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  1. Hey all, So from what I've read the game should take between two to three hours to complete, however, when I played with my partner we're about four hours in with no end in sight. It's our first time playing so I'd expect us to take longer, however, with roughly two influence each and both factions still on their starting power level we can't help but feel we're doing something wrong. We have noticed we've not really encountered any quests beyond the basic ones such as with Dogmeat. I feel this is what's really causing the bottleneck. This could just be because our focus has been in levelling and getting equipped rather than actively aiming for quests. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what we might be doing wrong? Thanks Edit: For clarification we're having a lot of fun, we just feel like we're missing some big thing. Pointing out our mistake, or just letting us know it's our playstyle would be very appreciated.
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