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  1. ETA2 Actis is supposed to be ridiculously agile... Still, I'd love some new cool force talent for light side pilots, something as useful as Hate is for the dark ones. Hopefully a much cheaper Brilliant Evasion will fill that spot.
  2. Still, most force talents are either useless or too expensive.
  3. In an all-Delta list 7B is really a must. Then your initiative levels suffers, as you're able to field a 3,4,5 or 3,4,4 list tops. Overall, Deltas and 7B might be a tad cheaper.
  4. IMHO Battle Meditation is one of those rare talents that should have been more coslty Forcewise. I do hope that either prices of Delta 7B will go down to allow for high-initiative all Delta 7B list, or some new cool Force talents will increase the lethality of standard issue Delta.
  5. One may think of making it costly, e.g. 2 force points.
  6. IMHO it's better to reposition and hide behind something that the opponent might be reluctant simply to go through. And, as I added above, it applies to any ship, really, I specified the infiltrator as it gave me most grief due to it's resilience, firepower, and manoeuvrability.
  7. While giving chase, an Infiltrator just flies through. Or makes a K-turn onto the cloud. Not many would have risked it with a debris clould, hardly anyone with a rock. Applies to any ship, really, but it was the Infiltrator that gave me the most grief, apart from this asteroid-based turret of a grappled vulture.
  8. It manoeuvres at leisure. And engages .
  9. I flew three 7B + R2 Deltas (Mace, Luminara, Ahsoka) at a local store torunament and my initial feeling is that force charges are much more useful than pilot abilities, save for Ahsoka - her ability is absolutely superb, regardless whether she supports or uses it on herself. Still, going against an Infiltrator + 5 vultures proved very hard. Grappling struts were a very very nasty surprise. Advice, given to me by an expert player who wiped the floor with my list - don't take gas clouds; an infiltrator just ignores them.
  10. wait a minute - does it mean I can do it having moved through an obstacle?
  11. Front arc within range 1. Bullseye is 1-3. Translation is correct.
  12. Republic. I have always wanted to play an Evil faction
  13. This is exactly what I had in mind when I wrote they do not allow for a single mistake.
  14. Same here. Even mathematics seemed to be against me when I played 5A... advanced optics would hardly trigger, as my most common dice result while attacking was a focus and a blank (in one round four times in a row). Heroic proved usueful, oh yes, when I rolled four green blanks. Only to re-roll three blanks and a focus
  15. As long as you do not fly them into an obstacle or your own ship. That's bad for durable ship and usually end of game for an all-A-Wing list.
  16. This list is fun, but does not allow for a single mistake.
  17. Will strain apply to other waves as well? Seems to be interesting.
  18. BBs cannot appear before they were first made, and Battle Meditation seems to be an advanced Force ability some boy from Tatooine or an Alderaanian princess might not be able to work out on their own. But R4s? These should be available in every scrapyard in the Galaxy, just next to the spare part containers
  19. They could get ARCs And I'd love to have there R4s on T65
  20. Why are the R4 astromechs limited to the Republic only?
  21. rhetor

    Nien Numb

    So why haven't they used the wording "When you are stressed" or "when you have one stress token"?
  22. rhetor

    Nien Numb

    I'm just wondering as to when his ability triggers - during the whole activaton phase, or just after receiving a stress, i.e. after the 'check difficulty' step of the manoeuvre but before 'perform action' step?
  23. You're wrong. Blanking out on four greens feels much worse. Happend to me twice. In the same game. P.S. on Corran Horn.
  24. I have composed an all i5 list with Lulo, Tallie, Nien and Ello. Some points for talents, astromechs or techs come in handy. Will give it a try soon.
  25. Second EPT, decrease in cost - easily done via app. But the pilots... I do hope it will be re-released as soon as possible.
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