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  1. I'd agree on an x1 or a v1. Which comes down to whether you want Vader or some of the other characters. Vader is relatively easy to fly and can be a true beast. I'm a big interceptor fan, but often like to run two if I run them. You could go down that road, or get two more stock TIEs and start a swarm. Could be fun to face the Decimator off against the Falcon, but it's expensive and that will often come down to a big ship duel with minor supporting characters if you play Falcon v. Decimator. All are available native in v2.0 and no upgrade kit necessary. Vader, Decimator, Interceptor, Interceptor = $100 Inquisitor, Interceptor, Interceptor, TIE, TIE = $100 All are fun, playable ships and would get you to a point where you probably have more plastic than you can put into a 200 point list and might start thinking about adding rebels variety instead.
  2. Show me the forum where players are delighted with the amount of new releases, new content, and pace of point updates right now and I'll engage in this discussion.
  3. Lord Dark Helmet is very unhappy about the lack of Spaceballs references in this thread.
  4. Maybe that part job would be more appropriate for the Secessionists in the Clone Wars era? Sorry. I couldn't resist. Please carry on.
  5. Sarcasm free post. I think playing solitaire can be a great way to get to know the units and their capabilities. I don't know that you even need to randomize command cards. Most of the time they're not surprising. Although I could see limited randomization (i.e. a two pip and three pip would both be totally reasonable, so I'll rolloff for it). A system that can have Son of Skywalker come up turn one and Maximum Firepower last turn is just kind of silly. It can be helpful for getting used to move and fire ranges and trying out some things that you might not in a live game. And it can be quite entertaining on a rainy day. If you don't overthink the strategy you can find yourself in some interesting tactical dilemmas against yourself. Just don't expect it to bring the same excitement and surprise that a real game will. Good against remotes is one thing. Good against the living, that's something else.
  6. As always, the answer is demand and economics. It's a fact that the mini's have to look cool and fun to paint for a tabletop game like this to succeed today. And it also needs a lot of big, fun toys. To do both of those together you have to cram the board and fudge the scales. As has been discussed at length, a snow speeder would fly over the board in a turn at scale and not turn around and come back for a while. But you can't sell air support strikes. You can sell models. And the scale range of an AT-ST main gun would be like fifty feet. No way the range is four times its height. To do these battles at scale, you'd need to do them in like 10mm or smaller. And people don't get psyched to paint 10mm heroes. Hence "heroic scale" where the models are much bigger than they would be for the environment and all the ranges are compressed.
  7. Empire - Black with a dark gunmetal highlight. Rebel - Dark gunmetal with a 50/50 gunmetal/silver highlight.
  8. Pretty much. Combination of not worrying that much about them and crit fishing. I like AT-RTs and usually take two, but I wouldn't tailor a list to have them in just to counter other AT-RTs if it's not to your taste as they're really the only thing that Impact is helpful for right now given the builds one tends to see. IMHO of course.
  9. What are you going to do with impact? Don't need it for bikes. You should ignore AT-STs. Won't see T-47s. And you can take out AT-RTs without it.
  10. The rules don't cover every sort of terrain. They do say... A unit can change elevation up to the height of it's leader without having to climb/clamber. So that would be yes for 1", and no for 2". Making it difficult seems fine to me. All terrain is clarified / defined up front. Sometimes woods are difficult, and sometimes they are not. Even the same woods game to game depending on what players define.
  11. These seem pretty close to the standard rules with the exception of the elevation changes being difficult terrain, but there is always the option to declare terrain as difficult pre-battle. Good looking hills.
  12. I think we're mixing our arguments a bit. And there is now conveniently a "key positions killing the game" thread to hash that one out. But let's be honest that the current vehicles are a mixed bag. AT-RTs and Bikes are useful, valuable, and often played. T-47s and AT-STs are weak, albeit for totally different reasons. T-47s are easily taken down without specialty anti-vehicle weapons. They just don't last. Oddly, AT-STs are weak because they are too strong. I will make the controversial argument that they would be more valuable with nine wounds. Then they might actually take some fire, and divert fire from troops. We all know by now that the dominant strategy against AT-STs is to avoid them and to not waste fire. One might also argue that both would be fine at lower points, as I have, but that's another thread as well. There is an option and a hope that we get additional and better vehicles, and I hope that is the solution. Neither side has a hover tank, tracked vehicle, or APC. All of these exist in (at least semi)canon. They could be well costed and survivable. They could persuade players to take Ion, or HH-12s, which would diversify the game in other ways. For example making Z-6s and DLTs less mandatory. That could put more things on the board that would damage an AT-ST enough to make it worth trying to take down, or split fire to allow T-47s to live longer. The vehicle game hasn't been decided, as nothing since Wave 1 has been a vehicle, but a lot rides on the next vehicle releases.
  13. Full disclosure: I have not completely studied or played with the Guard. But I do wonder if two units is overkill and may create too small a bubble if you plan on moving both with Vader. I am highly intrigued by the Imperial Guard with Vader, and think it may well be a better pairing than with Palpatine. But using the 104 points on for the second unit for something else might yield something more flexible and frightening, and still leave you with a very, very scary Vader core.
  14. I don't think this is a failure. It's a natural result of the universe the game takes place in. The themes are established. Many gamers will come to play in an iconic universe they know and love. Others will be turned off that they can't sufficiently customize and play other games. Some will find ways to make their faceless legions of imperial stooges less faceless. Legion is not a hobby first game. It's a theme first game with streamlined gameplay that allows some hobby avenues if you want it. You can like it or not, but it's a feature not a bug to FFG. Personally I'm fine with it. I like that I get to paint if I want to, and well if I care to, but that's not that important. My hours playing to painting ratio is very high compared to other games. And I've gotten my daughter to engage in a tabletop game for the first time because she knows and loves the universe and doesn't need to use gloves to handle the minis or learn hundreds of rules. Others have different priorities and that's fine.
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