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  1. To my mind, both sides are to blame here. In the beginning he was trying to impress everyone with his walls of Star Wars texts full of bold assertions (like my son who brings me his toys to get some praise). He gets criticism and cannot deal with it (if I tell my baby no he gets emotional and angry). Finally he starts insulting people like a good troll does (my baby is sulking). That much is pretty much standard on the internet nowadays. At this point the self-declared forum police took over in what they claim is "cleaning up the forums" with their collective anti "whats his name campaign" fueled by his constant ramblings and cries for love and attention. This actually went even further by people dissing him in completely different threads which turned those to **** and only aided in making everything worse. At this point the dude is under constant attack and has only two options - retreat or attack. He apparently is still choosing the latter, I think because he is actually passionate about Star Wars and can't let go of trying to impress everyone - however note that recently he only fired back after he was first critized by you people. So stop it, you are not the people responsible to "clean up" anything. If you don't like people on this public forum stop interacting with them. They are however as free to write anything they want as you are - until the mods jump in. Report him if you think he crossed some boundary, and cease to make every thread into a toxic stand off.
  2. People, please, if he annoys you so much just ignore him. Stop interacting with him, it only makes it worse. People like that thrive on attention, stop sacrificing your time to inane internet flame wars. You cannot and should not try to "drive him out", you're no better humans than him at that point, actually worse to my mind. Add him to your ignore list, stop answering his assertions, live and let live (while ignoring him), otherwise think why you choose to answer - is it maybe fun for you to bash another human being because you dont like him? If so, think about yourselves as well. Or are you angry because a internet person acting like my toddler doesnt like you?
  3. I played the SH a lot, and mostly against Onagers as they absolutely dominate the Metas I currently observe. The Onager is (too?) good against pretty much anything that has been around the Armada tables previously. I believe to FFGs mind the SH was supposed to be the Counter to the Onager actually, however the Onager is so good and the SH such an easy target that it becomes a race of "can the SH get in range before it blows up". That depends on deployment and the rest of the fleet as someone else pointed out. I dont necessarily think the two ships are unbalanced against each other, except wrt fun (I do however think the Onager should also only be speed 2) . The SH is soooo boring to play while the Onager kills **** from halfway across the table. However both Ships are really (too?) powerful against the rest of Armada. Never lost a game with the SH against a non-Onager fleet. Even AgateMK couldnt deal with it. I just really dislike the skilllessness of Ignition and Magnites and that both counter what I liked most about Armada: the tactical and strategic aspect of deployment- and activation advantage, and maneuvering.
  4. This dumpster fire in progress is on you - one doesnt invoke the troll. Apologize to shmitty -.-.
  5. Maybe he went by the official numbers on storm tropper shooting accuracy... The Kamino Cloners were probably about as truthful as our Earth companies.
  6. Now do it again with one time rerolls of all non hit and crit results 😛 Personally I prefer and recommend the Monte Carlo approach. Roll 6 red dice many Million times and count the results to get the ratios :-p.
  7. I dont think it tipped the balance away from Squadrons. You can now find squadron-less lists that actually suceed more often. It started with this 2-ship list archetype that is generally attributed to Broba. The Onager makes this even more viable as you can murder any carrier ship from halfway across the table (fun?). However there are plenty of lists that take almost full sqadrons with the Onager to provide fighter cover and to "MarekJendon" any small ships that get too close. Rebel list variety has been diminished to my mind due to all the nerfs this faction suffered recently. You can run the AgateStarhawk with squads, maybe a RaddusProf drop trick. Anyway, Clone Wars is around the FFG version of a corner and going by the spoiled upgrade list its likely the rules are gonna change at that point to some degree or other, thereby mixing up the Meta (maybe actually for the better this time - I dont much like the direction it has been going recently).
  8. I guess this thread demonstrates how starved for news and new stuff our community is :-p.
  9. But the issue with that is: I can still read his/her "opinions" when the other normal non-black sheeple respond to them. What should I do about that? I really appreciate the new cards, I want more, now. I couldnt care less if they are in the final format or not.
  10. Gz Aresius on a really well played Tournament.
  11. If the attack is not obstructed by a physical thing (a ship or obstacle), Romodi has no effect.
  12. Thank you guys for the answer. I clearly understand what the FAQ states, I was just confused by the wording of the rule when these "command-triggered upgrades" resolve: "once while a ship is executing the matching command". If I understood you correctly this is interpreted to mean that resolving the command allows you to then resolve the effect of the card even after the command has already been resolved? As far as I have seen only ET and Quantum Storm "violate" the timing of the rules in this way. Or is the navigate command considered active during the entire Determine Course step and thus "while" extends even after the first navigated maneuver was concluded?
  13. I have actually been thinking about the timing of ET (and maybe other cards?) because of the FAQ. The rules say: Effects with a command icon as a header, such as “(nav)” can be resolved once while the ship is resolving the matching command. The FAQ makes clear that you cannot use the command itself during the ET maneuver, but inherently its seems that the allowed timing window for ET (while resolving the command) collides with the window of ET's effect, after the first maneuver. Am I overthinking this?
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