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  1. “Hello there.” –Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith
  2. Yes. I love both of those games and have often thought the same thing. I think the system is flexible enough to make those systems work. Perhaps finding that is my issue. Can you give me an example of how you'd describe the beginning of an encounter to PCs?
  3. Do you run your games purely in theater of the mind? I tended to towards the beginning but slowly shifted more towards visual representation. I don't want to add grids for the sake of grids, but to help give a clearer picture of obstacles or shifting environmental hazards that the PCs need to worry about. I personally find it difficult to keep a clear picture without any visual aid. If you run purely theater of the mind though I'd love to hear your strategies or any advice you have. I guess what I'm asking is how far do people stray from the combat rules as presented in the book. What did you add to the system and what was your goal when you added it?
  4. I've played the Star Wars narrative dice systems as both a player and a GM since they were released. I absolutely love the system so Genesys is a no-brainer. Perhaps my only sticking point is the difficulty I have making tactical combat encounters. The system makes even a simple shoot-out or brawl fun but after discovering the Runehammer youtube channel and his excellent encounter creation/theory videos I want to add something a bit more complex to my encounters. Does anyone have any advice for this? Do you do it completely within the system or have you added grids or pulled rules from other systems to add to your combat?
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