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  1. @Nerf_Herder2187I was not aware of this, so thanks for letting me know, I will try to contact the original creator to seek is permission. I can now only agree, I have take a look at the 2014 model and yes they are the source for the ship depicted in the comics. I will have to rename it if I get the permission to make it. someone should edit the wookieepedia about this... Well, from my emails exchange with Christopher Holm from Lucasfilm, Star wars derivative work and fan made creations IP fall into a complicated situation. In the end it also depends on how the artist deal with this kind of situation. Personally I would not be angry to see my MC35 or other thing in a comics or other medias, making it canon. But I do think asking permission is the base of respect in the artistic/creative domain.
  2. @CadetBrick I know you already find out but you can contact me on Facebook. I will post the final VSD this weekend or early next week, but I will take this opportunity to show you another ship. Someone requested me to make one of the unidentified MC cruiser. Edit: After the recent informations, I change the name of the ship to "Mon Nath" and I will made the model available on thingiverse with the appropriate credits.
  3. If I can give my advice, I build my table out of 4x8 MDF 1/2" thick, the surface finish is better than plywood and come around the same price.
  4. I don't have much time to read subjects on the forum, but I have to say your paint job and mods are some of the best I have seen on the web. I like the Mon Calamari paint, they look amazing!
  5. I was not sure about making it 2 or 3 main thrusters. the rear is going to be a part that insert in the main hull, I will just make both variants available. Same for the wings, they will be available in open/close position.
  6. Thanks for making this! They are going to be really useful.
  7. Some pictures of the VSDI progress. Unlike the models previous to the "MC35", it's way more easier for me to make new models design for the type of printer I'm using. Let say it, adapting my old models was not the easiest task, So I restarted this one from scratch last week.
  8. I will post some pictures of the VSD progress this weekend. For the MC90, I will do it, but it will likely be somewhere next year.
  9. Is this some sort of subtle request Because I would like to have both of those ship myself, I'm just not sure my printer is big enough to make the 17km variant of the Viscount.
  10. The inspiration for this model came to my mind while I was working on the Mc80. I started to work on it two weeks ago and made four variants to fulfil a variety of roles. I'm proud to show you what I classified as the Mc35 Heavy Frigate. I know I didn't make any official announcement but I can answer demands for my models since the 25 sept, so don't be shy!
  11. @Cap116 Everything I plan for the future is listed on the first post of this topic, but yes RitR obstacles are planned, it will just take some time. Only the Gravity Rift might be skip, since I cannot see a real good way to make a 3D black hole. There is also a bunch of other model I'm thinking about that are not on the list, one of them will be revealed this weekend!
  12. I get my copy of RitR last friday, unboxed the thing during the weekend, this expansion is full of awesome stuff! I will need to read the campaign rules with more care, but so far it looks really nice. BUT I have one complain. FFG why in the universe you didn't make the squadron tokens with a side that show the generic squad version like the original rogues & vilains!? I personally think this was also an issue with the alternate squadron from CC, I mean it's just annoying to switch squadron token when you want to run a full generic list. So please FFG the next time you will release alternate squadron, make one side generic please!!!
  13. This was the last model I modified, the gas refinery. It was quite challenging to print, with all the upside down cityscape, so I split it in more parts. I personally find the printed result look pretty good.
  14. Yes, Both ship and debris variant, my target is to finish them before the end of 2019.
  15. It's now official, I will start to take orders on september 25 (waiting a resin shipment to begin). Some update: I modified almost all my existing models (tibanna WIP), to accommodate the printer I use, and I make improvements over the whole collection. Mostly to ease assembly and painting, smaller escape holes (.5mm and under), interchangeable modules on the satellites, etc. One of the biggest improvement I made, based on feedback, is the new way the debris rear chunk is put together (picture 1 show the early design, pictures 2 to 4 show the new design). My prints will be made in 3 different resins, some are custom mix, each designed to perform best in their application (base and supports, small miniatures, large miniatures). I'm still working on my order form and the assembly guides. overall, the whole project is making good progress. Now the way things will work, if you want to get your hand on my creations, you will have to contact me (FB, shapeways or ask for my email in a pm). I took the decision to do it this way, because I want to keep control and flow of the orders at a manageable level. I think you will all understand I'm just a man with a 3D printer, the post processing task take time and is mostly handicraft. I will probably get additional printers in the future, as I really enjoy this new domain. Some of you already know it, but I want to say it openly. Since the begin of this adventure, a little more than a year ago, my primary goal was to share my work with the armada community and not making ton's of profit. This is why I have never and will never ask a dime for the modelling time or the "models". In fact, if it was possible, I would give them away. But we are in real life and these have a cost to produce. Where I want to go, is if you get in touch with me, consider me more like a friend who can print awsome minis rather than a shop. The reason I'm not giving or sharing the .stl files is a bit personal, I got bad experiences in the past in another project and I learned my lesson. Once again, thanks for your support!
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