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  1. I agree with this in general. clouds are definitely the “defensive” obstacle and that’s fine. This may be harsh but I would love to see the consequence be “gain a disarm token”.
  2. Quick update - had a casual game with this against a "sub-optimal" empire list - Bomber with Plasmas, Rexler, Academy Tie and a ship with Diamond Borons. Anyhow - it went quite well. The combo of Sense Asajj and Adsen Vipers worked very well. Early game I just tried to dance them around and avoid getting shot at whilst getting the odd long shot away with them. Late game I could get more aggressive as Asajj had started handing out stress and she was usually range 1 of a ship to use sense without having to spend a force token to do so. I used the seasoned navigator once on Asajj and even then I probably didn't need to - still remains to be seen whether a shield upgrade or contraband cybernetics could be of more use on her. Icing on the cake near the end of the game I managed to get all 3 of my ships focused and to range 1 of an undamaged Rexler - Asajj shot first giving him a tractor token and minor damage then the vipers unleashed and he was "very" damaged (destroyed) at the end of that turn - game over. One takeaway was that gas clouds are far too forgiving IMO - on several occasions I just Adsen a focus on the vipers and then drive straight over a cloud for zero consequence - feels dirty to me. As I said - my opponents list was not top tier but I will try a few more games and see how it goes.
  3. I have had this thought for a while so here goes. A while back I played a bit of Warmachine/Hordes and in that there was this idea of themed lists. These lists had fairly strict requirements for what models and upgrades could be included. If you met the themed requirements then there was a certain "benefit" applied to your list. Is this something that would add to the game? As an example - One I would love to try - Vader's Bounty Hunters List must include - Boba, Bossk, 4LOM, Zuckuss, Dengar and IG88 as either pilots or crew.
  4. Hugeman

    Improving x wing

    Fully agree on both of these - particularly number 4. Hitting an obstacle or bumping another ship should really matter. Any "gain token" ability should be precluded by "if you did not overlap and obstacle or another ship" then use said ability. As a reminder - this "trick" was heavily abused by the Ghost/Fenn with Boost in 1.0 - move onto rock - allow enemy ships to move in for the juicy attack - co-ordinate boost off rock - destroy everything with Double TLT shots - awful. Other than the above and a couple of other minor things I also think the game is in a good place. Also, as MasterShake 2 pointed out earlier, a lot of those tournament games come down to one or maybe two little mistakes by a player that can cost them the game. In that same tournament I recall a player using a torrent swarm against a falcon/wedge list made a slight error in deciding what order to move his swarm ships - it left him badly positioned and probably cost him the game. This explains why I do so poorly at tournaments too - 10 mistakes is way too many - lol.
  5. I really want to try this - I just fear that I would be rolling unmodded dice too often. Asajj Ventress (74) Sense (5) Seasoned Navigator (6) Shadow Caster (3) Black Sun Enforcer (46) Advanced Sensors (10) Black Sun Enforcer (46) Advanced Sensors (10) Ship total: 56 Half Points: 28 Threshold: 3 Total: 200
  6. Looks OK. Debris Gambit is not really a good talent for 4LOM - If you must go for a talent try Elusive instead. Trick shot is also expensive nowadays - you could drop all three of those to give Kavil Proton Torps.
  7. Has anyone tried this? Guri - AdSen Fenn Teroch
  8. Mate that is awful - really feel for you. The cost of replacing these items is bad but all the time you have obviously put into sorting everything out into an orderly format and personalizing stuff really hurts. The worst part is the low life bastards who took it will probably have no use for it at all. Lets hope by some miracle you van get it back.
  9. Apologies for the thread title - not my intention to be a "drama queen" On This. Have you tried running the ship? I have tried it with 4LOM and Teroch - those 2 were doing a great job pulling their weight - hard for them to also be Dengar's protector or support. Most opponents will avoid Dengar and just tank his one shot per round and at worst take 4 dice if Dengar can get a range 1 front arc shot (good luck getting that position and having any mods). This means your remaining ships have to work extra hard and scum as a faction has ships that run independently so trying to run something to "support" Dengar is not easy to achieve either. Other combo's like Palob and Fenn, Kavil & 4LOM, it doesn't matter - the lack of firepower in the JM5k along with the other drawbacks just make it GARBAGE no matter what combo. Something I think could be fixed with a change to the unique upgrade that adds a 3 dice front arc - points costed appropriately (a similar upgrade on the hawk is 18 but Moldy Crow has an extra ability baked in). Perhaps I just don't have the skills to make it work at the moment - actually that is most likely the case If someone flies it and makes it work I would live to hear about - happy to learn. BTW I only own 1 of them and like others have said I only started playing well after all the 1.0 nerfs. I have no interest in running JM5k spam. I was just hoping the ship would be playable - not necessarily an auto-include - just able to sort of earn its points. We shall see how useful it is in coming tournaments but, being a betting man, I seriously doubt we will be seeing it in many Top 8/16 lists in the near future.
  10. Yes have tried Dengar (the only slightly viable one - that is a problem in itself) with several different wingmates and combos. The dial and action bar is "GARBAGE" even with the cheaper contraband it is really hard to get it to pull its weight. Good luck getting consistent front arc shots let alone getting an opposing ship in the front arc and getting it shoot at Dengar whether there are other viable targets or not. My suggested change would also at least make fearless or outmaneuver an option instead of the current mediocre list of available talents. And no I didn't ever play the Dengaroo combo so I am not pining for the past - didn't take up xwing until well after that era was done with.
  11. Why should it replace the turret arc? The turret would just be a 2 attack dice arc in addition to the front primary. Opposing ships could choose to avoid the front arc knowing that the turret arc is less powerful but can still deal damage. Perhaps the punishing one upgrade would need to go up in price a bit though (remember it is a unique upgrade so only one of them allowed).
  12. What if the punishing one upgrade read as follows; Gain a "front arc" primary weapon with a value of “3” instead of While you perform a primary attack, if the defender is in your "front arc" , roll 1 additional attack die
  13. This is very similar to one I really want to try. Have you played any games with it - if so how did it go?
  14. Agreed - I think Ketsu seems good. Will take some good positioning to make it work really well. I reckon this would would be super annoying against a lot of lists. 4-LOM — G-1A Starfighter 49 Advanced Sensors 10 Tobias Beckett 2 Mist Hunter 2 Ship Total: 63 Half Points: 32 Threshold: 5 Ketsu Onyo — Lancer-class Pursuit Craft 70 Fearless 3 Contraband Cybernetics 3 Shadow Caster 3 Ship Total: 79 Half Points: 40 Threshold: 5 Palob Godalhi — HWK-290 Light Freighter 40 Moldy Crow 18 Ship Total: 58 Half Points: 29 Threshold: 3 All the scummy tricks are there - token stripping, handing out stress and tractoring. Have used Beckett a few times and it is really good - would be great for clearing lanes for Ketsu as well I think.
  15. Tried Dengar on the weekend. Contraband, Agile gunner, R2 Mech Still Garbage IMO. Dial, large base, punishing one front arc locked, red barrel roll, linked red turret turn - all terrible. Even at I6 it was near impossible to get in a position to make the opponent engage Dengar to use his ability. The awful dial just makes it near impossible to do that - it is just too easy for opponents to to fly around it. Really don't see how they can possibly fix this ship to make it remotely competitive. Used it alongside 4LOM and Teroch - they did all of the heavy lifting.
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