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  1. If I am at distance 1 to multiple proximity mines after movement, do they all go off or just one? Can I use Engine Techs to get away from a Proximity Mine that would have been in boom range after the first maneuver? Cheers
  2. Proximity Mines cannot be moved with Strategic. Or what do you mean by "cheesing" them.
  3. That card will be pretty upsetting to my enemies ... I'll glue that to all my lists from now on :-P.
  4. The new Lando Squadron card lets you discard a def token to set a die to any face. That die cannot be modified again. Does this only refer to modifications the attacker may do, or are defensive shenanigans like Brunson, Admo, Lando (the Officer) etc also prohibited. Cheers
  5. Well I give you that it would be helpful to check attack ranges from a ship after it moves. We can allow measuring those from a ship during its entire activation and squad rules can go ahead unchanged to what I mentioned previously. Anyone that attempts to find helpful solutions to my proposal, that does not claim perfection, is welcome.
  6. Lets agree to disagree. Simply apply the same approach and level of scrutiny currently used for the nav tool also to the range ruler. You may only measure range from the squadron you are activating and only during the movement phase of that sqd. You may only measure attack range from the ship you are activating and only during the attack ship phase. Same as with the nav tool. If an opponent started using their nav tool on ships during the command dial phase I would call that person a cheater, at least on the inside.
  7. There are always cheaters. I dont think that most people will just stare at the stars with no new information gained. There are some that might but a small minority. I cant show facts, but my believe is that it might in most games that are not streamed world finals.
  8. You may not touch the ruler unless determining movement range of a squadron, determining attack range... and only for that purpose.
  9. Unless .... wait for it ... you disallow any premeasuring completely. I dont see why it is assumed that this will have no effect.
  10. **** all those casuals.... we dont want those in our game experience.
  11. As people tend to throw the word around, worried it might magically disappear, have a definition: A tactic (from the Ancient Greek τακτική taktike meaning "art of arrangement") is a conceptual action aiming at the achievement of a goal. You can do that just fine without measuring. Just to waylay the argument: Strategy (from Greek στρατηγία stratēgia, "art of troop leader; office of general, command, generalship") is a high level plan to achieve one or more goals under conditions of uncertainty. Also quite possible. Seriously, I dont think that it is tactical to think 10 minutes about the movement of one squad, actually the opposite. Also, why I actually started the post: it doesnt have to become about spatial awareness, you might just play a little more defensive until you are sure to hit your opponent if you do not have trust in your spatial reasoning.
  12. Wow, you havent watched the previous worlds final have u. Those noobs really need to get more gud.. too slow they are.
  13. Sports people also like to rely on their experience and diligence in training. It works together to create a thing we commonly call “skill“ ... you would probably call it gud.
  14. This from a red! threadpost that is exclusively doing this... entertaining.
  15. Actually, I like the idea of removing pre measuring. Mostly to limit the neverending squad measuring, but it would also serve as a soft nerf to squad play, as more mistakes will be made, and general more careful approaches to engagement between squads, as well as with ships. Skill will play a greater role and gameplay would better represent the undetermined nature of space combat, where admirals cannot know in advance the position of each and every moving part.
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