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  1. If I draw Stinker does Sméagol’s 2 willpower become removed from the quest’s resolution calculation? for example if I quest with Sméagol (2 willpower) and Thranduil (1 Willpower) and I draw Stinker is my total willpower still 3 or is it now 1 for the purposes of determining whether I quested successfully? Many thanks in advance for the answer.
  2. This is out in the UK 27th January! Just one week after Wrath and Ruin!
  3. It’s finally out! Mine, mine, The preciousssss is mine!
  4. It's not listed on Asmodee UK's releases for the 13th January either. I couldn't wait any longer and paid the extra to get it shipped to the UK from America. Not impressed FFG! I also made my local games store aware that I had done this so that maybe they feel the pressure to hold FFG to account for this too.
  5. Bear in mind we Brits still haven’t received the first pack of this cycle 🙁
  6. They can’t even release their latest products in the UK, let alone reprints. I’m very worried about the future availability of reprints!
  7. And still no response from their customer service (sigh)!
  8. What’s going on at FFG at the moment? Those that follow x-wing will know that they’ve made a big boo boo with their huge ships (raider stock being pulled, misprints on dials); some LOTR cards having smiley emoticons printed on them; and when I email them to ask about delays to Wrath and Ruin in Britain I am given no response (72 hours and counting). They’re beginning to become about as reliable as our very own Games Workshop in England!
  9. At this rate it’ll be available in The Third Age of Middle Earth before it makes it to Blighty. Even Elrond is beginning to think this is taking its time!
  10. And far away, as Frodo played with his Wrath and Ruun cards and claimed them his own, even in Sammath Naur the very heart of his realm, the Power in Barad-dûr was shaken, and the Tower trembled from its foundations to its proud and bitter crown. The Dark Lord was suddenly aware of him, and his Eye piercing all shadows looked across the plain to the door that he had made; and the magnitude of his own folly was revealed to him in a blinding flash, and all the devices of his enemies were at last laid bare. Then his wrath blazed in consuming flame, but his fear rose like a vast black smoke to choke him. For he knew his deadly peril and the thread upon which his doom now hung. Just let us Brits get our copies...please!
  11. Any sign of a UK release? Come on FFG! We wantssss it
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