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  1. Boba I have found to be just fine but doesn't synergize well which is why maybe a 5 point drop could be warranted. He has good armor, mobility, his ignoring cover is pretty strong. Yea his command cards are situational but I think he works pretty well has a front line tank or skirmisher.
  2. I totally agree if you go faction by faction we have pretty good balance at the top end of lists. However this thread isn't a which faction sucks thread, it is which individual units out of each faction fail to measure up, either to design choices that didn't work out, power creep, just flat out better units, etc.
  3. So to me Gideon Hask belongs on a Snowtrooper using Steady. (same opinion I have on Del). Because it counts as the leader you get to reliably fire his gun until the entire unit is defeated. Because you have slightly higher courage you also may not be losing actions which could allow a aim, move, shoot more often.
  4. Are the Madalorians special forces confirmed for sure? Probably.. What if they have gunslinger or tactical 1, that would make a big difference on Tristan.
  5. In the spirit of having a Nerd-off. In the Endor bunker they didn't surrender to 5 guys they surrendered to a Legion of troops who ambushed them of which 5 guys were the first there (and Han killed one of them), they then went on to win that battle mostly unscathed. This is exactly how Legion works, an entire army focusing on a Hero unit will kill them. I am not sure if you have watched the moves recently but Han surrenders to the two storm troopers as a ruse. On Bespin you kind of glossed over Vader being there and having stolen Hans blaster, after basically ignoring his shots, plus once again, 7 storm troopers behind them and Han is disarmed, with Vader there who is a badass. I actually agree with you on Boba Fett, most overrate Star Wars character ever. You effectively dislike 2 hero's, Han and Boba Fett and then based on that is saying there is a Cult of hero's. I flat out disagree, based on the "historical" videos the hero's were always above and beyond a basic trooper and this game used a point system to partially determine how many regular squads a character will be worth. This is literally realism based on the source material. Both Han and Boba Fett are worth less points than a force user and Han specifically isn't that expensive at 120.
  6. You will have to describe the scenes they surrendered left and right during, because I gave you 5 examples of where they didn't surrender and the one time on Endor they did, it was to an entire legion of the emporers best troops, who they still beat and walked away unscathed from.
  7. 20 points for wookies, yea I would take that.
  8. Since we are having a Nerd Off I am going to totally disagree with you. The Heroes consistently defeat small squads of storm troopers and get away unscathed but conversely when facing oppressive numbers they tended to run/lose which is exactly what legion simulates. A hero charging a gun line has to be done carefully and well thought or they lose. A focus fired hero/commander usually dies in this game. Conversely if the game breaks down to squad versus hero, the hero tends to win handily. This game isn't Luke vs Luke or Emporer vs Emporer, we have imperial Gunlines, TaunTauns, double ATST lists, etc. We use the movies for "historical accuracy," so starting with a new hope we have the heroes facing down squads of troopers and winning/getting away before oppressive numbers take them out, just like Legion. This occurs in Mos Eisley at the beginning, the Death Star, Luke solos an ATAT on Hoth, etc. On Endor when facing overwhelming odds Han surrenders, then during a counter attack while unarmed he takes out a storm trooper even though he is in the middle of a Legion he comes away unscathed. Jabba's palace is another great example of the heroes as a group taking on a much greater force. Conversely on the Empires side we see Vader mowing down squads on Rogue One alone. Then if we talk the Prequels, Obi Wan, the Emporer and Jedi in general all show greater strength than the average trooper squad. Bottom line the Protagnonists typically show greater skill and combat ability than the average unit. I think this game does a good job or recreating "history" in a simulated fashion.
  9. An interesting twist when looking at whether a unit is overcosted or not is there was always baseline math supporting the original cost. So looking at a unit alone in a vacuum could show that it has great avg damage with a good distribution but then you see range 2 which doesn't necessarily factor into the math but is a critical game component. I think there are factors that a lot of players don't address when they analyze a unit and talk about say average damage: Synergy with your army, Effectiveness in both open and heavy terrain, Average damage adjusted for early game effectiveness, Average damage adjusted for health of the unit and adjusted for points. The reason I argue Wookie warriors are clearly overcosted, is its direct mirror of the IRG is successfully used even at the highest levels of play. Within its own faction it is the highest cost unit to upgrade with just its heavy weapon at 110 points. Is it worth to potentially lose an activation to take a squad of wookie warriors? It's average damage when adjusted for early turns of not being able to fire or based on points is really low. Finally in a more open battlefield which happens from time to time their keywords are less useful.
  10. Set up can take 20min or so, clean up about the same. A typical game lasts me 90 min to 2 hours. The game system is functionally complex enough to have good variance, but simple enough that you don't bog down in the rules. A lot of games get super rules heavy for "realism" but I think they did a really good job of giving an abstract flavor of squad based ground fighting. Every army is also functionally playable and rarely has any trap units where you buy a unit only to find out later it sucks. (Rebels might be closest to having trap units but are still a good faction) The painting and putting most units together (CIS are the hardest) are a breeze. Model quality is pretty good for painting purposes but you will notice units like a lot of vehicles are pretty simple fit and glue situations as opposed to complex builds. Do you have friends to play with or a local scene to play at, because before I would buy this game I would check on that? A great way to buy in is to buy two starter boxes with a friend where you each take a faction, and then fill in with a couple units you want to have. It is rare even in a loss where I didn't think I had a good time.
  11. Like the person you responded too, I totally disagree with you. All armies if you kill the commander tend to lose synergy, this isnt just a Imperial thing. Look at droids, clones etc. Amongst the heros Imps have, Veers, Krennic, Vader, Palp, Bossk, Boba and the weakest of them is still at a minimum average as a unit and not bad. You can build a double heavy vehicle Imperial list, gunline list, a Palp list. There are a lot of different archetypes and variations here. The reason it feels like Imperials always form a gunline is because it is an actual choice for them. You could go double heros which is good. Double heavy vehicles which is good. Gunline which is great, etc. Imperials arent just some gunline faction, they are a highly mobile army that has multi role units that also gets to exploit a gunline.
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