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  1. Weikel

    Battle Card Deck

    Depends if you're playing a competitive or casual game. I bought Priority Supplies and play casually, so I use all of them. I paid good money for those cards, they're going in the mix!
  2. Weikel

    Fire Support

    It would appear to be like the Chewie command card with Leia. The original unit shooting determines the surge, while the Fire Support unit is adding dice and any weapon rules to the attack pool.
  3. What about that HOPE card? We see commanding presence and force guidance. My guess would be suppression removal or something similar to graffiti as a Command Upgrade card. I can't make out who is in the picture as that would be an upcoming model.
  4. Take dewbacks out of a vacuum and they can synergize with other units. IRG has guardian which protects troopers. Unless there's a rule update for creature trooper, they may be able to absorb some damage while running along side to add to the charge. Pulling Strings or Ways to Motivate could grant them an additional move action, which could also Spur for a 3rd move 2. Veers' imperial discipline could help them shed suppressions from spurring across the table. Also, due to their size, they could double as moving LOS blocking terrain for IRG or scout troopers to get up close. Tenacity and Endurance are both solid upgrade options. The RT-97c is probably the same as the tank, so 1 red 3 white. I think I'd rather keep moving than shoot with this guy though.
  5. Thanks for the input on the colors. I'll give Vallejo a try and see how they turn out.
  6. Huh, maybe it's just a grey that turns blue or green depending on the light. It's less blue than her pants but I see different pictures with the same outfit where it looks blue or green. This photo looks blue grey to me.
  7. That's fair. Then which Vallejo colors would you recommend for that light blue grey of the jacket and light tan under shirt?
  8. Thanks, I really like Sorastro's guides. However in his one for Leia, her jacket appears green vs the light blue from the movie. Maybe I'll take the same color he uses for the pants and try it on the jacket and adjust the wash or highlights to break them up.
  9. I'm finally getting around to painting Leia and want to go with the blue/tan uniform from RotJ like the box art. Coming from 40k, I'm using Citadel paints. What blues and tans have people used to get a good result? Thanks in advance!
  10. 18 B-1 models according to the article.
  11. It is a lot of actions but they'll have their weaknesses. No impact shooting means they'll have to Ram armor, if that has a impact like effect. Suppression hurts them since it is taking away 3 potential actions. Range 2 shooting means they have to get close, so standby actions can counter them. Units like the E-Web (fittingly), deathtroopers, or fleet troopers will hurt given their synergies with standby. Not having compulsory movement is nice for these guys so they can sit back until the rest of the army engages and then they can charge in.
  12. Shoretroopers would fit the Rogue One diaroma coming up and could be a veteran trooper equivalent.
  13. That's how I read it too. "While.... offensive surges, change... results to *crit* results". Based on the 2 in Critical, it puts them on par with characters surging to crit. Helps against cover and armor without being overpowered for a Corps unit.
  14. I keep 2 long strings of yarn in my game box and tape them down 6" in from the mat sides. I can reuse and put away without issue. A couple pieces of tape keep it from moving and the yarn is reusable so best of both worlds.
  15. I've had a few games playing with them and really like them. They tear through stormtroopers and put pressure on your opponent. I agree with most suggestions here. I give mine Recon Intel, Tenacity, Duck & Cover, and a bowcaster. Having a medic nearby can allow you to add back a wookie right before the charge. As with most melee units, you want them to activate near last turn 1 and near first turn 2 to get a double activation. And LOS blocking terrain is key. In one game, I was suppressed when the wookies activated. So rather than move once and be in range of Scout Trooper guns, I fired the bowcaster to take out 2 of them. So there's rare utility in the bowcaster.
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