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  1. There's also one in an episode of Clone Wars Edit: And it turns out the team from the Republic Commando game actually make an appearance in a season 3 episode of Clone Wars.
  2. The lack of the SPHA-T is interesting because the Acclimator's stats mention how many they can carry.
  3. I feel like we're still missing a few droids and vehicles. Like the Self Propelled Heavy Artillery, and the J-1 semi-autonomous proton cannon. Can anyone think of any others?
  4. 192+36=228 Looks like we know where that number came from. The Venator's starfighter compliment figures have always seemed outrageous to me. And sometime silly. Like what are that going to do with that many Eta-2s? It's a fighter built specifically for Jedi pilots. I think from this we could reasonably assume it carries a combination of 192 "light" starfighters, and 36 "heavy" starfighters/bombers. At least I think that's what I'll do.
  5. Yup, Human Occupied Landfill. It's more comedy book wrote for GMs than actual game, but it is playable. I think it's a must read for anyone who GMs regularly.
  6. I'm hoping RoS was delayed for some reason and this'll end up meaning the two books come out close together.
  7. Thanks for the info guys. Definitely sounds like AoR would be best for a party playing as clones during the war.
  8. That's what I was expecting. Thank you for confirming!
  9. A little off topic, but does anyone have an opinion on which core book would go best with a clone wars game? I have a group that is excited about playing a squad of clone troopers during the war, but we've only got one of the beginner boxes right now.
  10. Thanks for the info @Cantriped!
  11. Nice, good to know. Any new archetypes? I found the main book lacking pretty hard in example archetypes.
  12. I've been thinking about picking up the Terneroth book, but I'm not running anything fantasy at the moment. I've heard it adds some new stuff to Genesys as a whole though. Can anyone fill me in on what new stuff the book brings to the table?
  13. Yeaaaah, I think that might be a bit more complicated than my group wants to deal with. I'm interested in why you'd go that way though. Atmospheric conditions don't really change beam weapon effectiveness in an appreciable way. They're a one hit kill in anything but underwater conditions basically.
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