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  1. Just watching this now.... nice to see the game get some "mainstream" attention
  2. Logged in and nearly all my saved squads are gone too... second time its happened......
  3. I'd love to see Yoda added to the game, heck anything to get it moving again... There seems so much missed opportunities for this game.... They missed Episode 7, 8, Rogue One and Solo, not a single tie-in to any of those movies... its an instant boost to do tie ins with new variants or updates.... There are dozens of characters they could use... Hopefully they are working on maybe doing a rebooted 2.0 version, since while they might have wanted Legion to replace it, it hasn't....
  4. My local group seems to be all excited for 2.0, even older players want to jump back in, as its a reboot...though some are thinking of focusing on just one faction for now.
  5. One of the guys in our local club suggested we started trying out four player skirmishes last night ... should be fun and gets a few of us involved at the same time
  6. I’ve recently got into IA, primarily because of my local club which I joined to play Star Wars themed games. There was an existing group of established players and they were keen to show me how to play the skirmish game..there was also some other new players interested and because the members were very welcoming and happy to teach, last week there was at least 4 different games going on at once. Also the news of Xwing 2.0 has meant a lot of the Star Wars gamers in the group are playing IA and other games instead and while I’ve been playing a few xwing games, they’ve been suggesting to waiting till 2.0,which has swung interest in IA.
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