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  1. Which is going to make Cassian crazy durable if K2-S0 is close to Chewie's wound levels.
  2. Agreed, but the Counterpart wording seems to override the normal rules for a unit. "When the combined unit suffers wounds, any mini can be assigned any number of those wounds, as decided by the player that controls that unit, regardless of whether the attacking unit has line of sight to that mini. A counterpart mini must be defeated before a non-counterpart mini." It looks like you can play games with the wound distribution.
  3. Wounds can be assigned to either model, but the counterpart has to be removed as a casualty first. Also, with C3-P0, he can Calculate the Odds on himself to get a suppression token before being shot at. Granted, it takes an action away from moving across the battlefield. But it triggers Inconspicuous and gives them a dodge in case an enemy model pulls some line of sight blocking shenanigans. Bummer that R2's Repair takes an action versus the Astromech model that does a lesser version as a free action.
  4. Yup, just pulled up a pic from their slide show and it was originally Q4 2019.
  5. Smoke token must be related to his 2 or 3 pip cards. Makes sense since he doesn't get cover from suppression and further enhances his support capabilities.
  6. For what it's worth, I also just noticed this latest version comfirms barricades give heavy cover to the Occupier tank. Addition to Cohesion for models with a notched base. Addition to Command Hand to identify cards by Commander's name not picture and you can use more than 3 of one commander. Also clarification that a character's cards can't be used after they are defeated. It used to say commander, so this covers operatives. In the Line of Sight section, there are some specifics for the E-Web, Mortar trooper, and Occupier tank that override checking LoS from the center of the base. Range section incorporates the new range 5. And Wheel Mode is moved to proper alphabetical order.
  7. The only addition I saw was Immune: Range 1. Unit is immune to weapons with a maximum of range 1.
  8. He said doing resistance and first order was the original direction for developing the game. But they've decided to go in a different direction. No elaboration on what that different direction is. The reason is they don't feel there are enough units to fully flesh out new factions. They wouldn't be able to compete with the other 4 factions. They may revisit the sequel trilogy if more stuff comes out in future movies, shows, etc. Also, future waves will be more themed. He mentioned initial releases were decided more upon what was cool. Future release waves (which he said won't hit the shelves for awhile) will have a more cohesive theme to them. He said there is a lot, a whole lot that they want to get to in Legion.
  9. True. But I'm picturing two announcement articles: one for these 2 commander expansions and one for the escape pod and droids. Kinda like August having an article for corps upgrades and an article for the bunker. There's just so much coming out!
  10. The "announcing" articles usually come out around the first week of the month, with a couple of exceptions. An article next week makes sense. I think the Luke and Vader operatives were an exception.
  11. Oh, good call on the wookies. I was picturing Sabine with a permanent dodge token, but that aim might be solid with more rebel options like you were saying. Pathfinders with Dauntless came to mind but Tauntauns will make use of Tactical easily too.
  12. Definitely some interesting potential with that training upgrade, Offensive (Tactics, maybe). Could be good combined with Dauntless or Compel to get a move and an aim token in exchange for one suppression token. As a rebel player, would love to see a mirror upgrade, Defensive Tactics, that would grant Agile 1.
  13. Actually I don't see Fixed Front on High Energy's card. Just Critical, Cycle, and High Velocity.
  14. Yup, that was my thought, without an order token, they're firing just the one gun if no targets are in range 2. If it does exhaust, it would require a recover action to fire the HA in the next turn if you got into range 2. As you said, it would just have to be mitigated with orders and B1 chains when engaging the enemy.
  15. I think that just means there are 3 Ordnance upgrade cards to choose from. Unless Cycle allows you to flip the card over to another configuration. Don't use the weapon for a turn and flip it to another config for free. The B2-HA upgrade is a liability. If the B2's are at range 3, they use an activation on one shot with everyone else standing around.
  16. I think the card name might be High-E.... but the ability is High Velocity. My guess on Cycle is those cards exhaust. But if you don't attack with them for an activation, they auto recover. "At the end of your... if you did not use this..." from the B2 preview. With Aayla and Plo Koon as pilots, we won't be seeing them as models any time soon. Interesting that all 6 pilots are vehicle specific versus Rebel and Imperial pilots being interchangeable.
  17. Actually, infiltrate is prohibited from the Downed AT-ST scenario. It's in the rulings in the stickied post at the top of the Rules subtopic.
  18. True. It would have been nice if I am a Jedi prevented attack actions instead of preventing performing an attack. Then other ways to attack like And Now You Will Die could still go off.
  19. On the flip side, Palpatine's 2 pip is guaranteed to drop 4 suppression on Luke if timed right against that card. A lot of heads games going on with that duo.
  20. Losing infinite courage means he finally gets cover from suppression. That might be in the "pro" column.
  21. Along with Hope in Luke's box, I'd expect to see Force Guidance in each box along with some surge tokens for those not taking the immediate plunge into Clone Wars. And a few Operative Command cards set in RotJ timeframe. Like Luke's "I sense there's still good in you". Immediately move Luke into base contact with Vader. Luke cannot use attack actions as he tries to talk it out.
  22. I think on the Legion Outrider podcast, they mentioned possibly expanding the number of open slots. If you sign up on their waiting list, you may get a spot if they open it up further. Or if someone drops out.
  23. Is the most efficient boost of the rebel fire support to link it up with a unit that lacks surge? Critical 2 should convert your average roll of surges. It would definitely help the airspeeder, along with looking thematic. Are there other instances that would maximize a fire support combo?
  24. Just tried out Games and Stuff in Glen Burnie last night, they have a nice set up. Lots of tables and terrain. They have Legion night every Monday night. I usually play at Gritty Goblin Games in Maple Lawn/Fulton which has Legion night every other Monday night, with two tables and bring your own terrain. There's a few of us playing in the area between Baltimore and DC, though not regularly enough for every week that I've seen. If you're up for a game, IM me here or add me to your preferred communication (email chain, Discord, text) and we'll see what we can line up.
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