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  1. Is there a way to see those matches again? I was only able to find the covenant one, with Alex and Zach.
  2. I wouldn't be against if resistance got at least two new ships to jump start the faction. Definitely the a-wing and maybe that resistance transport. And at least one new ship for the first order. As I counted, scum started out with 7 different ships - y-wing, headhunter, scyk, starviper, IG, HWK and firespray. A lot more than current available ships for FO/Resistance. I wasn't playing yet at that time, so I can't say if it was enough for scum faction to be competitive.
  3. Since Resistance and First Order are going to be separate factions in second edition, I wanted to take a look at the current ships available to these factions: First Order: TIE/fo TIE/sf Upsilon shuttle Tie Silencer The Resistance: T-70 X-wing YT-1300 B/SF-17 Bomber What ships would you like to see added to these factions? Is there even enough material to choose from now? I guess we have to wait a bit as they will become larger in the next years when the new TV series and IX. movie come out. The only other ship available that comes to my mind right now is the RZ A-wing.
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