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  1. You do great work and put a lot of effort into your models. It's a real shame you seem to skip the mold line removal and gap filling process. It ruins what otherwise is excellent work.
  2. He even bloodied the minion instead of the Master. Easily fixed by repainting the bases though. All of my Descent miniatures had to follow a rule while painting as I put them on clear bases: 1. Red is reserved for Masters 2. Blood effects are reserved for Masters. They are the elite of the bunch and are more "deadly". 3. Fire monsters who are mostly red will have the Masters in Green (felfire) 4. Gold trims are reserved for armor on Masters. This way you never have any doubt which is the master on the board.
  3. Great job on the Ettins, and in particular the tattoos. not easy thing to do. That being said, the fact you made the master blue and the minion red drives me crazy. It's inconsistent with the games base color convention.
  4. Alcovitch

    My desire for 3rd Edition

    It seems the 1 vs Many style game isn't very popular anymore. I highly suspect whatever iteration Descent takes, if there is an update, it will be a full coop game. The spike in interest over the app coop experience shows this is what the market wants.
  5. Alcovitch

    My desire for 3rd Edition

    I guess be ready for disappointment. The trend is clearly moving towards app assisted board games. And in many ways, this makes sense. Gloomhaven without apps to deal with the monster AI cards and plethora of bits and statuses is a nightmare in bookkeeping. The app literally reduces setup / take down and game play sessions by hours. This is one example but I'm sure there are many. Considering I'm not an old fart "stuck in my ways" I'm perfectly fine with apps helping making games less about book keeping and more about playing the game.
  6. Alcovitch

    Descent speculation

    There's far too much under utilized boxed content currently with RTL to create an entire campaign and new expansion around it. They really need to add campaigns for the expansions into RTL or update it to make better use of tiles from the various boxes outside of side quests.
  7. Alcovitch

    Descent speculation

    You'd probably really enjoy Gloomhaven then. It's very much a puzzle dungeon crawler.
  8. Alcovitch

    Descent speculation

    It's cheap. If they wanted it to be consistent, they'd create new art based on the monsters etc from D2E, not wholesale copy paste the art from the monster cards from D2E. it reeks of corner cutting and quick job.
  9. Alcovitch

    Descent speculation

    Wow, is there ever a lot of recycled art from D2E in those cards... How cheap.
  10. Alcovitch

    Descent speculation

    Wow, is there ever a lot of recycled art from D2E in those cards... How cheap.
  11. They are OK. Mists of Bilehall had better sculpts and cleaner models. Mine have similar "monkey faces". Lack of noses or something makes the heroes faces look really strange and featureless. I wasn't even aware the hero with the double axes was a human until I looked at the art on his player card. Sadly, the mini's are kind of meh.
  12. Even places online that did have 1 or 2 copies i saw them go out of stock almost real time. It's like someone was buying up the few remaining copies. Anyways, I managed to snag a copy from Meeplemart before it becomes impossible to find. I'm guessing since it unlocks a full campaign everyone bought this one box and nobody bothered to restock it since the game is so old.
  13. no local shops have any copies. And we are talking about shops that have dedicated sections to Descent. They have everything else but this one expansion.
  14. Is this expansion discontinued or something? it's impossible to buy anywhere. Even a local boadgame shop that has every other expansion and a bunch of sought after Lieutenants doesn't have this. Can't find it anywhere online in Canada, it's sold out. What the ****?
  15. Alcovitch

    Painted Descent is best Descent

    Different strokes for different folks. I personally don't care if it's "Just" descent or if it's "OMGWTFBBQ" warhammer figures, I strive to paint them all to the same level. There's also something to be said for the simpler, more old school D&D style of the Descent minis compared to the cluster@#$@ of obscene detail on Warhammer minis these days. My comment wasn't meant to be condescending, just that on some of the larger surfaces, the models look a bit flat since there aren't as strong exaggerations of shadow and highlights. Might also be partically due to the lighting in the photo as well.