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  1. Different strokes for different folks. I personally don't care if it's "Just" descent or if it's "OMGWTFBBQ" warhammer figures, I strive to paint them all to the same level. There's also something to be said for the simpler, more old school D&D style of the Descent minis compared to the cluster@#$@ of obscene detail on Warhammer minis these days. My comment wasn't meant to be condescending, just that on some of the larger surfaces, the models look a bit flat since there aren't as strong exaggerations of shadow and highlights. Might also be partically due to the lighting in the photo as well.
  2. My only critique of your painted miniatures is that I personally would bring them up from where they are in terms of highlights. It looks like you might have stopped at washes for the most part?
  3. Alcovitch

    My Painted Descent Minis

    I like you extreme white highlight style. It makes the miniatures pop.
  4. Painting doesn't hid mold lines or flashing, it will draw attention to it. You can remove it before painting, and it's usually a pain in the ***, and looking at the shots listed above, the mold lines are in really obvious places. Poor planning was done creating the molds for these models. Not even the base game has models that awful.
  5. Some pretty awful flashing on some of those.
  6. Alcovitch

    The Shadow Rune Project

    Thanks for the reply. I was genuinely curious, as I'm relatively new to Decent and everything I've heard is to not bother with Shadow Rune since Heirs of blood was so much better. Since I'm mostly solo player (my group wasn't interested in this game before RTL due to the OL vs Heroes structure) I'll surely give your conversion a try. Is there any plans to convert other expansion material to Valkyrie? I can't believe FFG was not willing to convert the expansion campaigns to the app. This would have provided much more value to the expansions. As I understand it, few of them add anything of substance other than monsters, besides the SoC campaign from SoN expansion. Seems like they gave up on producing content to make the boxed stuff wroth buying.
  7. Alcovitch

    The Shadow Rune Project

    Isn't The Shadow Rune the original Campaign that was panned by everyone as being poor and extremely basic, to be replaced with the much better Heirs of Blood campaign? Curious why the effort was put into porting the older, poorer campaign instead of Heirs of Blood? Unless I'm miss understanding what this is?