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    Final coat??

    Ive had issues where dullcote doesnt go matt in places. Doesn't matter how long i shake the can first. Its not just a bad can either, ive had this issue for a while with the product. Its also hard to get (only one store 40mins out sells it in my area) and the cans are small and expensive $8 Cad.
  2. Love the sequoia trees. how were they done?
  3. Finally got these guys done. Took a while and was kind of feeling mehh about them most of the way done:
  4. Decision was easy for me. The rebels in the core box are using Endor gear and it's also where the AT-ST was mainly featured in the OT. Hoth is a cool setting for them too.
  5. Thanks! Bases were actually very easy. Most of the magic is using GamerGrass tufts.
  6. Where did you get the Tie Fighter model to make the scatter terrain. It's awesome.
  7. Hey everyone, Just got into painting legion and thought i'd share some basic progress so far. Painting what interests me without any specific order: T-47 Airspeeder AT-ST: TaunTaun's: 74-Z Speeder Bikes: Shoretroopers: Luke Skywalker:
  8. Considering this is the same price as the last big box expansion, which had nothing to do with the tariff wars, i don't think it's related. They have high cost low content ratios in a lot of their games. Look at their new LOTR game. No way that game is $130 bucks. Don't tell me it's due to the app. The app is a reskin of MoM.
  9. It's not. They make some great games but they make baffling decisions that annoy me greatly: Their packaging has not changed at all. You still get a big box filled with a giant cardboard insert that takes up 2/3rds of the space. The cards and minis are just shoved into zip lock bags (come on it's 2019). Compare this to any Cmon game with 3 x as many miniatures and it's a farce. Their games heavily borrow mechanics and elements from each other making them all feel rather samey. Descent, Mansions, IA, LOTR. All of their app games are the same game with slight tweaks and art changes. They stop printing stuff during the course of an active product cycle (MoM...) Their core boxes have crap quality miniatures and their expansions have better quality. Cynical in me says they do this to cut costs on the core box until they see it's a success and then they up the production on their miniatures for further stuff. Their games have a zillion hero miniatures. easily 2x as many as any of their games need. I'd go so far as to say poor value for money as far as box content is concerned too. Anyways, I own everything for Descent, skipped IA as it's mainly just Descent with a Starwars theme. Picked up Mansions but am now greatly ticked off i can't complete the set for no good reason and will be skipping LOTR as it seems to be heavily inspired by MoM but just a lot more boring. I think I may be done with FFG after Mansions honestly.
  10. Another bone headed decision by FFG. Locking away a ton of content from 2nd edition owners who didn't pick all this up when it first came out. I'm one of those looking for these packs but can't find them anywhere. Just reprint them already. If this game is still in active development (which it is, there's a new big box expansion coming end of the year) then make sure everything for the **** product is available. I have this love hate thing for FFG. They do stupid stuff like this. They have crap packaging and inconsistencies in quality in the same product line. They also rehash the same game over and over at an inflated price.
  11. Considering they stated there will not be any Imperial Assault physical content I highly doubt they will produce some for an even older game, Descent 2.0
  12. This looks like another typical Kickstarter game. Crazy number of miniatures, but really average looking game. One kickstarter isn't really any indication of anything. I'd prefer cooperative games. They can be played solo and you don't need to come up with convoluted RAV mods to actually play it.
  13. Sure, I guess. I just think it looks rather dull and just a mash up of two other games: Mansions of Madness and Fallout. As a Descent player here, there's nothing exciting about this new game from what i've seen so far.
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