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  1. Theres plenty of fear I Korath, he clearly fears loss of his life and ship. It has tempted him with the darkside! What next controling someones mind so they do you bidding?
  2. With all your fear and emotion theres plenty of darkside in Korath.
  3. Whoa! Hes going darkside over here! How much conflict is that for you?
  4. Are you forcing these characters to have lightsaber proficiency? Teetoe has 1 brawn and will not be spending XP on a lightsaber tree. Is he expected to spend XP (10/15/20/25/30) on ranks just for this one encounter?
  5. The vision is not for you and you do not need to under stand it. Please do not speak for other players.
  6. @Rabobankrider @Lotr_Nerd @Tramp Graphics @TheShard @SithArissa @Stormbourne @Jonas Shaaf who did i forget other than player 3 whose number i dont remeber.
  7. To clarify, all the padawons must be light side and not grey or dark? I think I've found a good comprise, all the Jedi and Light side padawon train on the Jedi Star. The non Jedi masters and grey or dark side padawons train at a separate location. Should solve everyones problems.
  8. This is my first PBP. I literally just offered a compromise. See that is the difference, I was showing Ro'Ka was still unstable, but will to comply to the interagation. Which she did. If your character was able to react to save them that is a great balance. What you are not describing is OOC trying to flip a DP to undo what i was doing with the character. You would be welcome to play your character how you see fit and I play mine. Threatening to arrest another player or forcing them to fit your narrative is what is unacceptable.
  9. Yes, players are allowed to play thier characters how they want without a council and vote everytime a situation comes up where one player is forcing others to play his way. I have already explained the reasons I have for Ro'Ka murdering innocents, its called character arc and development. The assumption that the non-Jedi characters will be interfereing with the narrative, is absurd. Quite frankly it is saying that the players have no idea how they plan to fit thier characters inside the game. Those characters are complex and interesting. What a boring campign it would be with all Lawful Good Jedi training equally Lawful Good padawons. My question to the group of these Jedi teachers is how will you deal with a non light side padawon? Kick them out the first time they show dark side force use? If not, how is that any different from a dark side Master?
  10. Are both of you willing to make sacrifices to play in the campaign? At this point in time there is no compromises being made. Its the Jedi characters way or no way.
  11. This is typical fear mongering. Tramp himself said he didnt know what Arissa or Rabo had planned for the character. With zero evidence that Arissa would be a bad teacher, he is stirring up drama to take control away from other players. How long before he decides she should not be apart of the game? How long before he decides all the non Jedi are not fit to be in the game? Will the players of non-Jedi characters be allowed to GM? @TheShard you will not tolerate being a lacky, how do you feel about Tramp claiming 100% authority on the Jedi Star? How long before you disagree with Tramp and he tries to take the control of your character away from you?
  12. This is easy to say from the viewpoint of a Jedi, who is making the rules for how other characters can play the game.
  13. You are agreeing with Tramp then, there are PCs who are teachers (the ones who identify as Jedi) and get special treatment. All the others simply get to join but have no responsibilities or say in how the campaign is played out.
  14. Jonas, still blind from the carbonite freeze, would connect with the Force to find out about what is going on deep in the oceans of Manaan and what the future has in store for the reanimated Jedi. As he reaches out, his mind is flooded with the Dark Side of the force, its energy surrounding this now abandoned temple. Jonas resists its pull and focuses in on its source. A lone figure comes into view within Jonas's vision, it appears as a jet black robe with skeletal hands and a hidden face. Jonas can sense within his vision that this creature's connection to the Force is extremely powerful, but unstable. Its robed body shrinking and enlarging wildly, pieces of it break off randomly and stain the area around it. As it grows to a large size, it dwarfs Jonas inside his vision. It lashes out at Jonas. Himself inside his vision is surrounded by the flowing darkness of the creatures black robes, but inside that darkness is a small bead of light. As it draws closer that bead of white light falls out of the darkness and onto the floor in front of Jonas. The creature shrieks and dives for the small light. The creature dwindles in size as it touches the light and holds it close to its chest protecting the light. Jonas is able to catch a glimse. Inside that light is a Togruta woman, smiling at the creature.
  15. Its seems outrageous to me that this is even a discussion. Tramp is trying anything these days to have power over other players. First it was (and i quote) 100% authority on the Jedi Star, then it was how my character Ro'Ka can act in the campaign (which was enough for me to split apart from him), now he is trying to say @SithArissa can only play the game his way. Going so far as to split the players into the ruling class (Jedi) and the subservant (non-Jedi) to get more power among the group. If this is how he is as part of a group, I will refuse to be a player while he is a GM.
  16. "I am sorry you are caught between us, Avalon. Korath go on ahead without me. I am going back to the sub." With that Ro'Ka attaches her cannon to her back and walks into the fissure without looking back.
  17. Ro'Ka holds her Blaster Cannon tght in her hands. "And what if i do?"
  18. I quoted you saying: So you didnt say these words i am quoting?
  19. This is called "talking down to someone". You are trying to look superior by implying that those you are speaking to do not know the rules. It is really rude.
  20. You missed a quote. Why are you saying she can not do something?
  21. Who put you in charge of what players can and cannot do?
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