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  1. rhetor

    Republic Upgrades Article

    Will strain apply to other waves as well? Seems to be interesting.
  2. rhetor

    Republic Upgrades Article

    BBs cannot appear before they were first made, and Battle Meditation seems to be an advanced Force ability some boy from Tatooine or an Alderaanian princess might not be able to work out on their own. But R4s? These should be available in every scrapyard in the Galaxy, just next to the spare part containers
  3. rhetor

    Republic Upgrades Article

    They could get ARCs And I'd love to have there R4s on T65
  4. rhetor

    Republic Upgrades Article

    Why are the R4 astromechs limited to the Republic only?
  5. rhetor

    Nien Numb

    So why haven't they used the wording "When you are stressed" or "when you have one stress token"?
  6. rhetor

    Nien Numb

    I'm just wondering as to when his ability triggers - during the whole activaton phase, or just after receiving a stress, i.e. after the 'check difficulty' step of the manoeuvre but before 'perform action' step?
  7. rhetor

    Heroic and my change of heart

    You're wrong. Blanking out on four greens feels much worse. Happend to me twice. In the same game. P.S. on Corran Horn.
  8. rhetor

    L'ulo is love. L'ulo is life

    I have composed an all i5 list with Lulo, Tallie, Nien and Ello. Some points for talents, astromechs or techs come in handy. Will give it a try soon.
  9. rhetor

    The RZ-2 A-Wing

    Second EPT, decrease in cost - easily done via app. But the pilots... I do hope it will be re-released as soon as possible.
  10. rhetor

    The RZ-2 A-Wing

    Looking at the artwork one sees how she could have become a better pilot than Poe, Luke, Vader or pretty much anyone in the movies/books/cartoons. She'd managed to put on her suit, tie up her scarf, put on flawless make-up, put on a helmet, and STILL be ready in her cockpit before Poe even managed to get to the hangar. The Woman.
  11. rhetor

    The RZ-2 A-Wing

    She died while still in the hangar, so her EPTs had no chance to trigger. Had the "Raddus" been equipped with Heroic everything could have been different
  12. rhetor

    The RZ-2 A-Wing

    This whole thread just reminds me how bloody disappointed I have been with the RZ-1 A-Wing.
  13. rhetor

    After episode ix

    "Many Bothans died to bring us this information". - would you like to know more?
  14. rhetor

    After episode ix

    I honestly do hope it will not turn into Star Trek. The difference being that in Star Wars up to Episode VII (inclusive) every issue could have been solved by jumping into a starfighter and blowing something up.
  15. rhetor

    Resistance Pilot cost evaluation

    RZ-1 a-wing is simply neither here no there. It's too expensive to be a filler, and doesn't have a high initiative pilot to be an asset in it's own right. Hence I do expect either a price drop, or a re-release with some pilots to choose from. As for now, I have made a 2A 2X all i5 Resistance list and can't wait to give it a try.