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  1. I thought the game had gone out of print until I got an email showing that the gaming website I bought it from had gotten more copies in stock earlier this week. Maybe there will finally be an expansion in the works? Not having enough dice to play the game introduces unnecessary complications in the game play. As consumers, we shouldn't have to buy two copies of the game just to have enough dice nor should we be forced to find a way to create more dice through third parties. So yes, I also would like to see at least a dice pack released along with some sort of expansion.
  2. I have an older copy of the game when it was being published by Chessex. I also played it online back when TEN was in existence. I only recently discovered that FFG had acquired the publishing rights so I missed out on picking it up. As it is, the prices on the secondary market for the game have prohibited my ablity to be able to purchase it to see what had been updated. So, it goes without saying that I would like to see FFG release a re-issue of the game.
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