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  1. I know there is currently no development work on IA but is that a permanent thing? A blister pack wave or even just a pack of card fixes for old deployment cards would be great. It would help keep the OP game alive. IACP has already done great work in that space.
  2. Can this be passed to another hero or only used by Drokatta? We are mid campaign and are thinking of switching Drokatta to melee as we didn't bring a melee character (Gids, Fenn and Mak are the other 3 heroes)
  3. Ok so i missed the faq that you can only target an empty space adjacent to a door, so although i shared a corner with the door, Drok shouldn't have been able to attack it (as Fenn was in the targetted space). I could have sat drok in the other adjacent space so not a big deal. I saw previous posts about being able to attack a door if you're adjacent even though it is not technically "empty" (you're in it). The same questions stand. 1 more follow up, does that mean that Drok can't suffer the blast as he is IN, not adjacent to, the targetted space?
  4. So im playing Drokatta in a campaign. He/she is next to the door (shares a corner, not adjacent), as is fenn (who is adjacent). Drok has shrapnel rounds and attacks the door. The blast from shrapnel rounds is not optional so I understand both fenn and drok suffer 1 damage. Is that right? I think blast still applies to Drok as he's adjacent to the target space, although not adjacent to the door (the object on the targetted space). Question 2 - can i reduce blast to 0 from shrapnel rounds with the exhaust? Question 3 - If i do use the exhaust, do I still have to give the damage to a friendly figure if there are no hostiles within 2 spaces? This would mean only one would take a damage. My opponent suggested that you can't choose to apply damage to a friendly figure so that may be invalid. I wasn't sure about that. If i can't apply to a friendly figure i guess i can still conplete as much of the exhaust as possible and reduce blast to 0. Is that correct?
  5. I really like tarkin as well. Its pretty balanced and has interesting objectives.
  6. I love the rancor. So much fun to play. There's a lot of fun to be had with command card combos as well. Ferocity for just 1 point is great. As is wild fury.
  7. We had a weird situation today where a figure carrying a weapon was pushed to a space occupied by another weapon. That figure was then defeated. I understand this means that figure drops the weapon. This leaves 2 weapons on that space. If another figure wants to pick up one of those weapons can they choose which of the 2 to pick up? We assumed so...
  8. 2v2 allows for split strategies as well. My son and I played against a mate and his son today. I ran a rancor/bantha unshakeable list and my son ran ig/weequays. It was a good blend between ranged attacks and in your face melee. Best of both worlds. Its a much more social game and is a good way to teach the game to noobs.
  9. Wait... what? You can open the doors with an interact? I thought that must have been a mistake in the podcast. I'm new to this but had no idea. I can't believe I didn't know that!
  10. I like using tempt on my BT1. He has the damage recovery surge and can oversurge so he'll easily recover the damage. It's really just a free damage token.
  11. A question on parting blow and figures being pushed in skirmish... Say i have my vader in A1 and a hostile small figure in A3. They are not adjacent as they have A2 in between them. I end a massive figure's movement over both figures so both are pushed. According to the rules i move Vader first. I choose to move vader 1 square to B2. Vader is now adjacent to to the hostile figure in A3. My opponent then moves the hostile figure 1 square. Can my Vader play parting blow as they were adjacent when the hostile figure exits A3?
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