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    rhetor reacted to MegaSilver in X-Wing moving to Atomic Mass Games   
    Both of those are false statements. It has freaking Clone Wars coming out in less than a month. 
    Just because it has one wave a year doesn't mean it's dead.  And there are plenty of people that play it. 
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    rhetor got a reaction from Odanan in Heroes of the Aturi Cluster Second Edition   
    Check both, pick whichever you like the most. Facebook group is quite active, and feedback is greatly appreciated and useful 😊
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    rhetor reacted to LeMightyASP in Push The Limit, Eta-2   
    I get that you don't like the Delta, but it has been nerfed consistently every chance it gets. I think having two options for a Jedi chassis is a good thing, there's no need to keep hammering on the republic when it's such a new faction and doesn't have that many options
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    rhetor reacted to Cgriffith in Push The Limit, Eta-2   
    Aayla Secura is so flexible. She is going to have similarities to a Fang Fighter with her ability and then be good with friendlies. Not needing to spend a force, to use her ability will make her a very competitive ship.
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    rhetor reacted to Borg7of11 in RZ-1 A-wing   
    I am on the HoTAC FB group but under a different moniker.  I will post this there too, in case there is further interest.  
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    rhetor reacted to Borg7of11 in RZ-1 A-wing   
    We made the following two configs for strictly casual play, mostly in HOTAC where the A-wing is fun to fly but potentially lags other options in effective mission and xp contribution.
    While you perform a primary attack you may add one accuracy die to the dice rolled
    Add a second missile slot
    An Accuracy die is a Defense die rolled with the attack.  An Evade result on an accuracy die cancels 1 corresponding Evade result in the defense dice.  A Focus result on an Accuracy die may be converted to an Evade result through normal means and will then cancel a defense die Evade.

    The accuracy die creates an interesting shift in odds largely between 2 and 3 Attack dice.  The damage ceiling is still 2, but the average damage shifts up.  How much depends on how likely the defender is to get Evades.  An accuracy die has less impact against 2 unmodified Agility.  That impact increases against defender with Focus, and a bit more against defender with an Evade.  It has a larger impact again when you move up against 3 Agility.  It is of course never as good as 3 full Attack dice as this die can't itself cause damage, just make hits on the other attack dice more likely to land.
    The coolest thing we found about the RZ-1bis option is that it made the A-wing really sing against the kind of ships it was intended to counter per the lore, Tie Interceptors and other agile Imperial fair.  It doesn't get as much a boost against larger slower moving ships, it's role stays firmly focused on being an anti-fighter fighter.

    As we have used this only outside competive lists, costing would need to be looked at in greater detail than we analyzed.  I believe we went with 7pts for Rz-1bis.  For the Rz-1m config we costed it at 0pts if you had one missile equiped and -2pts if you had two different missiles equiped. 

    The RZ-1m config is a little more general purpose with the limitations that it is Target Lock action heavy, had minor missile range limitations and could run dry.  

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    rhetor reacted to Racejoe in New points are up in the official app   
    My son reports that Launch Bay Next is updated.
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    rhetor got a reaction from ClassicalMoser in New points are up in the official app   
    This feeling seems universal
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    rhetor got a reaction from gamblertuba in New points are up in the official app   
    This feeling seems universal
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    rhetor reacted to gamblertuba in New points are up in the official app   
    Been clicking around in the official app for a whole five minutes and I want to commit murder.  Help us, Raithos, you're our only hope.
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    rhetor reacted to SabineKey in Fight to the finish - Herald of hope preview   
    Yeah. Even as a primarily Resistance player with a great love of RZ2s, I don’t really understand why we needed these pilots. If they had been really different, like a pilot who made a ordnance based build on them attractive, I’d better understand. But these pilots don’t feel like they change how one would fly the chassis. 
    I am excited for some of the new T-70 stuff like the Overdrive Thruster (not so sure about the new talent though), and Nimi looks pretty cool. But I can’t help but feel I’d be more excited for the pack as a whole if it gave something like the Resistance transport some new options or (pipe dream here) introduced a new ship like the Resistance Y-Wing to the faction. 
    And yeah, I definitely agree that RZ1s and TIE Interceptors have a greater need for new pilots than either of the ships in this pack.
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    rhetor reacted to Sciencius in Fight to the finish - Herald of hope preview   
    I was glad to get another X-wing article, and I dont want to rain on my own parade her. But honestly, I dont know how exited I am about these pilots, yes nice to get more pilots, but I would have prefered more pilots for the TIE Intercepter, or the Rebel Awing. 
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    rhetor reacted to reqent in Concentrate Your Fire - LAAT Preview   
    I received my tracking confirmation a few days ago.  I should have it tomorrow.  I preordered through asmodee.
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    rhetor reacted to kenoslaw in Five A-Wings   
    Heh, Cova Rey Kaz (in place of Lulo) seems like a fun place for me also - extended though. 
    Recently i'm exploring awesomness of Intimidation Zari, not only she is scary as **** and and she can deny a lot of area so she has big impact on the game even when she just threatens to bump  With her ability she can stick herself to her bump target, for those who find Boba Fenn/Fangs a hard matchup this may be a solution, as she makes it just so much easier to melt Boba, or threaten Fenn/Fangs (they're very predicatble with their moves)
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    rhetor reacted to kenoslaw in Five A-Wings   
    Because Talli shoots first, she won’t push enough damage with AO and she often leaves Focus for defense, also that combos with Ronith, BSR shoots last so he has clear decision to spend focus
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    rhetor reacted to underling in Five A-Wings   
    Totally agree. Poe and 3A isn't bad, it's just that 5A may be a little better.
    There are usually a few turns during a game with Poe where he spends the turn running.
    Every turn Poe spends running he's not shooting, which leaves the three A-Wings as the only ships shooting.
    In a five A-Wing list, usually all five A-Wings are shooting every turn.
    I'd think five A-Wings shooting would be a little better than three A-Wings shooting, assuming Poe is shooting roughly half the time.
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    rhetor reacted to Bullox in HOTAC site down??   
    Take a look at this site. It has a great collection of HotAC resources including second edition conversions.
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    rhetor reacted to heychadwick in HOTAC site down??   
    If you guys get the chance to play Flight Group Alpha (the Imperial one), it is pretty good.  There were some recent changes that updated the career path changes.  I find them really interesting. 
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    rhetor got a reaction from heychadwick in HOTAC site down??   
    That's still a free action.
    Some have suggested that lock should even be moved into engagement phase, just to make the AI ships more dangerous.
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    rhetor got a reaction from Bullox in HOTAC site down??   
    So the general opinion is that since Imperials wish to capture the ship, the bomber won't be using their guns to attack, and if they do, they'll deal hull damage.
    HoTAC has progressed since 0.7 with some house rules, one of them being that ordnance-carrying Imperial ships get their lock not before, but after moving.
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    rhetor reacted to Lyianx in Kaz's Fireball   
    The title card allows you to search the deck during setup for a specific damage card to deal to the ship, instead of having one dealt randomly. 

    For the SLAM portion of it, you are not dealing a damage card, you are exposing one, which is not the same thing. 
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    rhetor got a reaction from Hinnyboy in Heroes of the Aturi Cluster Second Edition   
    Check both, pick whichever you like the most. Facebook group is quite active, and feedback is greatly appreciated and useful 😊
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    rhetor got a reaction from Hinnyboy in Heroes of the Aturi Cluster Second Edition   
    Look at HoTAC Facebook group
    The most recent version by Shaun Tiernan is posted here:
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    rhetor got a reaction from JBFancourt in Your Suggestion On Best Way To Remove Paint? (Finished!)   
    Revell Aqua Color Clean. Bathe your mini in it for ca. Half an hour, then remove the paint with an old toothbrush. Original, factory paint should remain unharmed.
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    rhetor reacted to Blail Blerg in LAAT! Woohoo!   
    Waiting now for the last piece of the puzzle: the ETA2 Actis.... 
    And the quadrumvirate will be complete.... 
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