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  1. I didn't see a post on this topic. If I missed it, apologies. Desperate Allies has some great clothing for social characters, Lector's Outfit, Noble Regalia, Performer's Attire, Resplendent Robes, even Banal Apparel. I do not see anything about their bonuses stacking. I'm not interested in stacking armor for higher soak and/or defense. Can characters combine those clothing with each other or with normal armor, to gain the social bonuses? Examples: Extra fancy Noble Regalia, by adding Performer's Attire? Exotic design of Armored clothing by building in Resplendent Robes? Having Banal Apparel over one's Padded Armor?
  2. Looking into a side plot like this, dealing with the remnants of droids on Agamar. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Agamar
  3. Thanks for this. New to this system, been playing games for years. I wasn't sure if the triumph/despair stuff, was answerable in whole other groups showing up, like that. Glad to see that others are doing this. Thanks for the input and good luck to them.
  4. I like the list, but I'd like it more if it had setback/boost dice for various skill checks made with or even on the ship. "Strange smells and stains: charm skill checks made on the ship have one setback die" "Noticeable Paint-job: anyone trying to identify the ship gains one (or two) boost dice on their check." stuff like that. I like mechanics that echo the fluff "Attached Mechanic: the old astromech droid has been rearranging the ship's wiring for years. while the ship seems to have a free mechanic, they are not that great, only rolling one proficiency die and two ability dice. But the wiring is a mess only they seem to understand, the difficulty is considered one (or two) higher for others trying to perform mechanic checks."
  5. My campaign title is "Escape of the Houndstooth" A Rebel group attacked the Imperial prison orbiting Bakura. The ensuing prison break is what sets the PCs (and others free) while escaping the PCs commander a ship that was in the impound section, a YV-666. from there we set off for adventure. When is it set? 4 ABY, a few weeks after the battle of Endor, including the death of the Emperor and the destruction of the second Death Star. What makes it unusual or unique? The Rebellion is winning. The Empire is fracturing during Operation Cinder. Small groups of Imperial fleets are taking over planetary systems. Meanwhile the Hutts and Black Sun are raking it in, as the anarchy makes good crime business. Where did you get your inspiration? Historical post-war chaos. the similarities in how Mon Mothma de-militarizes the New Republic navy after the Battle of Jakku reminds me of how Germany was treated after World War I, which lead to the eventual rise of the New Order. But that's if the PCs even make it that far. if you could summarize the campaign in one sentence, what would it be? "The Galaxy is on fire. help put it out or bring marshmellows."
  6. How would you build them, both Maz and Jyn? It's been my experience that, especially with characters like that in my game, I have a better time building them myself, with the PCs' experience in mind. Would you build Jyn as a Smuggler thief? Agility and Presence at 3. melee, ranged light, stealth, and at least some leadership by the end. Maz, Colonist (entrepreneur/scholar) with a major focus on lore, education, outer rim, etc. with Force Sensitive Emergent? what do you think would be a good fit for your game?
  7. What is in the Empire that is not covered in the military careers of Age of Rebellion? I agree a sourcebook would be perfect (like Nal Hutta). The military/government bureaucracy is a nightmare of red tape, how do normal soldiers and or officers get to call in for support? are the Diplomatic officers, like the Quartermaster spec. better able to navigate that red tape? Imperial Inquisitors? and the other parts of the hunter-killer teams that would sent around to find and end the Jedi that escaped order 66. Major planets of the Empire, like the Kuat drive yards. just some of the things I would like to see.
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