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  1. I totally agree on this! Rebellion was and is still even with the outdated graphic one of the best video games I played. This is why I spend so much of my time to make all SW:Rebellion ship models freely available. @Chamberlin no need to wait for AMG to release the Rebellion Dreadnaught. I already made months ago. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4523301 To get back on the subject of this thread. I predict an article by the end of the month or first week of February. I'm doing my part!
  2. Starting 2021 with a little release. Prince Xizor's favorite, the Starviper! https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4705553
  3. @Malburet Hi, I'm sorry to give you this answer but I'm not sharing or selling the files for my obstacle set. I only provide printing services for them as it's the only way I can keep control over the files. If you are patient here is a screenshot of my todo list. I have planned to release various station models on Thingiverse. I can't just not be precise about when they will be done.
  4. To end this unusual year on a good note, I just finished the Assault Frigate Mk1 type 1 & 6 still working on the type 5. I might be able to get it done before the end of the year. The models are available on Thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4700386 https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4700431 Enjoy!
  5. @Petersaber are you planning on makin the resized cards image available online for those of us who can print the card themself ?
  6. yeah why use other token...why use other command..nav is life More serious it's just a pile of 4 stackable tupperwere, happen they just fit perfectly in the box I'm using.
  7. @Cpt ObVus @KiraYamatoSF Easy and cheapiest storage solution for the original cards format. cardboard box and hotglue for component a reworked cereal/ziplock box for upgrade cards and for ship the fancy sleeve that hold 4 tarot and 4 mini in a sheet, all of this is affordable and easy to make... For transport since its usualy for only 1 fleet I converted and old toolbox making compartment out of those blue foam camping mat.
  8. @Cpt ObVus I always order/preorder my armada stuff from 401 game (Canada) got my CW stuff today 1 starter and 2 squad pack of each faction they have all CW item listed even the republic starter https://store.401games.ca/products/0a6f6e36-8bcf-11ea-f3d6-d438a0f52211 I'm just no sure if they ship to USA or elsewere.
  9. @Muelmuel thanks! Now I only hope some photoshop master will make some more...perfect in the future.
  10. They are not perfect some have more blurry than other but I worked with what I could find on the internet and I think they look decent CW ship card tarot sized: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1saeKQKspxM_u8wjL8sU48UghaViWqwPq?usp=sharing enjoy!
  11. Like I said in another post I'm not getting into the armada 1.5 thing but I'm still getting the clone war stuff so for those faction I'm planning to remake the ship cards to look like the original one I will eventualy upload them on imgur or google doc. for the upgrade card I think @Petersaber is planning on printing them at mini size.
  12. 2 isd VS 8 TRC90 seem similar to me. Absolutely! I Play for fun and I enjoy all situation even went I get table because I enjoy the game itself not the outcome andthe next time I play agains the same list I can refine my tactic and maybe not get table because like you said it's a game. Now sorry if I have offended you with my Tiger comparison It was just and obvious thing to compare in my head and was not the goal intended.
  13. My point of view about all the changes including some errata of the past, I just disagree. The card format change was a meh for me but now add the new errata and I’m just turned off. I will keep playing casual with the original cards as is and say goodbye to the tournament. I do agree that some cards would have welcomed a points rebalance. To make a comparison did the Tiger during ww2 get nerf because the Sherman crew thought it was OP...No people who face them adapt their tactic and strategy. Same should happen in the world of miniature wargame.
  14. Just to share some pictures of the printed Dust Fields and the Unarmed Station
  15. Long time since I posted an update, I have taken a break from 3D modelling to paint some of my D&D minis and trying to reduce the magnitude of my pile of shame but now I’m back into 3D. Another reason is I’m working on a large project for someone the picture below only show a quarter of it: Now after about 7 iterations I am happy to announce the dust fields are done. I have to say it’s the only model I’m not 100% satisfied with but it’s nearly impossible to make a cloud of particles 3D printable and realistic. I will also try to release my AF Mk1 collection on Thingiverse before christmas, it will include the type 1, 5 and 6! Some WIP pictures of the type 1 and 6 below: I will take this opportunity to announce something not related to Armada. If you are into D&D/Pathfinder I will start to make some stuff for it next year, the files will be available on myminifactory website.
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