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  1. Let me start off by saying I know it is only day 1... I get it.... but since day of advertisement they hyped the app!! Game changer, makes it easier to balance.... great in my mind!!!! Problem your biggest convenience that you focussed on is making every aggravated and annoyed!! I have ave am I phone.... guess what I don’t have access to the app.. not on the I tunes store yet..... android users say it is online only?? Don’t know for sure, but if true ridiculous.... Then I hear crazy bugs and wrong numbers in it... that is the kick to the face.. since it is the only place we can get official point costs.... ( I know of the great community members who did unofficial ones!! You are my heroes!!). We paid pretty good money for this product that is incomplete on promises or commitments you made due to no app yet for iPhones and broken inaccurate apps on others systems... besides pc.... so I need to sit next to my pc to play? To you fans who say use pc email to your phone.... this is a world of convenience now and it was one of their main platforms for 2.0... what if I am at a public venue with just my phone and we want to change lists and just have fun? Guess what cannot!!! FFG... I don’t care if you out sourced ... the buck stops at you... this is unacceptable ... I hope you can get this corrected in the immediAte... otherwise you continue to allow people like me who feel the same way to lose more and more faith and trust in your company and products! I concerned customer...
  2. 1) co op, thus implies ai, I know the game revolves around pvp, head to head, but think of the amount of players it would attract, be it solo or with friends. 2-6 is a good range for players) 2) pilot development, thousands are home brewing a rpg out of this, the success of Arturi verifies this 3) a story or an opportunity for others to tell their owns 4) an official ai app, I would pay full small ship price for an official ai app( **** even charge me xtra for different factions) 5) include all ships owned kind of like what assault does on the app, you own a ship click it.. it might open a new mission( a way to include epics) just a few thoughts! Would truly extent the life and buying power of us consumers.
  3. My biggest hope is that someone creates or updates the X-Wing ai app to 2.0.... for either Hotac, home brew coop, or solo play .... I don’t play the pvp side of the game... and a group of 2-3 are going to try to play a couple times a month going through 1e hotac.... but I love both versions, leaning on 2.0... seems more immersive !! I would be willing to drop money for an updated app on my iPhone or iPad... the app makes the games run smoother and faster in my opinion. Will keep praying and and hoping someone or some people update this amazing part of the game. If only ffg would do it... open up more customers who don’t or cannot do the pvp side of it!!!
  4. I am rookie right out flight school when it comes to xwing ... have maybe 3 solo games in Hotac and one game with 3 people... so we are all learning so far.. absolutely love it more than the pvp side of it.... with that said... been brainstorming ideas... to “home brew” the experience.... since I am new and still learning the game, while reading and researching both 1 e and 2 e... I seem to mix and match rules... I allow X-Wing to use a foils and torps other ordinances get 2 charges... if target lock necessary for use, no range dice rolled(not sure if rule or not), range dice on turrets though. Allow talon rolls on X-Wing t-65, but only allow 3 charges on r2 shield repair. Are just some... been writing down vAritions of scenarios and rules ... specifically for use of different ships... example if ps is equal or less than the pilot skill of the attacking ship. With condition of no other ships in field of play ( or all ships are ionized at same time) the squad can capture that ship for use in future matches with ion skills and when enough ships are taken for the squad.. special mission is available to infiltrate a sector deep in enemy territory.. for example love the idea of surviving enemy ships gain xp, ps levels and would even consider using a name card if they get that high.... gonna steal that one.... I am using this great game mechanics to create a light rpg element for a few friends .... so much potential i hope someone or a group converts 2.0 ai dials and actions... I would spend money to get it...especially on the apple store like the X-Wing ai app now!! That apps just speeds along the process .... just my thoughts! Keep flying pilots and happy hunting
  5. As I keep playing questions keep popping up... sandrem thanks for answering the questions and taking the time keep us in the loop. twin laser turrets are used a lot in the streams I watch and two different rolls of 3 or 4 ( don’t remember) and dmg done based off dice and seen it wipe out tie fighters.... but in the simulator the card reads like the ion turret ... if it gets a hit gets through dice calculations it takes 1 dmg and all other dice are cancelled. Am I wrong and just mixing the two up? If I am not what one is correct.. are the people in the streams using it wrong... or did the simulator misinterpret the tlt cArd.
  6. lol thanks for the offer...but after two hours of just clicking things... the .dll file was converted to adobe some how.. and then it let me into the fly casual game.... so been playing for the past 2 hours ...and getting my butt handed to me by ai....I did just get the core sets and some early ships last week.... so it is a great tool to learn ... I keep using ships I like, xwing a wing and y wings....and really dont know the cards yet...so just been messing around with combinations.... to developers thank you for this amazing tool to learn the game and enjoy it... I do have one question...is there a way to play co op with my friends and not pvp? If you can I would so make two of my friends download immediately.
  7. So that did not work either, it is saying something about a .dll file... it is sending me to third party sites, that I am not comfortable with on my pc's, both desk top and laptop. So I guess it is not for me..I even unzipped it to a file on desktop.. no exe file. but thanks for the attempt.
  8. For someone who has the technical iq of a infant, I could not get the link to open up the game. I will attempt to try it again another day....extract this, need that..open file... save file... where did it go.... What happened to the old save to desktop download, open game!! Anyone with the patience of a saint and has the ability to break it down in the easiest terms for some one like me.... it would be much appreciated.... If not will fight with it tomorrow. Happy hunting out there all
  9. Thanks all, I was doing both.... will focus on core rules before jumping in to Arturi.... my friends like the co op part more than the pvp... but thanks for the clarification!! Loving the game so far!!!
  10. I am a new player to,the game and bought the imperial aces.... and printed out heroes of Arturi cluster.... my question is in arturi cluster states that the interceptor gets a free action prior to activitation..... is it arturi cluster only? I looked through the literature and did not see anything on cards or information about it being a trait in pvp or core game? can anyone clarify this for me? Is their list of traits each ship has other than the pilot traits on the cards or mod cards etc.. thanks in advance.... just trying to learn the game..
  11. Man i wanted to thank you for taking the time do this amazing work and more importantly sharing it with us.. I just spent the last 40 minutes at work going through your art and ships!!!! Amazing... the designs and executions are spot on what I thought most spice ships should look like.. streamlined sleak and stylish. The ships in the Star Wars universe are already great from a stylish stand point, but you take it to a new level!! Great job and thanks
  12. We are Trying my good sir... trying !!! One solo game down.. 100 more to go and then..... and then.... and then....
  13. I am in in same boat as original poster... but let my inpatient kid side through... and bought both starters ( three ships and utilities each), then picked up rebel and empire aces... y wing and advanced tie ..... this will give me a starting set to learn the game a little and get flow.. while waiting for 2.0.... at release will get both conversions and core.... figured 7 ships for empire worth the conversion... and the 5 ( might get falcon) would be an ok sized pill to swallow financially in long run...
  14. Talynblade

    fresh noob

    a brand new xwing player here wanted to pick your brains, thoughts and opinions on my approach for the current version and moving into 2.0. By no means do I plan on playing on the competitive side any time soon, more of a casual friend games, both head to head, co op and solo to learn the ships and mechanics in the mean time. So I bought both core sets to start, figured the three ships, dice and all the other bells and whistles will help from each core. I bought the imperial aces pack (two interceptors), the rebel aces (bwing and a wing), a y wing and a tie advance. Figured this is a good start to learn the game with some variety. I plan on getting the falcon and the new two new expansions (that has both 2.0 and original mechanics). But I dont want to purchase anything else till 2.0. When 2.0 releases will buy the core, and the conversion kit for rebel and empire, then start building my roster/list from the 2.0 releases. I played the tutorial last night and was a blast, but I have to play more and work through scenarios as they come up to learn the mechanics and become more fluent in the rules and actual gameplay movements. I have to say, being a family man with a kid and professional that works 50 hour weeks, I think xwing in a casual sense might be my main time sink for free time over a long history of video gaming. Any ideas, advice, or opinions would be appreciated. Happy hunting and fly true!!
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