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  1. For L5R: - Will there be canadian Koteis this year, mostly interested in the east (ex: Toronto, Montreal). If so when should we expect notice? - We have seen really nice launch kits for clan packs with full art SH and playmats. Without these, can we still expect similar « launch events »? - Do we have numbers on Kotei participation and if overall it has been up or down ? (either total participation or player/kotei average) - How do you feel the game design interferes with the different stages of a competition? Certain clans seem to perform better in swiss stage and some in the cuts. Is this something that is « working as intended » ? - Outside of prize support, how do you plan on increasing kotei attendance this year? As many in this thread indicated, there seem to be communication issues as to announce organized events in advance or just getting the word out that these koteis are taking place. Could there be other incentives to increase player engagement in tournaments? - How does OP compete / co-exist with fan-based tournaments like the Discord League and Jigoku?
  2. Hi ! Are there rules for spell research in this edition? Have any of you invented house rules for it? Thanks !
  3. The Imperial Advisor website also has a lot of good pointers.
  4. The problem of Seeking the Truth is that it doesn't have an action that helps you defend. 3 Str is easy to break and 5 is easy to farm. If you commit a big enough body that he needs to spend to break, likely he won't on first attack and let your big guy bow. If you put a small one the investment isn't really steep and the on-break effect loses it's value. The other issue is that it can be flipped turn one, when you don't necessarily have a relevant body to defend. It's «good» if you are trying to race province breaks I guess. Also wouldn't the triggers go: - Win Conflict - Play Display - Break Province - Claim the Ring If so it wouldn't work as your defender would still be in the conflict when DoP is played.
  5. Ill be taking a version of this deck to Toronto kotei. Ill keep you posted Right now Im mostly concerned with fighting Cranes as my worst matchup
  6. Hi Everyone, I'm looking to build a decent strategy for Kyuden Bayushi. Playing around, I think trying to race for breaks or building towers is a mistake for the Scorpion. Control is the name of the game. It's somewhat inspired by Jairoe's decks. You can read the full strategy: https://www.bushibuilder.com/l5r/deck/?deck=34383278-01ef-11e9-8419-020c407d2d9d&public=y What do you think? My Splash is a bit all over the place and I'm fidgeting with a lot of options, mostly the SBR + NS Crane. I really enjoy the Keeper role and Clarity though. Probably revise everything once CotE comes out. I'm really hoping to be able to leave the #AlwaysBid5 Meta and explore bidding during duels (both defensively and offensively). Killing a Raitsugu always feels good.
  7. Yeah I like the part when he speaks to being too risk-averse. In Scorpion there's definitely an argument to make to bidding higher on duels to win them, as we have many effects that turn on. Insolent Rival even has a built in mechanic for that and we are good at recouping or not dying to the honor loss.
  8. Among Scorpions Kirei-ko is still being weighted. It's a good control piece but it's not worth on many characters. Certain characters can easily keep their action for after they're bowed and it might not be too harsh to play around. In the Dishonor deck I'd say its a shoe-in. But for aggro-shinobi its not as clear. Its the opportunity cost that might be too expensive for certain players. I'll probably try out a 2x. I don't see Toshimoko making it into Crane other than for control archetypes. If you are going aggro, spending a turn's weight of Fate on him could have been better invested. Kamoko is just a beast though, there's no downside or 4-coster in Unicorn that can rival her. She's better in HMT, but Shiro Shinjo's potential might see different archetypes that wouldn't include her. But as is yeah, she's too good to pass up. I mean I would take a character that dishonors to unbow...
  9. Yeah that's what I do because I tended to shuffle them with my Dynasty Deck ^^
  10. Really like the design so far, there's no OP cards that are auto-includes in every deck. Most focus on specific strategies of a clan instead of behind broad. Can't wait to see the neutrals to have a better idea of the whole package and how some of them interact with the game. Crane seems to get very strong out of this, but they'll have to leave behind certain answers if they want to bully through their duels. Scorpion DH and Shinobi are definetely splitting apart.
  11. Hi everyone, I'm looking for L5R tournament legal card sleeves. My first thought was Dragonshield even though I mostly found 100x packs, but I wonder if there isn't any L5R themed ones? Other than being matte or at least not being able to see through, is there other considerations I should have in regards to sleeves to avoid trouble at a Kotei? Thanks !
  12. I'll be surprised if he doesn't have Covert. Maybe Bushi, Shinobi, Daimyo for traits.
  13. Cool idea, I'd see a Crane Kakita Yojimbo that let's you subtitute a Courtier or Shugenja for him in Mil duels your opponent initiates. Or a Courtier that can step in in Pol duels for Bushi characters.
  14. Yeah but you probably shouldn't print cards that would immediately get on the list. ^^ Same with Warm Welcome. I think these aren't a real problem yet, as I don't see anyone running them unless your deck is focused on achieving one combo or trick. It narrows the options you have in your conflict deck (although you can play more of the same effects). I mean I already have a hard time fitting CtM, Attachment removal and Court Games in my deck. Sure it's 6x BHC, but in most decks I'd be surprised to see more than 1x. Time will tell if the combos are too busted or if the opportunity cost is hefty enough to balance it out.
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