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  1. 3 minutes ago, Pa Weasley said:

    There's an important different.  The crew card requires a purple maneuver or action.  The pilot card just requires the spending of a force charge.  

    and it's up to r3, not r2.

  2. On 9/24/2020 at 3:39 AM, Borg7of11 said:

    We made the following two configs for strictly casual play, mostly in HOTAC where the A-wing is fun to fly but potentially lags other options in effective mission and xp contribution.

    While you perform a primary attack you may add one accuracy die to the dice rolled


    An Accuracy die is a Defense die rolled with the attack.  An Evade result on an accuracy die cancels 1 corresponding Evade result in the defense dice.  A Focus result on an Accuracy die may be converted to an Evade result through normal means and will then cancel a defense die Evade.


    I love this idea! I will certainly appropriate it to my HoTAC games... Are you present on HoTAC Facebook group? This would certainly spark some interest, as this is perhaps the most ingenious thing a player can do to make RZ-1s great a... little bit more :P



  3. 59 minutes ago, kenoslaw said:

    Intimidation Zari needs a bit of practice and set up.

    Way more than I have, it seems 😃


    P.S. on another thought, perhaps I could Keep Zari, and switch one Blue for Ronith sans optics... 

  4. Today's my 2nd debut with 5A, in the following incarnation:


    (40) Zizi Tlo [RZ-2 A-wing]
    (1) Heroic
    (4) Advanced Optics
    Points: 45

    (36) Greer Sonnel [RZ-2 A-wing]
    (1) Heroic
    (4) Advanced Optics
    Points: 41

    (35) Zari Bangel [RZ-2 A-wing]
    (1) Heroic
    (3) Intimidation
    Points: 39

    (32) Blue Squadron Recruit [RZ-2 A-wing]
    (1) Heroic
    (4) Advanced Optics
    Points: 37

    (32) Blue Squadron Recruit [RZ-2 A-wing]
    (1) Heroic
    (4) Advanced Optics
    Points: 37

    Total points: 199

    Two games won, one lost. Conclusions?  Will be exchanging intimidation for optics, or Zari for Ronith. Otherwise, love these wiggly little ships!



  5. 9 hours ago, LTuser said:

    Copy that, so is the locking still a 'free-action' for them after moving, or does that take place AS their action?

    That's still a free action.
    Some have suggested that lock should even be moved into engagement phase, just to make the AI ships more dangerous.

  6. 11 hours ago, LTuser said:

    Copy that.  The question i had was for the imperial entanglements mission (Part 2 minefields).  Since the bombers can't really shoot their Ion pulse missiles till they get a lock on the GR-75, can they shoot it with their main guns, and if so, does each hit take an energy off, or deal hull damage?


    So the general opinion is that since Imperials wish to capture the ship, the bomber won't be using their guns to attack, and if they do, they'll deal hull damage.

    HoTAC has progressed since 0.7 with some house rules, one of them being that ordnance-carrying Imperial ships get their lock not before, but after moving.

  7. 1 hour ago, LTuser said:

    I don't do facebook, and i have the package for it downloaded.  Was looking to see if i could take a read of the FAQ, regarding a certain mission..

    It seems the original site is down, but HoTAC lives on Facebook. If you don't use it, post your question here or send me a private message, I'll try to provide an answer or relay your question to the FB group.


  8. 2 minutes ago, Lyianx said:

    The title card allows you to search the deck during setup for a specific damage card to deal to the ship, instead of having one dealt randomly. 

    For the SLAM portion of it, you are not dealing a damage card, you are exposing one, which is not the same thing. 

    Oh! I haven't thought of selecting the card even before first dials are set. Indeed, now it's obvious. Thanks!

  9. 5 hours ago, DerRitter said:

    Form what I see the versions of @Hinnyboy and the one from the Facebook are quite different.

    The Hinnyboy is more streamlined, offers different progression paths for pilots (Engineer, Ace, Force) and uses Wing mechanics from Epic Play for Enemy formations. On the other hand the Facebook one is a more direct upgrade from 1st Edition and I guess as a more uptodate AI Card.


    Wich one to play??

    Check both, pick whichever you like the most. Facebook group is quite active, and feedback is greatly appreciated and useful 😊

  10. 2 hours ago, theBitterFig said:

    Amazing.  Every word of what you just said is wrong.

    To get the best results with any list requires skill and luck.  Jedi require a bit less of it than the competition.  Passive mods while stressed or blocked, double reposition without stress (so you've got full access to white and red moves), easy access to offensive double-mods when it's safe, regen to cover mistakes.  Pretty much every tool that any other ace has, Jedi have a little bit better.  Poe has to work harder.  Soontir has to work harder.  Fenn Rau has to work harder.  Pretty much anyone else has to work harder to get everything that comes naturally to Jedi.  Vader doesn't need to work harder, but he practically counts as Jedi, and probably anyone hoping for Jedi nerfs also hopes for Vader nerfs.

    "Dominated" is a loaded term, but Republic is the 2nd most played faction in larger tournaments.  They have the #1 and #3 most played pilots in Obi-Wan and Ric Olie, and Anakin and 104th are also in the top 10.  Jedi are being played pretty well out of proportion.  Some of that is that Jedi are more powerful.  A lot of that is that they're just easier to use.

    I guess "urgent" is also a loaded term, but they do need nerfs, and the regularly-scheduled points update is January.  Upsilon level nerfs?  I'd say no, but clearly they all need to be taken down a peg or two, ratcheted up a few points.

    You still forgot to mention that they already are the most expensive out there.

  11. 2 minutes ago, Dasharr said:

    You're using a particularly bad example of the Excluded Middle Fallacy. Are you really seriously suggesting that if Jedi aren't so good that a total novice can win a major tournament with them, then they're fine as is? I have trouble believing that's a good-faith argument.

    There's a whole wide spectrum of cost/effectiveness ratio going from overcosted on one side of the ideal to undercosted on the other. Something that's good enough to win regardless of skill would be very far into the undercosted range. Nothing is that far off (nothing ever has been in this game), but it doesn't have to be to be undercosted enough to deserve an adjustment.

    As I wrote in the beginning, Jedi lists require skill and luck to acheive best results. We've established  that they have not dominated the game. Hence I do not see any urgent need to have them nerfed.
    And there was an instance of way undercosted, too easy and too powerful a list - the 3 Upsilons, which were 'emergency nerfed' into oblivion.


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