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  1. I'm still fairly new to X-Wing Mini, I just finished this list that I started on yesterday and haven't tried it yet. I only play against my cousin who is new as well, I haven't been able to beat him yet so he must be cheating, kidding. I'm only ok at piloting and I like flying lots of ships so it's hard for me to keep track but I enjoy building this way anyway. Onto my first serious list: Keyan Farlander - B-Wing "When attacking, you may remove 1 stress token to change all of your focus results to hit results." Engine Upgrade, Push The Limit, HLC (43) Gold Squadron Pilot - Y-Wing R2-D2, Ion Cannon Turret (27) 2x Prototype Pilot, A-Wing Chardaan Refit (15+15) How should I open? My flight plan is to control priority targets with the ion turret while the B-Wing avoids arcs and deals consistent damage. After playing around with a cheap X-Wing to defend the Y-Wing, I ended up going with 2 A-Wings instead for versatility - they can intercept for the Y-Wing, keep up with the B-Wing, and they're hard to chase. What kind of lists should I worry about? Is this viable for a tournament? I imagine the latter is no since I'm new to this game, but I'd like to learn some reasoning behind that from anyone who can share.
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