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  1. Totally excited about these news articles and hope we get some good skirmish content. So many older figures like boba fett and Leia who could use slight tweaks to really see competitive skirmish play again. But obviously, give us Ewoks and some speeder bike vehicles that any faction can use if they hop on! Our slack IA community posts thousands of messages each day and is hankering for new content!
  2. From my 80s childhood turned Netflix-era dad-hood, everything you just described totally sounds like it belongs in the Netflix Care Bears remake and not in a Star Wars flick... we do have it pretty good these days.
  3. From following the forum, listening to podcasts (both Zion’s Finest and Twin Troopers are doing great work for the community!), loosely following the Slack channel, etc., I am getting the sense that the IA competitive play tournament hierarchy is something like the following: 1. Worlds 2. Regionals 3. Store Championships 4. Other store tournaments and the weird part is that North American Championships (Gencon) and US Nationals (NOVA) are not really addressed all that much. I would expect them to slot in below Worlds and above Regionals, but there just doesn’t seem to be as much chatter about them and Regionals almost seem more important. Am I the only one perceiving this? If not, why the distinction?
  4. Agree that it’s helpful to balance the ease of rebel and merc focus, but not a huge game changer. But in more substantive matters, the art for this card is great. “Were those the droids we were looking for?” “I don’t know, I’m not sure I even saw any droids!”
  5. I am not amazed by the Death Troopers, but think they can fill a good hybrid support niche, in addition to helping activation count. Their power token distribution without actions can somewhat help address the “focus problem” (lack of reliable access) for imperials. Their Field Tactics ability can also help get other Imperial support or objective runners involved earlier in a round. I often end up having tough decisions in the beginning to middle of a round, in choosing between activating an attacking group or activating an officer to move someone up, play Planning, or something else similar. Or between attacking and moving regular jets or riots to address objectives. The attacking often wins out, so this maybe helps soften that curve a bit, getting that support/runner more involved earlier in the round if desired. Also curious how this will synergize with Thrawn as a 6-cost Leader.
  6. Welcome back to IA! I made the switch from campaign to skirmish over a year ago and haven’t looked back. I think your question can be answered in two ways: 1) if you are looking to potentially/eventually get into skirmish more “competitively” (store champs, regionals, etc) then the maps to buy should be the ones currently in rotation (that will be around the longest). But FFG has been slow on map printing so they aren’t always (ever?) available when they first rotate in. So Nal Hutta swamps is on its way out, Mos Eisley Back Alleys is in for a while longer, and Uscru Entertainment District should be with us for the longest. (I don’t think you can buy Uscru in stores yet). People either love or hate Uscru and Nal Hutta, but Mos Eisley is a decently balanced map that is fun to play. (Side note: unfortunately, if you are looking to play competitively, there will also be some big box purchases to make to come up the power curve, particularly jabba’s Realm) 2. If you are really just looking for a fun map, go with jabba’s Palace. It just rotated off this spring and was also pretty balanced. Plus you don’t have the expansion tiles yet in what you said you own, so this is a map you couldn’t build on your own. Just my two cents and I am sure others will have options too.
  7. It has been a while since I played 2v2, but what is the wording quirk that allows this? cool report otherwise. Definitely need to get back to 2v2 after U.S. nationals...
  8. Definitely call the listed store to find out details. Of the 5 listed stores in our area, only 1 has a date actually set. Two of them seem to have ordered or received the store championship kits in error and are not planning on running anything (we might help one store pull it off). The other 2 are yet to set their dates.
  9. I wasn’t at Worlds but heard they had them for sale there. But no clue when they will be more widely available. Also, based on FFG’s past rhythm, do we expect a map to rotate in (replacing nal hutta) before US Nationals September 1st?
  10. I like that idea. Nice to meet you on the forum! ? On the topic of maps, did FFG sell official map/playmat for Uscru at Worlds, or did everyone have to use tiles? I haven’t yet seen the official maps on sale or pre sale anywhere.
  11. So I am brand new to competitive IA, played my first regional in March (Raleigh regional) and finished 6th in Swiss, losing in the round of 8. Loved it. Love the fancy dice. Great experience and very welcoming community, even for a newbie. Signed up for nationals at NOVA and am looking forward to the challenge. Rather than start another “state of the meta” thread, I want to hear others’ thoughts on the state of the game for bringing new players in to the competitive arena. I think the long term health of the game depends on retaining current players and bringing in new ones, and this is such a good game I want to ensure that happens. I started playing campaign a year and a half ago with several buddies. Then we fiddled with skirmish a year ago and we all got hooked, leading us to build the best lists with the pieces we had. Most of those lists stunk even against one another, which led us as a group to buy every expansion and every A&V pack, sometimes in multiples. Then one of our group of four said “hey, there is a regional in town, let’s sign up, train some and play in it.” So we did, all 4 of us. We trained against each other on the tourney maps refining our lists, played some on Vassal, and all that. Then we realized that sharing a single master set of game pieces wasn’t sustainable and we each had to collect our own smattering of map tiles, official FFG maps, tokens, command cards, figures, terminals, doors, etc. to fill out our lists (which ended up fairly complementary but still required two or three of every big box expansion). The four of us showed up at the tournament expecting to find others like us, who were just starting out, lived in the area, probably wouldn’t all have painted figures (two of us are painters so all of ours were painted), etc. We had low expectations for how well we would do, but hoped one of us would win some dice for the group. Then the other 12 players rolled in, and everybody seemed to know each other. Not from living in the area, but from playing each other at Nationals and Worlds. And multiple other regionals. Everyone else had previously played regionals and most had played nationals. Everyone seemingly had fancy prize dice, painted figures, prize tokens, alt-art cards, prize score counters. I even had someone use a laser device to prove the stair-side long sniper shot on Jabba’s Palace (shout out to Joey). The 4 of us were the ONLY people from Raleigh, there were two others from NC, and the other 10 were from out of state. Like Georgia, New Jersey, Philly, Maryland, and elsewhere up and down the east coast. Talk about intimidation. And that was before I discovered in the past week how good of a national /world reputation some of those players have, and how many regionals some of them had already won. The state of competition was way higher than I expected, but thankfully everyone was cool. As a lawyer, I am our group’s resident rules and FAQ nerd, but I got helpfully corrected on a command card interpretation or two (urgency does not help palp pop out and then pop back to hide; hard to win when you burn the card, learn you can’t move him back and strand him to get fried by IG to start round 2). Thankfully I got lucky enough to lead off the tourney in a less intimidating fashion against one of my 4 friends, Josh, who I had taught the game to, and the “manatee” could not beat the “mento.” I then got some nice breaks against another of my friends, averagejo3gamer, won 3 of 4 games total and pulled out top 8 before being squashed by Ryan J’s unshakeable Vader list. So after that long intro, my “state of the game for new competitors” questions are: 1. Are regionals normally so stacked with experienced players, and are newbies really as rare as it seemed to me? Is 16 people really the right size for a regional, or shouldn’t this game be gathering twice that many? Last time I checked, a few people like Star Wars. How can things be improved to get more people “hooked” on the game? Do store championships reach a broader crowd? A few ideas: - special prize pack for newbies, and top newbie gets the cool dice, even if they aren’t top 8 (shout out to the local guy who couldn’t play the tournament but dropped by at the beginning and gave us newbies a bunch of free alt art cards he had gotten from prior tourneys—that was awesome) - “bring a newbie” reward/incentive of some sort to existing regional experienced players 2. How do we get people into a game where the price of entry (acquiring nearly every set and expansion) is so high? -Have FFG games ever done starter sets or something like that to make a skirmish game like this more price accessible for newbies? If I could shell out $125 to outfit myself with a tournament ready set of rebel/Merc/imp figures, cards and maps, that would be way easier than what we ended up having to do. Then once hooked I shell out to buy everything. I pity the player who doesn’t have 4 buddies to split/share costs, components and painting efforts. - Should those of us with experience collaborate to offer components on loan to newer people ahead of tournaments? 3. Rules. Are. Complicated. And. In. Seventeen. Million. Different. Places. Can a new fulsome set of rules be released or compiled by someone in a useful way for players to process and absorb? My day job pays me to write and understand 50 page legal agreements, so I don’t mind the challenge, but these rules are hard to parse and absorb. I am sure I am not the only one, and that can be a huge turnoff for some. 4. Any ideas on how to lessen the intimidation factor? Thanks for reading and look forward to some responses.
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