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  1. Ok so i missed the faq that you can only target an empty space adjacent to a door, so although i shared a corner with the door, Drok shouldn't have been able to attack it (as Fenn was in the targetted space). I could have sat drok in the other adjacent space so not a big deal. I saw previous posts about being able to attack a door if you're adjacent even though it is not technically "empty" (you're in it). The same questions stand. 1 more follow up, does that mean that Drok can't suffer the blast as he is IN, not adjacent to, the targetted space?
  2. So im playing Drokatta in a campaign. He/she is next to the door (shares a corner, not adjacent), as is fenn (who is adjacent). Drok has shrapnel rounds and attacks the door. The blast from shrapnel rounds is not optional so I understand both fenn and drok suffer 1 damage. Is that right? I think blast still applies to Drok as he's adjacent to the target space, although not adjacent to the door (the object on the targetted space). Question 2 - can i reduce blast to 0 from shrapnel rounds with the exhaust? Question 3 - If i do use the exhaust, do I still have to give the damage to a friendly figure if there are no hostiles within 2 spaces? This would mean only one would take a damage. My opponent suggested that you can't choose to apply damage to a friendly figure so that may be invalid. I wasn't sure about that. If i can't apply to a friendly figure i guess i can still conplete as much of the exhaust as possible and reduce blast to 0. Is that correct?
  3. I really like tarkin as well. Its pretty balanced and has interesting objectives.
  4. I love the rancor. So much fun to play. There's a lot of fun to be had with command card combos as well. Ferocity for just 1 point is great. As is wild fury.
  5. We had a weird situation today where a figure carrying a weapon was pushed to a space occupied by another weapon. That figure was then defeated. I understand this means that figure drops the weapon. This leaves 2 weapons on that space. If another figure wants to pick up one of those weapons can they choose which of the 2 to pick up? We assumed so...
  6. 2v2 allows for split strategies as well. My son and I played against a mate and his son today. I ran a rancor/bantha unshakeable list and my son ran ig/weequays. It was a good blend between ranged attacks and in your face melee. Best of both worlds. Its a much more social game and is a good way to teach the game to noobs.
  7. Wait... what? You can open the doors with an interact? I thought that must have been a mistake in the podcast. I'm new to this but had no idea. I can't believe I didn't know that!
  8. I like using tempt on my BT1. He has the damage recovery surge and can oversurge so he'll easily recover the damage. It's really just a free damage token.
  9. A question on parting blow and figures being pushed in skirmish... Say i have my vader in A1 and a hostile small figure in A3. They are not adjacent as they have A2 in between them. I end a massive figure's movement over both figures so both are pushed. According to the rules i move Vader first. I choose to move vader 1 square to B2. Vader is now adjacent to to the hostile figure in A3. My opponent then moves the hostile figure 1 square. Can my Vader play parting blow as they were adjacent when the hostile figure exits A3?
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