adjudicated mechanic that is entirely outside of the ruleset as written.
  6. Roderz

    Cassian Andor Live Action Show

    It would be cool to meet some of the Kelly's Heroes style rebels that met their fate on the beaches as well. I agree that it faces a challenge in that we already know how it ends. That said, I saw Serenity before I saw Firefly, and while an unusual journey getting to know those characters, in particular Alan's character, I still enjoyed it.
  7. I think the key thing with this mechanic is that it is not something I would advertise/explain/offer to any players ahead of time. It is something I'd take a look at, IF one of my players came to me with the concept of playing, say, a Dug that walks on his legs/arms/hands/feet, or Dr Evazan the butcher of Jedha or something. So yeah, it's something you could look at, but I don't think even OP suggested this in the first place without accepting the risk that widespread use of this could be open to manipulation and abuse. Having a species with a starting 3 in any ability is open to abuse frankly. If you're a player, good luck suggesting this to your GM. If you're a GM, be a GM. In summary, thanks for the original suggestion @Andreievitch
  8. We're still a little short of it being discussed ad nauseam though, so... Have-at-you!
  9. My thoughts on some points that have come up: - Why only 10xp rather than the comparable cost? Because there should be a reward for taking a disadvantage that is related to a good backstory, however, that reward shouldn't simply be a mechanic that is open to abuse for the purposes of min/max. - Why not pick a species that suits? Because while that is a way to play and character craft, and indeed the Star Wars style of 'stereotype from media = pre-determination for entire species' is not something I take issue with, I totally support anyone wishing to play any species for just about any reason. - Why not a setback to the ability use instead of ability drop? Because what does a player get out of this? Sure, some players may be happy with a stick and no carrot, but I as a GM wouldn't be comfortable with that. - But dedication can overcome the reduction? Sure, once they invest all the way to dedication, by which point increasing in ability makes sense anyway, and 10xp doesn't get you far down that path. - But it won't hurt the character's build to take the reduction anyway? This mechanic should be story driven, not 'sure, I'll take a hit in Presence to get 10xp,' in that case I wouldn't let the player alter their story just to get this anyway. That player is going to be min/max anyway, and won't care as much about story, so can likely just take an appropriate species to start. Some players will fall in the middle in which case it's GM's choice (as it all is anyway with a table rule). And lastly on this, sure, maybe it won't hurt your build, until your GM starts making you take the occasional roll on something you didn't plan for (Shock! Horror!)
  10. Roderz

    Character RP Help - EotE Smuggler: Pilot

    I would probably tell your GM. Often they have enough on their plate without trying to work out each individual player's buttons. Depends on your GM though, they might enjoy it. I wouldn't though. Either way it's a good idea. Your responsibility will be to gel with the other PCs though, finding something your character can latch onto to keep them a part of the group.
  11. Roderz

    The Complete Species Guide

    Wow. If only local politics was this easily influenced. Seriously though, kudos for everything.
  12. I don't disagree with any of your points, and I wouldn't say anyone must implement such a system. But for a good background, I don't see it as too unbalancing. Also, they're only getting 10xp for something that could've cost much more than that if it was purchased. You could further restrict it too, by saying such a system doesn't allow you to go below the 'average' of 2. That way they're always at a net 'loss' as such. The more I think about it the more I like this, even though it doesn't really represent the disfigured social outcast style very well. Either way, that's why GM's have the final word.
  13. I haven't, but I don't see a huge problem with it either. Your examples make a lot of sense too. A Wookiee with the strength of a kitten would be interesting too, especially if they still tried to act intimidating and succeeded and failed variously.
  14. Roderz

    Character RP Help - EotE Smuggler: Pilot

    I agree, if it's player vs player, have a chat, maybe it's not intended to cause you this conflict. If it's character vs character that's actually a rich playing field, as long as it's handled with restraint.
  15. Roderz

    NPC Droid experiences

    I have players that have stuck a restraining bolt on an astromech behind a droid uprising, not knowing it's one of the ringleaders and expecting they'll be able to keep it by the end of this adventure. Little do they know a compatriot has removed the bolt.