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  1. Dobbs Mottley

    Terrain for Armada?

    $20, sure...but the downed AT-ST is being listed for $49.95 and that seems to me a bit expensive for what it's bringing to the table.
  2. Dobbs Mottley

    Armada: Where to go from here?

    I'd not say no to generic commanders. That said, we are in a different spot to Legion...we're still waiting for our next expansion and they're getting wrecked vehicles! 😂
  3. Dobbs Mottley

    Armada: Where to go from here?

    This is something I'd really like to see too! As to how I'd implement it...well the easiest solution is to "re-skin" existing commanders/squadrons/crew in casual games. Alternatively, there were some ideas floating around this forum for Aturi-esque systems where you "level up" your commander and flagship with traits, which also allows you to build a narrative over several games. I'd go further and say that encouraging "your dudes" isn't on FFG's radar. X-wing seems keen to prioritise named pilots over generics, Legion has only recently added generic officers and even in games like Imperial Assault or Descent, you're still playing pre-written characters instead of creating your own. It's interesting to me that a number of Legion players have been quite vocal about not wanting generic officers, as they want the game to be all about "iconic" named characters. I just don't think what we're looking for is part of the commercial landscape, sadly...and nothing I've seen has given me hope that this will change. Nor is this trend restricted to FFG...even GW seems to be pushing named characters at the expense of "your dudes".
  4. Dobbs Mottley

    Grimdark in the Star Wars Universe

    A little part of me dies anytime I see an existing franchise receive a "dark and gritty" makeover! That doesn't mean I dislike dark and gritty stories- far from it; I just feel it's being done too often and to franchises that (in my view) really don't support a harder tone. "Dark and gritty" does not automatically equal "better", as some writers/execs/fans seem to think. Star Wars has always had dark moments. In Episode IV, you are treated to a view of the incinerated remains of Luke's aunt and uncle, not to mention the obliteration of an entire planet and the deaths of numerous minor (and a few major) characters. At its heart, it's a war film and war is pretty dark! But grimdark? I don't think Star Wars should or needs to go there. The whole point of grimdark, versus dark, is that it turns that darkness up to eleven...and then plugs in a few extra speakers for good measure. For me at least, that would feel out of place with Star Wars' fairly clean-cut "good versus evil" fantasy feel. So...in my opinion, no I don't think Star Wars has much room for true grimdark.
  5. Dobbs Mottley

    New factions

    I'm going to be a dissenting voice and say that I quite like the idea of a pirate/mercenary/independent force, but also agree that it probably doesn't fit too well within the current structure of the game. Thematically speaking, I think pirate fleets would be much more suited to 200 point taskforce battles or asymmetric games where the pirates earn victory points by escaping from larger "regular" fleets. I'm really not sold on the Vong, but otherwise can see little reason not to introduce prequel/sequel factions...indeed, I think we're approaching the point where that is the logical way to expand the game.
  6. Dobbs Mottley

    Always with the negative waves, Moriarty

    But surely production issues would suggest a later release date? I thought the strategy was to release films at roughly one-year intervals, alternating between sequel trilogy and "anthology" films...in which case December 2018 would have been the obvious slot. Even without the controversy surrounding TLJ, I tend to feel that pushing out Solo a mere five months later was a risky gamble.
  7. Dobbs Mottley

    Always with the negative waves, Moriarty

    My biggest complaint about Solo was its release date...it was too soon after the last film. Was there any word on why they didn't release it last December?
  8. Dobbs Mottley

    Always with the negative waves, Moriarty

    You don't have to like something because it happens to be popular! It's really a matter of taste...I enjoy the narrative element of games like Armada as much if not more than the pure strategy side. I recognise that for others, the enjoyment comes from the challenge of understanding the mechanical side of the game, but for me- and I'm guessing some others too- that's just a little too dry. So while you can play Armada like Chess- i.e. as a contest of skill between two players- I'm not convinced you can play Chess the way some people want to play Armada: as an excuse to revert into an overgrown kid and push around scale miniatures of little pieces of your childhood!
  9. Dobbs Mottley

    Always with the negative waves, Moriarty

    I suppose don't really see Chess as a "miniatures" game; certainly not in the same way as Armada or X-wing or 40k. Yes, it is a two-person strategy game that originated as an abstraction of warfare, but I feel there are enough differences (and differences in the expectations of players) to make me question the comparison. For one thing, Chess isn't a collectable miniatures game. There is no expectation of fresh pieces being released at semi-regular intervals, or the meta changing as a result. None, as sadly my local game store closed last year. =(
  10. Dobbs Mottley

    Always with the negative waves, Moriarty

    I have a somewhat tangential question: why is Chess routinely wheeled out as a standard for comparison? I appreciate there is usually a measure of irony involved (or so I'd hope!), but I really don't see Chess and Armada as interchangeable experiences.
  11. Dobbs Mottley

    Do we really want a 2.0?

    As I said in another thread, I can only justify the cost of buying into a new edition if it's offering something new...but the changes/additions I'd really like to see don't actually need an Armada 2.0. New ships. New objectives. A new campaign. Maybe new factions. Reprints of existing ships/squadron packs. None of those need a new edition. Maybe I'm just a cynic, but I can't see a new version costing less. Even if FFG sold unpainted ships or "faction only" starter kits, I'd still expect them to raise prices in relative terms, even if the increases were hidden by the savings. Much like a new Toblerone bar that costs less and comes in the same-size packaging, but has double the space between the teeth and so less weight of chocolate for your money. Not that any self-respecting chocolatier would ever do such a thing! I'm similarly ambivalent on the subject of an app. Yes, an app that allows for easy listing building and adjustable ship/upgrade costings seems like a really good idea...but only if it's handled properly. Not only were there a lot of technical issues with X-wing's app, but I'm concerned that the dynamic points/upgrade slots are less about long-term balance and more about pushing short-term gimmicks on the meta.
  12. Dobbs Mottley

    The Future of Armada (end of tournaments or 2nd edition)

    I'll take whatever I can get; I'm just not prepared to buy whatever FFG decides to push at us! I see exactly where you're coming from- better 2.0 than no further support or even cancellation- but as a general rule I'm only prepared to upgrade to a new edition of a product if it's offering me a tangible benefit...either new features I want to see or fixes to significant problems. So I'd really have to wait and see what a new edition was actually offering before deciding to buy in. At this moment in time, I'm not too interested in the idea of Armada 2.0. But Armada 2: The Clone Wars...maybe? At least that would be providing something new, although I doubt it would be as popular as the OT era. Have to wait and see.
  13. Dobbs Mottley

    The Future of Armada (end of tournaments or 2nd edition)

    Personally, I'd like FFG to continue supporting and expanding Armada 1.0. Sometimes a game really, badly, needs a new edition...but probably more often than not, it's a commercial strategy to revitalise sales. This is neither a criticism nor an endorsement of that approach; even a great product will eventually lose its lustre (at least in terms of sales!) and when that happens, either you try to supplant it or a competitor will. With X-wing, I feel FFG's decision to roll out 2.0 was probably justified, but asking us to buy into a new edition for Armada- after a couple of years of less-than-exemplary communication- would feel, to me at least, a little too cynical.
  14. Dobbs Mottley

    New Years Resolution - Meta Mix Up

    I'll settle for playing more games in 2019 than I managed in 2018!!!
  15. Dobbs Mottley

    Never have I ever...

    Played Rebels. Flown an ISD. Actually the list is too long to post here!