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  1. Looking at the artwork one sees how she could have become a better pilot than Poe, Luke, Vader or pretty much anyone in the movies/books/cartoons. She'd managed to put on her suit, tie up her scarf, put on flawless make-up, put on a helmet, and STILL be ready in her cockpit before Poe even managed to get to the hangar. The Woman.
  2. She died while still in the hangar, so her EPTs had no chance to trigger. Had the "Raddus" been equipped with Heroic everything could have been different
  3. This whole thread just reminds me how bloody disappointed I have been with the RZ-1 A-Wing.
  4. "Many Bothans died to bring us this information". - would you like to know more?
  5. I honestly do hope it will not turn into Star Trek. The difference being that in Star Wars up to Episode VII (inclusive) every issue could have been solved by jumping into a starfighter and blowing something up.
  6. RZ-1 a-wing is simply neither here no there. It's too expensive to be a filler, and doesn't have a high initiative pilot to be an asset in it's own right. Hence I do expect either a price drop, or a re-release with some pilots to choose from. As for now, I have made a 2A 2X all i5 Resistance list and can't wait to give it a try.
  7. I cannot agree more. I just love the A-wing, and since 2.0 is there I really cannot count the games where I lost trying to fly them. The ship is supposed to have "sensitive controls and high maneuverability" and therefore should be given to "the most talented pilots" (Green Squadron Ace pilot card). And yet the game seems to force me to use these ships as low-initiative blockers... I really expect the price of RZ-1 A-Wings to go down, and I really expect some good I5 (or I6) pilots for them in the re-release.
  8. rhetor

    Heroic Talent?

    of course! I would find it more useful than any bullseye-only talent. Nevertheless, I have no illusions regarding the dice. They are mean little things.
  9. rhetor

    Heroic Talent?

    Don't worry. As soon as you equip heroic you will stop rolling all blanks 😜
  10. I have enjoyed playing 2B (Braylen and Ten) and 2X (Wedge and Garven). Or the same 2Bs with Corran Horn (R3 + fire control system). U-Wing + 3A is an interesting list, although it requires absolutely perfect manoeuvering + a lot of luck.
  11. hopefully. I just cannot wait to annoy my usual opponent with an A-Wing that always moves last
  12. and that is what I want too To clarify: by "change" I mean adding some new pilots, too.
  13. It seems that A-Wing needs change, judging from the number of topics here on this forum.
  14. It probably has been told a lot, but two changes: 1. Two Elite Talents. Like Daredevil + Outmanoeuvre.... 2. I5 and I6 pilots. It would seem from "Rebels" that Wedge Antilles begun as an A-Wing pilot in Phoenix Squadron. Why not a younuger, I5 Wedge? Plus I6 Tycho.
  15. - Blue Squadron X-wing with Anton Merrick - RZ-1 A-Wing with an I6 pilot
  16. If Defenders do white koiograns, A-Wings should be able to boost twice
  17. I would buy these. e.g. a Scarif Package with Blue and Green Squadron X-Wings + aces would be really welcome.
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