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  1. You will get some seriously upset people if you don't at least put Greedo on the list of options. Also another is - change Vinto to Greedo (what's the difference between rodians) and add EJawa and C3PO. That takes you to 7 activations which you really want when against Spectre.
  2. So, does that mean that the block tokens cannot be applied while the Lie in Ambush unit is, "set aside?" It seems like there might be the possibility that since they are there on the table, just not on the map, that might be a possibility.
  3. Pretty much just kill him. He is going to do what he is going to do if you don't. Then add in his command card and he can take two in a round.
  4. Nope. Any joke at Legion's expense is a good joke. Keep 'em coming.
  5. Elegant solution. You could imagine it would not be difficult to do a couple of those. Maybe even the "best" list from each faction. Easy way to settle that is the list that made it the farthest @ worlds. This is assuming that we have a healthy meta going forward with competitive lists in each. Only problem with all of that is that the production lag would maybe be as long as a year until it was finally on shelves.
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