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  1. I reckon I would be inclined to go all in on Torkil with lols and fill around that. Torkil - boba crew, hull and shield and title Seevor and Ahhav with crack shot Bossk with Marksmanship Laetin with Snap shot
  2. Tried this today 2 wins 200 to 43 and 200 to 118 and a very narrow loss (needed 1 damage from Laetin at range 3 to get half points on a fire spray for the win - the spray had no mods and Laetin had a focus - no damage - boooo) Fenn - Outmaneuver Skull - Fearless Laetin - Snap Shot & Ion Cannon Mining Guild Surveyor with Squad leader 196pts The MGT did good work coordinating and the snap shot lottery with Laetin was great fun.
  3. This was suggested in another thread so I tried it on Fly Casual and it goes well - will try it next games night to see how it goes. Ig88’s A+B with Crack shot, autoblasters, contra and title G1-A Zuckuss - IG88D, Fearless, Passive sensors and contra 200 pts
  4. I did say I “dream” of the day. And you wouldn’t need the bullseye if it was range 1 😎. But better targets like a Fang or an A wing could get caught particularly with the jump having the Barrel roll available.
  5. Tried this on fly casual and going to give it a go at games night. Dengar Autoblasters, Greedo, Trick Shot, Contraband add a mod to taste (shield upgrade seems good) As noted by someone earlier just fly around turning left like the old Shadow Caster. Can get lucky with trick shot going off or auto blasters with greedo is great if you can catch a ship that doesn’t have you in arc. Oh I dream of the day I catch Soontir and roll to double crit and a hit and flip to a third with Greedo for an auto kill 🤪🤪. i tried it with a few different wing mates - most small medium bases seem Ok.
  6. Thanks to all and to Svelok for providing the data I was hoping for. One extra question - if all available pilots for list building what percentage are force users. The following is all very rough and without science but here goes. So just over 20% of pilots used are force users but over 50% of lists have force of some kind. It appears folks are happy to pay the current premium for those “free” force mods. Jeez look at scum with 23% of lists with force and the only option really being Maul at 10pts as you rarely see Assajj. I think fickle might be onto it also. With 2-3 agi and 3 force it just makes things hard to remove from the table. Regen adds another layer of difficulty. Interestingly - in my experience I don’t find it as difficult to deal with say Luke, Rey or Kylo who both are at 2 force and lower agi except Kylo. Same goes for Inquisitors. This won’t happen but in hindsight it may have been better to have all the higher end Force pilots have a base value of 2 force (at adjusted points). Then there could be a unique force upgrade that uses the force slot to upgrade to 3 force for say 8-10pts. This would require a hard choice for all the force pilots as to wether to take the extra point or a force upgrade and on which pilot if there are multiple. Exits soap box and runs 😳😳.
  7. I would be interested to know from recent events if pilots and upgrades with force were over represented. At a recent GC event I played 6 matches and in 4 of the 6 my opponent had a force user. I found this incredibly difficult to counter as pushing damage was HARD TO DO (maybe was just the list I ran) It just feels to me as though force is on the whole a bit under costed.
  8. IG-88D — Aggressor Assault Fighter 64 Seismic Charges 3 Contraband Cybernetics 3 Ship Total: 70 Half Points: 35 Threshold: 4
  9. 4-LOM Adsen Elusive Maul Title Contraband 79 pts
  10. I agree with this in general. clouds are definitely the “defensive” obstacle and that’s fine. This may be harsh but I would love to see the consequence be “gain a disarm token”.
  11. Quick update - had a casual game with this against a "sub-optimal" empire list - Bomber with Plasmas, Rexler, Academy Tie and a ship with Diamond Borons. Anyhow - it went quite well. The combo of Sense Asajj and Adsen Vipers worked very well. Early game I just tried to dance them around and avoid getting shot at whilst getting the odd long shot away with them. Late game I could get more aggressive as Asajj had started handing out stress and she was usually range 1 of a ship to use sense without having to spend a force token to do so. I used the seasoned navigator once on Asajj and even then I probably didn't need to - still remains to be seen whether a shield upgrade or contraband cybernetics could be of more use on her. Icing on the cake near the end of the game I managed to get all 3 of my ships focused and to range 1 of an undamaged Rexler - Asajj shot first giving him a tractor token and minor damage then the vipers unleashed and he was "very" damaged (destroyed) at the end of that turn - game over. One takeaway was that gas clouds are far too forgiving IMO - on several occasions I just Adsen a focus on the vipers and then drive straight over a cloud for zero consequence - feels dirty to me. As I said - my opponents list was not top tier but I will try a few more games and see how it goes.
  12. I have had this thought for a while so here goes. A while back I played a bit of Warmachine/Hordes and in that there was this idea of themed lists. These lists had fairly strict requirements for what models and upgrades could be included. If you met the themed requirements then there was a certain "benefit" applied to your list. Is this something that would add to the game? As an example - One I would love to try - Vader's Bounty Hunters List must include - Boba, Bossk, 4LOM, Zuckuss, Dengar and IG88 as either pilots or crew.
  13. Hugeman

    Improving x wing

    Fully agree on both of these - particularly number 4. Hitting an obstacle or bumping another ship should really matter. Any "gain token" ability should be precluded by "if you did not overlap and obstacle or another ship" then use said ability. As a reminder - this "trick" was heavily abused by the Ghost/Fenn with Boost in 1.0 - move onto rock - allow enemy ships to move in for the juicy attack - co-ordinate boost off rock - destroy everything with Double TLT shots - awful. Other than the above and a couple of other minor things I also think the game is in a good place. Also, as MasterShake 2 pointed out earlier, a lot of those tournament games come down to one or maybe two little mistakes by a player that can cost them the game. In that same tournament I recall a player using a torrent swarm against a falcon/wedge list made a slight error in deciding what order to move his swarm ships - it left him badly positioned and probably cost him the game. This explains why I do so poorly at tournaments too - 10 mistakes is way too many - lol.
  14. I really want to try this - I just fear that I would be rolling unmodded dice too often. Asajj Ventress (74) Sense (5) Seasoned Navigator (6) Shadow Caster (3) Black Sun Enforcer (46) Advanced Sensors (10) Black Sun Enforcer (46) Advanced Sensors (10) Ship total: 56 Half Points: 28 Threshold: 3 Total: 200
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