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  1. I have been wondering how they are going to handle all of the jedi? The problem I have with the Jedi is a huge number of them should play similarly, so I was wondering if we might get a specialist squad of jedi, similar to say the Wookie Warriors. Maybe 2-3 units, with 2 or 3 heavy weapon jedi you could add in? Pricery in points but that seems to be the Republics style.
  2. I thought this at first but then I looked at the Speeders point cost, the Speeder with two upgrades can easily be cheaper than the tank. So I really came down to Speeder+1 unit versus the tank, which is better?
  3. The Occupier tank has some interesting features, the upgrades aren't super expensive and it can throw some pretty decent fire power downfield now up to range 4. It feels like to could be strong against rebels but weak against imperials because while 8 health is nice, just ask the T47 how a low cover easy to shoot target fares against DLTs. Still it has enough fire power to potentially delete some lower health units in one turn and seriously hurt something over two turns. So it is "interesting" to me but it doesn't feel as tanky as an ATST. The speeder is a low cost jack of all trades, want to have some anti armor and poking, want to act like a speeder bike, its upgrades scare me as to their cost and the squishiness of the unit. The pilots are a must have IMO and may give some life to the T47 enabling cover 2 at all times.
  4. Frankly too map and scenario dependent to crown one better than the other. I like the 1.4 pretty well but the AT-RT is pretty flexible.
  5. 1. More vehicles 2. More scenarios and objectives such as set army scenarios (defend echo base, must take t47, luke, 1.4, vs veers, snowtroopers, atst, etc) 3. More hero type units, Grand Moff Tarkin, Lando, R2D2 and C3po, etc
  6. The question for me isn't what is to big, can the rules be changed or a game mode added that makes it overall enjoyable. For instance if an AT-AT model came out, I would totally buy it and spend hundreds on it.....but based on the game and table size it doesn't work. We would need double the table size to make it work, we would need new command cards or things like smoke grenades to give a counter to long range units. We would need transports for our 1 movement speed units, etc.
  7. No, I don't want a scum and villainy faction but I do want the units that would be in scum and villainy. With the clone wars coming out I am excited to get a couple of factions that we rarely get to play with in the star wars space. In general, the video games around the Clone Wars sucked, the board games sucked as they just wanted to be movie tie ins, the CCGs all failed hard. Then when I consider this game is basically perfect for the clone wars units I am really excited here. I don't want another faction right away and when we get one I would like to try other space. There is currently good variety already in game and the game is expanding that variety fast and has a lot of room for new mechanics to come out.
  8. I see no need for a "mercenary faction" we are getting consistent releases for the current two factions and we have two more factions on the way. The two factions are loosely mirrors. No one looks at Storm troopers and Rebel troopers and thinks they play the same way. Both have clear strengths and weaknesses. Same with Fleet Troopers and Snow Troopers, Like versus Vader, Veers versus Leia. Vehicles are straight up different between the two sides. Command cards really change the game as well. Basically anyone who plays the game knows there are pretty big differences overall between the factions while also having similarities. Now let's add in specialists, new operatives, etc. Games can go stagnant by offering too many options as well.
  9. I am guessing over time during the purge Vader ended up killing more Jedi and Masters than Dooku ever even came close to doing. I think Legion overall did a good job of capturing a lot of the essence of Vader in fact as a slow moving powerhouse. So in a straight up fight I would expect Vader to win but in an overall game Legion game I bet Dooku is better because: I think Dooku will be a Luke, Palp hybrid. Where you get better mobility (move 2), similar health and defense dice to Palp and Luke, same attack dice as Palp but with a lightsaber attack range, a commander ability, master of the force 1. His command cards would generally be more flexible than Vader's and his mobility will allow him to flex better.
  10. Give into your anger is arguably a better later game card. Turn 1 the odds of actually fully routing a unit is low. However conversely if you take Palp, you are likely at an activation disadvantage. This card though mitigates that by forcing a key unit to either push up and expose to focus fire, or not and take 4 suppression. Then consider real later game situations where maybe enemy commanders are dead or out of position. Not you can potentially route a unit late round, fun. Because of his free action economy I wonder if he will cause low activation count to be a thing, Vader, Boba, Palp? Seems crazy but those cards are interesting.
  11. To make a good list I suggest a couple of things: 1. Have 8+ activations, one of the reasons people want more activations is to try and keep a couple high value units in reserve and move them last so that they don't take fire. 2. Have a suppression remover, such as Leia or Veers. The new generic commanders will help here. 3. Have at least one unit who can wipe out a unit in one attack. Basically depending on terrain, force composition, etc. someone will make a mistake, and you need to punish that play for it when it occurs. Luke, Boba, ATST, Fleet Troopers, Snow troopers with a flamer. 4. Plan for trooper spam first and vehicles second. Vehicles can often be played around, but trooper spam really can't. For instance I often see a player put impact grenades on almost all their troopers which is a mistake. You should put it on a couple of troopers and then deploy smartly and protect them until needed, if needed. 5. Understand what your list does well and what you will have problems with. This is critical because when you are defining the battlefield and choosing objectives you can seriously hamper yourself or your opponent.
  12. I am a casual player but I found saboteurs to be really interesting and fun. Especially against trooper spam. Its ability to set a charge and hit 3-4 guys can really change a lot of your opponents plans. I had one game where I hit 5 separate units with a bomb, that one attack won the game. That level of damage and suppression can change action economy in your favor. However I do find terrain makes a difference. Do you have LOS blocking terrain or a more open map with general light and heavy cover? Saboteurs are all about abusing LOS and causing enemies to clump. If you like playing on an Endor map I don't think they work well because you opponent can spread out more.
  13. At range two they are an amazing unit. The scatter gun does good work and they can throw so many white dice that one lucky turn deletes a unit. Assuming 9 plus activations it is fair to assume some units will get close. This unit wins at close. Part 2, they are a legitimate counter to Boba and Luke. Both this units tend to dive into your units from heavy cover or non LOS positions. Fleet troopers can standby and shoot them when they approach.
  14. As I play more I am finding terrain is one of those wildcards that changes what units are effective. I played a game recently with tall solid terrain you couldn't shoot through. It created range 3 firing lanes all over the map. In theory Imperials should have the theory crafted advantage of range 4 DLT but not that game. One player brought commandos with bombs. The ability to plant a bomb and hide behind solid cover did incredible damage to the trooper spam. We look at the efficiency of weapons but what if you can't fire for a round or two getting into position because of the terrain? The heavy costed units are kind of wild cards in the sense that they have big guns and can get into range easily. So did they roll well to hurt a unit and did a defender roll poorly and get a unit deleted? If it does, then it is totally worth it and if it didn't you prolly lost the game. I am not an ATST hater, but I am glad a lot of people are because it makes the T47 much more viable. I think it is too early to crown generic stormtrooper spam the king. I think at the highest end of competitive it is more consistently good but it doesn't flat out dominate.
  15. When it first came out I was not impressed with the grenade launcher. Seemed over-costed and cover busting didn't beat out Pierce IMO. Then came Duck and Cover and multiple units that can improve their cover by 1 if in light cover. Most of the counters to heavy cover involved short range, maneuvering around it, or just trying to brute force through it. Now the fleet troopers with the grenade launcher solve that problem at a decent range of 2, or 3 on its own.
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