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  1. MightyPenguin

    Jukey’s Junkyard

    Thanks for the tips, and i was wondering how you did the battle damage so well in the photos, and that explains it. I would love to see some more painted miniatures in the future from you, amazing job, keep it up!!!
  2. MightyPenguin

    Imperial Special and Recon Forces from the 35th Legion

    Really like the theme and the colour popping bases. and they turned out better than decent.
  3. MightyPenguin

    Jukey’s Junkyard

    Really LOVE the AT-ST best one i have seen by far. i need to know your techniques.
  4. MightyPenguin

    Sharing my painting...

    Your painting skills are simply amazing
  5. MightyPenguin

    I got some great ideas for paint schemes from this video.

    Can't watch in Australia too
  6. MightyPenguin

    Rebel Squad with converted leader

    Good job
  7. MightyPenguin

    Rebel base color variations

    it looks good, i would love to see more pics of them.
  8. MightyPenguin

    Everything in the Rebellion painted...for now

    Those air speeders look AMAZING, and the numbers on the bases are a good idea. Thanks
  9. MightyPenguin

    Sorastro's Painting

    Those AT-RT's look amazing like the texture and the overall finish.
  10. MightyPenguin

    Basylle learns to paint

    like the crisp clean look of the troopers and the paint scheme, and the bases are AMAZING, keep it up.
  11. MightyPenguin

    Biggs Trying To Paint

    l like how painted luke and a rebel commander differently, very blue, but i love it!!!
  12. MightyPenguin

    Painting tutorial video - Luke Skywalker

    The finished product looks amazing, great job. And thanks for showing that, it will definitely help me in painting him.
  13. MightyPenguin

    Outrun Trooper painting help

    Hey RadMcAwesome, i cant really help with painting tips (i'm not to much of a good painter), but i do know that there are not any rules for painting. And whatever paint scheme you decide on it will be great, and after you paint your troopers if you feel comfortable, i would LOVE to see what they ended up like.
  14. MightyPenguin

    Painted up Darth Vader

    Love the look and the base, keep it up!!!
  15. MightyPenguin

    Samuraislyr's Painting Log

    I love the look of those storm troopers, and those simple bases look amazing with them. Great job i can't wait to seem more.