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  1. Each episode seems to get better and better away from identity politics. I for one am loving the show and it's story, as that should be the primary focus. Hopefully I haven't spoken too soon.
  2. Honestly, I'd love to have Pre Visla make an appearrance as a commander, with "Deathwatch Warriors" as Elite unit.
  3. Exaggerate much, bud? You have a pretty bad habit of wanting the last word and getting angry and triggered from literally nothing. You are pretty heated over a simple differing opinion and need to chill. Talk about good things for the film again, that will cheer you up, as well as not lock this thread for you getting off topic. 😂
  4. Again, forums are spaces for all comments, questions, and opinions as FTS Gecko pointed out. It's all a part of the discussion as long as it doesn't break forum rules, as it hasn't. If you don't like that, then you need to focus your anger elsewhere. They weren't being negative here against another induvidual, just simply sharing their opnion. All I simply did was ask you to stop gatekeeping, which is a pretty petty thing to be upset about, bud. If online comments of others bother you so much, you can simply share your disagreement by either sharing laugh (can go both ways really) or confused reactions to those comments as others have done, argue or refute those points, report them if they are against forum rules, or you can simply ignore them as they have no bearing on you unless you choose to react to it.
  5. Here's what I have to know... Where are the AT-ST pilots? You could see them in ROTJ, but not here, and why is that?
  6. I personally got four, but that was because I hope to use them for epic play and such.
  7. Dude, stop gatekeeping and allow others to have opinions, for crying out loud.
  8. Yeah, I get it, just the perfectionist side of me, and you are correct, I wanted Saw's Renegades and the TIE Reaper as well.
  9. I am displeased to hear this. I exclusively purchase 2.0 products now and yet have no desire to get the coversion kits for 1.0 products. Thank to FFG's Legion game though, I am pretty patient with getting said products in time though, and I don't mind waiting.
  10. Whenever I roll blanks but the higher PS starfighter shoots me down immediately afterwards... When I am playing casually with food nearby and continue to stink at everything... Whenever I get an enemy ship in Anakin's Delta 7 Aethersprite... When Obi-Wan runs into an asteroid with one hull point but rolls a critical, but I don't care and I want to get out of there...
  11. They take from the EU so much though, like Grand Admiral Thrawn, and bringing Palpatine back... 🤣 How come she knows nothing of what she is running?
  12. Claims to be a collector... Doesn't want collector's item...
  13. That was exactly what I was thinking!
  14. I honestly feel this is Disney doing Star Wars right. I am very pleased.
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