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  1. I play FFG's LCG (obviously) and Middle Earth CCG (online and at CONs). I never got into Decipher's LotR TCG but I loved Star Wars CCG back in the day. I'm not sure how active LotR TCG is, or whether it's worth getting into. But maybe I should pick up a few packs and check it out. My favorite aspect of the LCG is that you can play it solor, which is how I do most of my gaming. I hope the solo LotR experience continues on. And with Journeys in ME allowing for that, things are looking great.
  2. Ring Maker was recently reprinted in the past few months. Check boardgameprices to look for stock. Dwarrowdelf hasn't been reprinted in a while. I'm not sure when the last time was.
  3. Yes Yes Yes Yes, as all things come to an end, even this story.
  4. There's a certain community college professor making a living doing just that.
  5. Question - Would the $100 limited edition starter be good for someone who has no experience in the physical or digital game? No. Just simply based on the cost alone. Though, if you had played this game and already knew that you liked it and were set on buying it - then I would say yes, the Collectors edition would be a good idea. Just looking at the cost, maybe consider waiting for the free-to-play digital game to come out (in a couple weeks) and see if you even like the game. Or, order a Core Set of the physical game and see if you like that. You can also wait weeks or months to see if the Starter will be released separately. I just think, compared to other games out there that you could buy instead, $100 is a lot to spend on a collector's edition of something you haven't played before.
  6. It would be nice if FFG's "print on demand" allowed for printing on demand.
  7. I don't think you're going to like the answer, but... This seems like a job for bash scripting. Download the pdfs. Then script to export image -> cut and export image along left side geometry -> cut + export right side -> import images into pdfs. You could also try quarters of the pages - see what works best. For image manipulation, you can use: https://www.imagemagick.org/script/mogrify.php For pdfs you can use: https://www.pdflabs.com/t/pdftk/ It might be possible to build a macro do this this in a GUI with Adobe but I don't know about that. Anyway, check out the LOTR LCG Quest Companion, it's pretty sweet.
  8. This was recently discussed over at BGG. Be sure to check it out. As for me, I have my player cards in these 4-pocket colored binders. 3 unsleeved cards per pocket. There is also a black binder for heroes. I like these binders because they're small and easy to flip through. Though, the pockets in these binders may be completely full after this upcoming cycle. When deck building, i usualy grab all of the cards that seem to fit my idea, and then organize and reduce from there. So the binder aspect doesn't bother me. I prefer being able to easily see the cards. I also made a few exact-sized tuckboxes for some of the encounter sets. This box in the pic contains the Khazad Dum quests and is about 1.5" thick. The Core+Mirkwood cycle is in a sideways tuckbox and is about 3.5" thick. Tuck boxes are nice because they're portable and don't take up much space when I leave them out. But I'm considering just storing each deluxe+cycle in the deluxe box.
  9. What you saw is probably a fan card and not necessarily a "fake." Many fans here have designed their own alternate art cards based on both the old and the fellowship designs. You'll see these types of fan-art cards for Arkham and other games as well.
  10. It's unfortunate. I'm also on the lookout for re-printed packs. But, this situation is easily avoidable. Just use a credit card and pay the extra couple bucks of interest until you have cash in hand. You can bet that Dwarrowdelf will sell out even faster once it's reprinted.
  11. The "set" reasoning sounds right. But also, the game does give you leeway to order responses and discards. So, maybe its the player's choice to set the ordering of these cards' effects (2 quest points or 1 quest point).
  12. I believe that there is a "golden rule" that the card text overrides the rules. So above the "when revealed" line, include your line to Discard other gandalfs, and then move the "when revealed:" down below that.
  13. I believe that the new "Starter" set includes several of the "1x" cards from the core set, like Horn of Gondor (shown on the page) and Unexpected Courage (mentioned in a FB post). It would be nice if the Starter set acted as a complete "supplement" to the Core Set.
  14. I inquired about this and was told that FFG does not handle the website uploading - that is controlled by the marketing team at Asmodee. The FFG guys can only remind them so often.
  15. Right? The text on Dragon Hoard is literally begging you to have Necklace of Girion.
  16. I agree that the wording, while ambiguous, indicates that the Drake attacks regardless of whether he returns to (or remains in) the staging area. Of course, the Drake cannot leave the staging area per Q.2B. But Q.3B doesn't have this limitation, and so the drake would return. This hurts in Q.3B because not only can you not attack, but you also have extra threat to overcome next round to add progress to declare attackers. This understanding must be correct: (1) The wording that would require the Drake to NOT attack is further from the current wording. (2) This reading is the worse situation for the player, and that seems to always be the intent. Unfortunately, it seems that FFG does not have a dedicated Rule Writer/Scholar. Wilds of Rhovanion has a proofreader. But clarifying rules is not the job of a proofreader. And of course the game designer did an amazing job with the game mechanics and combos, but the Designer is the least able to provide an unbiased interpretation of the card wording. I'm not sure what the role of the play testers is, but it would be nice if they could provide rule clarification suggestions to the Designer to be added to the rule sheet. This seems to have been a problem since the beginning of the game given the sheer volume of commonplace questions.
  17. I use color coded binders from Ultimate guard and sort my cards "progression-style" according to my own desired playlist. I designed and printed some custom "divider" cards to go into my binder sheets. If there are several holes together (likely), I can at least return the card within the dividers so that it is close to the right spot.
  18. Depending on how quick these go, reselling is another viable option. Throwing on a bit of markup to cover shipping and hassle is reasonable.
  19. I added this to my subscriptions. I'll check it out but I'm so far behind I haven't played these quests yet.
  20. This is almost like asking someone to play half of the game for you (the deck-building half). No such resource exists. Yet hope remains while Beorn and RingsDB are true. Example for Khazad-Dum (1) http://hallofbeorn.com/LotR?CardSet=Khazad-d%C3%BBm&Sort=Sphere_Type_Cost (2) Identify a Hero (e.g., Bifur) (3) http://ringsdb.com/decklists/search (4) Cards User: Enter Card "Bifur" (khazad dum) (feel free to enter more or different cards, can repeat) (5) Then click "select allowed packs" (top right of the screen) (6) click the ones you need (e.g., progression order) (7) Look for ones with lots of hearts (8) Thank me later http://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/3470/deck-tech-dwarf-starter-deck-1.0 http://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/6912/core-som-and-kd-solo-dwarves-1.0 http://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/6773/khazad-dum-buddies-1.0 Oh! I forgot to mention that the Saga quests come with recommended decks in the back of the rule sheet.
  21. I am not very interested in playing the digital game unless it is released on Android or Switch. But I do think that the package is a great value if you consider the cost of each item. I pre-ordered. An important point that seems to be missing from this discussion is that FFG allows you to cancel preorders. That is very considerate of their customers. Better to preorder, wait for more information, and cancel later than to wait without ordering and miss your opportunity. Even if the preorder could not be cancelled,you could always resell.
  22. I just got this pack from a local shop. No hero was included. As far as I can tell, any hero was a promo for tournaments.
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