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  1. You're right, only the heavy weapon model gets the sword. But with an aim, the whole squad gets Pierce 1 in their pool, something some players have been saying is severely lacking in wookies. I haven't seen the Mandalorian unit card, but it's possible they have 1 red as their melee attack. 6 red with Pierce 1 on the attack with a speed 3 unit (again assuming on the unit card) with red armor + surge and Impervious (with the ability to get immune pierce in melee) is a pretty powerful unit. You're pretty close to Jedi levels at that point.
  2. Yup, he still has access to all the other weapons available to the unit.
  3. As others have said, Asmodee/FFG is testing out the elasticity of demand. People buying less is just part of that process. It sucks as the consumer because we want more plasticky goodness, but hopefully we get a better overall product from it. We also have to keep in mind the past 2 years has been entry level pricing. FFG entered an existing market and had to differentiate itself from established competitors. The Star Wars license helped but it opted to go for cheaper models to make it a low risk purchase for consumers if it failed, simpler assembly to draw in consumers new to the market, and an easier rule set for previous wargamers so they didn't have to learn quite as much. It worked and they've achieved a market share of the industry. Since entering, they have expanded the rule set (while putting out Skirmish for newer players), expanded the complexity of their models, and increasing their prices. They are evolving their approach to see how much people are willing to pay for their product as they increase the value they believe they are offering. They also have increasing costs whether due to materials, more sculptors for more elaborate models, annual increase in costs, paying game designers for a job well done, etc. As for the greed aspect, when was the last time any of us turned down a raise? And we usually didn't agree to do more work for it. We took what we could get for the level of work we were doing. As a 40k player, I enjoyed the game rules, cheaper prices, and easy assembly. And I also enjoy gaming against people in my area. We'll see how this change in direction impacts the overall gaming community.
  4. K2-S0 is a combination of Chewie in some regards and C3-P0. Teamwork with Cassian and can trigger Calculate? Super Guardian for a turn. All 3 Cassian command cards triggering teamwork. Some fun stuff to play with in there.
  5. Weikel

    TT disengage

    I just want to make sure I understand the interaction on this one. Will Ram not trigger because they can't go a full 3 speed move? Or assuming the taun-tauns can't reach another unit with a speed 1 move? Based on the language below for Ram, I wasn't sure if "maximum speed reduction" applies to Ram or just things like Immobilize. A unit whose maximum speed has been reduced is still considered to have performed a move at its maximum speed as long as the move was performed using the highest speed movement tool available to that unit.
  6. Where are you located? I don't know that FFG has a dedicated demo team. But you might be able to find a nearby community to drum up some interest.
  7. I think they're just showing the back of one of the three command cards. Just as they're showing the back of each unit card. Padme having a command upgrade slot is a nice touch. She can run Strict Orders while Kenobi or Rex runs Aggressive Tactics. Or Esteemed Leader if you want to make that Secret Mission more likely.
  8. Weikel

    Fire Support

    I don't see anything in the RRG for Standby or Fire Support that would cause you to remove a standby token if the unit used a Fire Support keyword. It isn't considered an attack by the Fire Support unit.
  9. What about using them in a linebacker role? Put a RT-97C on them to shoot from range 4 with your gunline and intercept any Taun-tauns, jedi, or any melee units that come at you. Roughly the same points as Royal Guard, drop the Guardian for range 4 shooting. If your opponent runs a gunline, then advance on any objectives while throwing out some return fire. Or provide cover to a naked stormtrooper unit trying to score an objective.
  10. Weikel


    Yup. Ordnance works the same way. You could shoot with your normal gun in turn 2 while it reloads.
  11. Doesn't look like you can based on the card text. It excludes you from hitting a unit that already defended.
  12. According to LJ on Facebook, Legion 101 will be a series of articles prepared by the community designed to help newer players learn the game. The first article in the series will be released today.
  13. I would think you're right in how Marksman works. If so, it will help bypass Guardian as well if you can get hits on the roll and push them to crits. I usually run Leia with Esteemed Leader so Iden could be a hard counter with Pierce and High Velocity. Nowhere to hide or dodge.
  14. He's at least going to add a Comms slot to Iden. The box comes with 2 Comms upgrade cards but she currently has no Comms slot.
  15. Is that Blast on Iden's 2 pip giving her access to another one-time weapon? Looks like she'll have a range of weapons to choose from. Loadout seems to benefit her more than Cassian as she can choose between the sniper rifle or TL-50 repeater. Hunter will also be nice with that Marksman ability.
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